1243. Hi Chris: Just wondering where your next show is going to be, as you indicated in question 1241, your next show is taking place in March, however, not where this show is taking place. I have had private reading with you, and you have answered a few of my questions through this web site, all I can say is thank you, and I think you are amazing. I would like to attend a show if it is near to me, and the time and place work. Please let me know how I can find out this information. Once again, thank you for your sharing of a most awsome gift.
1244. Hi Chris, I'm finding the answers you give fascinating. Ever since I met my husband, I have had a strong connection with his father (who had passed away years prior). The last few years however, that connection seems to be non existant. Why would a spirit just stop communicating? Thank you in advance. T.M.
1245. Hi Chris My question to you is my husband has stage 4 cancer and the Doctors cannot/willnot give him a time, some days i look at him and think i will have him for a long time and then some days i just dont know how long we have together, can you see what the future may be. Something has been pushing me to contact you. Thank you for helping so many of us understand Lynne
1246. Hi Chris. My husband has passed away and I know he is with his wife who had passed away before him. While I am so happy for him because I want him to be happy ( I pray to God to take good care of him all the time ) I wonder if he will still remember me and still love me when it is my time to pass. I know he loved me, but he really loved his first wife. I have conflicting emotions. I love him so much and I want him to be happy, but I wonder if he will still be here for me as I live my life, and if he will be there for me when it is my time to pass. Can he be with both of us?
1247. Hi Chris...I have 2 questions...the first is one my 13 year old asked me...how old are we in heaven?...my 2nd question...why is it that I am supposed to talk to YOU...i've looked for answers to many questions and all my questions have led me here
1248. Hi Chris My husband had a daughter when he was very young and then had no contact with her since she was about 5. He recently died and I contacted her. I had always wanted him to get to know her but he was filled with pain and hurt about leaving her. I would love to be able to tell her all about her father but she is conflicted about meeting me. Do you think it is something he would want me to pursue?
1249. Hi Chris, I bought and read the book you have recommended on this site "Hello from Heaven". I am confused as it seems to differ from your beliefs about people who commit suicide. The book has a whole chapter on how terrible it is if you are a suicide and you end up in a dark place "waiting" until it is really your time to die. Supposedly people who have committed suicide have come back with horrible tales that they did not go to heaven, that no one was there to meet them. It almost felt like they were writing this book but they wanted to put a disclaimer chapter in it so no one would think it is so great in heaven that they would want to commit suicide and so they instil fear in the reader. I do not agree with this, I agree with you that we are NOT punished for ending our life prematurly. They also said it was okay to suicide if you were fatally sick and in a lot of pain but that was it. I really want to believe that people who suicide are met by loved ones and go to heaven as we call it. I have 3 friends who died that way and now I am worried about them. One was only 21 when she killed herself many years ago. She was deeply depressed for a long time. Is she in heaven? Or is she in a "holding place"? Which do you believe? Thanks for shedding some light on this for me. :0) Paula
1250. Hi Chris, my stepdad and I came to you for a reading a week ago. It was absolutely amazing. My younger brother came through for us loud and clear. The messages he gave to my stepdad were incredible.He has listened to the cd about 5 times since.I was truly believing it was starting to give him some closure knowing that Mike is ok.He asked me the other day if I would go for another reading with him. I told him how you advise on your website to give some time between readings.He wants me to book an appt to see Sandy Wiltshire.Do you think its too soon to see another medium...Im afraid that if Mike doesnt come through he will be devastated.He loved his reading with you so much he wants to hear more messages from Mike. Could you please give me your thoughts on this...Im not sure how else to help him.Thanks so muchSheri
1251. Dear Chris, I live in Mississauga, and saw you 1-1/2 years ago. I have been helping out a person I met over internet from Kentucky who is supposed to have H1N1, i have sent money,,,can you tell me if 'I'm being taken', I am beginning to have some doubts. Thank you irishgirl@sympatico.ca
1252. Hi my name is Violet. My question is: How much longer I will have to live I am now 67 with pancreatic cancer?? Also will my son & his family have a safe trip On March 6 - March 19th.???
1253. Hi Chris, I came to you for a reading last month and my mother dominated the entire conversation, but one thing I am curious about was how come my children weren't acknowledged in that reading knowing that they are so important to me?
1254. Chris; you say you don't believe in right or wrong and I agree with you. However, people are capable of actions that can clearly be thoughtless, hurtful or even destructive. Regardless of the hurt and pain inflicted, has the spirit done what they were supposed to do in life, or is the spirit capable of feeling remorse. Has a spirit ever tried to make amends? Hope T.
1255. Chris - I loved my husband more than anything - he was my world and we had the most wonderful relationship filled with happiness and unconditional love. I am still a young woman and hope to find happiness and love again some day. I know it will never be the kind I had with my husband, but I don't want to be alone forever. Is this disrespectful to his memory? If he is 'with me' would it cause him pain to see me with another eventually?
1256. Chris as I am sure you are aware through the media a young officer was shot and killed just a few days ago. I cannot imagine the pain and feelings of loss his wife and young children are going through. My questions could the destiny of these two people involved been planned before they were born and if so what is the bigger purpose or reason for what happened as the impact has been huge on the general population? People are surprized at their overwhelming feelings of saddness for this young man and his family that they never met. What can you tell me/us we are suppose to learn from such a tragedy other than bad things happen to good people? Please help us make sense out of such a senseless act? Thanks.
1257. Hello Chris. I wonder if anyone will help and let me know if I am pursuing the best path for my kids and myself. I am taking the csi course and looking for a job with a bank. If there is another better option that will get us a peaceful joyful home, could or would they point me in the right direction. Thank you.
1258. Hi Chris - if someone has had a reading with you and then goes back for another one, doesn't the information you learn from them the first time "skew" the communication you receive? In other words, isn't it hard for you to not 'hear' something that you know they want to hear. I don't mean to imply that you are making things up - not at all, but I wonder if knowing the circumstances confuse the reading for you???
1259. Hello Chris, I have never met you, but my aunt has visited you.She speaks very highly of you.I plan to book a reading with you, hopefully soon.I have a couple questions for you.My brother-in law passed away almost 6 yrs ago, in a tragic accident, I was wondering if you could help me understand, what happened that night? About a year later, I would dream of him, and in three of the dreams, he told me that he is great, and that he is happy. I also wanted to know if a spirit can come to a person in a song, through the radio? It has been along time, since i have dreamt of him, I try and try, but never. I just wondered, if there is anything you could tell me... Thank you for your time. I am looking forward to hear from you, and possibly meeting with you soon.
1260. Hi Chris, I came to see you about a year ago and you told me that my mom said my son would come back, that he knows he is "an idiot" and has messed up. He got into drugs a few years ago and I have not seen or heard from him since. He is 29. I miss him terribly and every day I feel so lost without him, not knowing where he is. He won't speak to anyone in the family. I was just wondering, and I know you can't do readings on the internet, but do you have any idea when he is coming back? His name is Rob. His dad died years ago. But in my reading you told me to beieve you when you said he will come back. I think you could tell how devastated I was. Will he really and any idea when? I feel so lost without him in my life. Thanks for any comfort you can give me. My best to you for the comforting work you do for those who are suffering. Debbie
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