1261. Just want to say thanks again to you and my cousin for the reading. I wanted to tell you about the sticks message we got that confused us both. Three years ago we got a message I had lost a ring through no fault of my own. I needed to get past it and stop beating myself up. Well last spring I was picking up sticks in the back yard ( branchs) and you saw them leaning against a fench where they were when I found the ring. I was doing a spring clean up and digging up a daisy plant for a friend. The ring was where I had planted the daisy five years earlier. Just one question. You were insitant on initials D.R. If you can tell me male or female I can clear that one up and give a message to their mom. Thanks again and all the best, Marianne
1262. Good Morning Chris, I have a question. It may sound silly to you but here goes anyway. I love to sing and have been told I have a wonderful voice. I was at work the other day and a lady that had seen me sing told me I should be singing and not working behind a desk. You probably know who I am (you came in the other day to pick up the money for your tickets) Now am I being ridiculous in thinking I can actually do something with this? thanks
1263. Hi Chris, Hope all is well with you. A question I have been wondering recently is, if we “Believe and Receive” like you advise for us to do – practice “The Secret” so to say. What’s to say it WILL happen? If you say our path/chart is already pre-designed, then what is the point in believing, if our road has already been written out for us? Just a little thought that has been bemusing me. Thank you!
1264. Hi Chris. My husband passed away recently and I feel pressure to maintain our life the way it was in order to honour his memory...but lately, I have been yearning to downsize and sell the house, simplify my life - even find good homes for our pets and divest myself of all this responsibility that I feel has become a burden without his help and financial support. I can't afford to maintain this lifestyle on my own, and I can't handle all the maintenance and upkeep. I also feel lonely and isolated here, like the walls are closing in on me. Everyone that was supportive when he died have gone on to their own life...and I feel one is waiting for me too. Would he feel that I was disrespecting our life if I dismantled it ?
1265. Dear Chris, I have been sure that my spirit guide is an indian chief. The other day I was coming home and I saw a beautiful snowy owl at the end of my driveway. I stopped and stared at it and he stared back and then flew away. I googled snowy owl indian chief and a site came up: blackfoot|blackfoot sue nothing to hide| - My name is Suzi but I go by Sue. wow what a message and the next site listed had the first word which started with incest and then some other letters - this has been my life healing journey. Then I googled blackfoot indian chiefs and crowfoot came up. I read about him and it said he had a daughter named Suzi - thats my name. What do you think?? Pretty powerful stuff don't you think?
1266. Hi Chris I was on your site reading the last message about spirit guides, When asking my self what is my spirit guides name the first name that came to me was Peter. I want to trust that is his name, what are your feelings if any on this just curious. Thanks so much love your site!!!
1267. Hi Chris Just wanted to let you know what a great reading my mother and I had with you last week. (Amy and Jill) I am glad my father in-law came through. I played the CD for my husband and my mother in-law and they were so greatful to hear your messages and say that you are the real deal and have a wonderful gift. In time (considering my father in-law's passing was recent) they would like to come and have their own visit. I did have a question though. A year ago my mom and I had a reading with you and a male at my level by the name of Steve came through, I still question this and then at this reading another or the same male came though saying his actions took his life. I don't know any males at my level that would have done this and I'm sorry I didn't question this more. I was just wondering if you knew if random spirts just connect themselves to people or just walk in on your readings? Thanks.
1268. Hello Chris I was wondering if you would have insight on a phenomenon I seem to have of looking at the number 11, espcially at digital clocks or timers. It always seems to be 4:11, 8:11, 11:11 etc. I've read things over the internet and was wondering what your take would be on it.
1269. Chris have Ihave recently had a very painfull event happened with my middle son Joseph, I feel as if a death has occurred,He is still living but both of us are in so much pain over the event which took place that I am having a very hard time with depression. I have always got myself through other situations in my life but this one has really thrown me off balance do you have any suggestions on how I may deal with this situation and will there be a positve out come for my son Joseph.
1270. Hi Chris, It may sound silly, but with your beautiful gift that you have, I have imagined and wondered what it must be like when celebrating Christmas and Easter in heaven, if only we could see, it must be beautiful. What are you thoughts?
1271. Hello Chris, at home I see alot of the times little lights that appear out of the corner of my eye, I know or I am pretty sure that they are my guides or loved ones that have passed, my question is do you know why they seem to not want to be seen, it would be great if they would be in front of me a last for more than what seems to be a nano second. Just wondering what your thoughts on this is if you have any infor. Thanks for your help
1272. what do i need to do to really improve my fiancial dreams real? if possible could you be specific? Thanks Ryan wood
1273. how would you compare the ability you have with say edgar cacye?
1274. Hi Chris, My wife and I have been to see you twice and we really enjoy the reading that you give us. It gives us hope and an overall feeling of well being. I was wondering if you have ever seen a spirit? If so, what was your encounter like? Thanks, MS
1275. How do you know if you can communicate with spirts? I feel that I can but alot of times It makes me feel anxious or even scared. I need advice on how I can stop feeling anxious.Please help
1276. Hello Chris I think you are amazing you help so many people and I think thats wonderful. When my husband died did he know he was going to die that night. Because every other time when he leaves I always call him 10 times the night, I know that's foolish but thats the way were. I just called to tell him I loved him and yes I do miss that alot. The day he died I never called him that much that day and I regret every minuted I didn't call him. Did he know how much he meant to me, I wasn't there when he died and I regret that everyday that I breath because I know he didn't like to be alone. I regret I didn't get to hear him tell me he loved me for the last time. Which I know he does! I know I have to go on but I find its soo hard to go on without him here which me and our children, He's missing so much, He missed our daughters 16th birthday. That's such a special day for out daughter and I know he was here standing over her and telling us how much he loves us and misses us. People think I'm foolish but they don't understand the pain I'm going through and never want to wish this on anyone its so painful. Thank you for reading my letter and keep on doing the great words of wisdom to others!!!!!
1277. Chris I had a reading with you on March 29/2010.Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou.My 17 yearr old daughter committed suiside 4 months before my reading. Since then I have been able to smile and I am feeling more at peace.We had 4 love ones come through before my daughter,it was wonderful. Thankyou so much for giving my family the extra time needed for my daughter to convey to us why she decided to end her life. What a truly wonderful gift she gave us to help remove alot of our guilt. The humour and messages were amazing. I may not need you to talk to my love ones but we certainly need you for them to talk to us in a more real and informative way. We think you are great and passionate about your clients and their needs. I will see you in November to say happy birthday to Shay. I must say we would not be where we are today in moving forward with our grief without your help. You told me to get a life when I admitted I read every page and question on you site. haha But by doing that my reading happened and in a way I did get my life back. THANKS AGAIN
1278. Hi Chris You answered a question a while back and I do not see it on line now. My husband has cancer and you told me you saw us spending time but when the time comes it will be fast, he has been having new side effects and for the first time I am feeling scared, up to now i have been very positive. Do you see anything new with his health, or is our time together coming to an end soon. Anything you see would be helpful good or bad. Thank you for all you do. Lynne
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