109. Do we reunite with all our loved ones when we die? If so, what about a husband or wife if they were married more than once, such as the case of someone whose spouse has died and they have remarried? Each union in the physical life was one of love and you were not separated by choice. Are you reunited with both your spouses? If the opposite were true and we had children with one spouse(or two)and a marriage ended with bitterness, would that family be reunited? Do the children reunite with both parents at once and are all the spouses together again? I cant help wondering when I think how crazy it might be for someone like Liz Taylor with all her husbands. Souls would have to have different relationships than physical people or else be able to unite with more than one person at a time, or we're all part of one big loving family. Sorry for such a silly question but I wondered if we were "stuck" with people we didn't care for in life and what happens with these extra husbands or wives that we do love.
110. I have had the pleasure of two readings with you. The first one gave me a lot of comfort shortly after the death of someone I love very much. The second reading, along with things that happened to me since the death, reinforced that my loved one is still with me, and that we will be together again in another place. Is it ok to have more meetings with you? I wouldn't want my loved one (or you)to be tired of me, and yet the readings made me feel like I was "visiting" someone I miss a lot. Is there a space of time that you'd suggest between visits? I heard from other loved ones at each reading which I found I appreciated more than I thought I would, since at the time my focus was on only one person. Thank you for helping me deal with the pain of my grief. You truly are a gifted and caring person. Reading the questions and answers and letters on your website are also very helpful when I go through those times when everything seems so hopeless. Again,thank you.
111. If life is eternal and on a multiple of planes of exsistence then when a persn passes to other planes can they still communicate with you/us? If a spirit person can pass from their plane to our dimension why can't we go to other dimensions for a visit? If we are spiritual beings first and foremost why can't we remember being so?
112. Hi Chris,I'll be coming to see you in July for a reading and I've been reading a lot of books so I can understand more about spiritual life. I was wondering though, when you do your readings, can you see the spirits as well as hear them, or are there moments that you can see a spirit that is coming through and others which you cannot see? Also, how do I tell the difference between a visitation and a regular dream? I've had several dreams with my twin brother since his passing that I remember so vividly when I wake up. I know he's giving me messages through my dreams, but than I have other dreams that just make no sense and I can only remember bits & pieces. It drives me crazy sometimes. I look forward to meeting you in July. thanks so much, Ruth
113. Hi Chris. I was wondering what your tactic would be to get a skeptic to have a session with you. I feel this person would greatly benefit from your gift, I'm just not sure how to convince them :) Thank you.
114. When you have group sessions, is there an experience for everyone in the group or just certain individuals?
115. My mother came to see you last week. I listened to the tape. It was amazing. My question is... today my boyfriend and I took a bunch of pictures in the house. One has a small bright circle on my shorts... is it possible that this could be a spirit? If so, what could it be saying?
116. Hi Chris, I was with you on Friday June 4 for a reading with my cousin Darlene. In that reading you said that two numbers to remember were 13 and 16. I think these were from my mom. My father and my family have been contemplating a move to build a two family home but yesterday a home that may suit our purposes has come on the market. This is a property that my husband and I have always thought would be a perfect two family set up. The area this home is in is N13 and the street address is 16787 - do you think it's possible that these are the numbers my mom was referring to or am I reaching for a connection. Connie
117. Dear Chris, My husband and I recently celebrated our 13th anniversary. Both of us were married previously and our blended family of five children, almost four grandchildren and various childhood pets are unusually happy and well adjusted despite the curbs that have been thrown our way. When we met, we were both in our previous relationships, and were just aquaintances, then friends, and eventually, inseperable. We often comment that there was never a moment, when the relationship felt awkward or strange, but that there was from the beginning a feeling of belonging. We sometimes discuss the possibility that this is not the first time we have been togeather in the physical world, and that somehow we have been connected for what seems like forever. Is there any way to verify a history between us in past lives?
119. Hello Chris in your answers you speak a great deal about Love when someone has passed over,I do understand and agree.What I would like to know do you feel it is the same kind of love we once shared with our loved ones on earth,example husband and wife .mother and son etc.,or is it a differant kind of loving feeling,or would they still love us in the same way they once did.? Thank you Mandy
120. Hello Chris, Lately i am having some poor health issues with my heart ever since i had a minor surgery and am wondering if this problem will get better.It scares me because heart problems do run through my family and i need to know.
121. Chris My Mother left us in Feb 24, 2004 and when would it be the right time I can come to see you because I need to take to my mother, thanks Dianne S
122. Hello Christopher, I was always curious about reincarnation...what happens if you want a message say from a brother and he has moved on to his next life time? Thanks, Love,light and abundant blessings. Dannce
123. I have been seeing a psychic for over 7 years. For one she's a lovely person but also she has been about 95% accurate with even the smallest of details.The only error has been time related not event minded.I now see her for the education as much as the reading. She has told me that my thoughts have attracted a negative group of spirits that are preventing my guides from getting through to me. They make me worry and fearful and are trying to live through me in this way.She told me to look into the Law of Attraction and to get rid of these spirits because they are not good for me. They appear to upset her and are a bother to her.I seem to get the impression that people die and then don't change. Whatever traits they held in this dimension they maintain. They are not any more enlightened or loving. Bad is bad and good is good unless they evolve while being here.Would your experiences support this? How does one get rid of negative influences from the spirit world?
124. Hi Chris, I have been enjoyhing a Sylvia Brown book on reincarnation and would like my past lives read...do yuo do that or can you refer someone in the area who does? I have met with you twice regarding my husband who passed away a year and a half ago....
125. Hi ChrisMy father passed away probably at the same time that my husband and I conceived a child. Could it be my father reincarnating?Thanks for any advise. Would I be able to find out if I came to see you do you think?
126. Hello Chris, I just wanted to share with you and your clients and everyone else who logs into you website, a very special song a came across. The song is called "The Spirit Carries On" by "Dream Theater". It talks about everything you explain in this website and life after death. To anyone who has lost or someday will lose someone they love, it is so inspiring. If you would like to listen to it, it can be downloaded off the internet through any music website. This song is just so special that I just couldn't help wanting to share it with as many people who need a little bit of comfort when they lose someone they love & miss so much, or for the many of us who fear death. Thanks so much, Ruth
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