1279. I was at one of your sessions in Everett, and I would like to attend another one. Could you please tell me when your next one in Simcoe Count or the surrounding area will be. Colleen Harris
1280. My dad passed away almost nine years ago. I have been experiencing this emptiness, lonliness, almost as though have this sense of something will be happening or changing soon. Everytime I feel unhappy, I feel my dad's pressence. Unusual, but through a squirrel that comes near the window to look in. Feels like I'm at my wits end with my marriage, soffocating, waiting to exhale, walking on eggshells whenever he's around. I feel change coming soon. Seems like everytime I've been in a avoided car accident, I always think how my dad is watching over me and how he protected me from the accident. Is there something he wants to tell me, assure me, lead me and see me in a happy life that I deserve. ~Donna
1281. Hi Chris, I came to see you March 3rd and we discussed a couple of books I have read, one being, 'the Afterlife Experiments'. You mentioned you had interest in reading it so if you haven't picked it up I have no problem lending it to you if you like. And thanks so much for seeing me. It's made a huge difference for me. More questions but I feel more peace now. T
1282. I would like to know if you where fighting with someone and not talking when your loved one passed would they still try to contact you? i tell him all the time how much i love him but i would like to know if he knows it. thanks SM
1283. Chris, are you also available to speak to me about present life experiences to provide insite into life decisions (professional and personal) that need to be made in the immediate future.
1284. Hi Chris...I was at the Relay for Life fundraiser in Barrie on April 17th, actually about 3 over from the lady whose husband Bill 'said Hi to her' :o) - Amazing ! Anyway, another topic got me thinking...When you were looking for the Hoarder in the crowd, my sister said that she was surprised that I didn't react --I was frozen in place, trying to not even breathe, thinking, 'any topic but that !' ...and in front of all of those people !! Well, I come from a long line of, & varying degrees of time-challenged, organizationally-challenged, & yes, some even in the classification of Hoarders (hate that word) It may be ADD related ? My question is, once the 'afflicted' relatives cross over, do they have insight into their condition - do they finally understand why they are affected by those tendencies ? Does it go away, & they are 'normal' once they are spirits ? Can they shed any light on the condition to pass on to me, so that I may save myself before the afterlife ? This may be something that they are not allowed to tell me, or I have to help myself, or seek a live professional, but I have to ask, especially after really thinking they were coming for me in that crowd of 200. Even if they can point me in a direction, them having been through it, & hopefully seeing it clearly in 'hindsight'. Thanks Chris, & I'll see you again sometime, despite my fear of a public 'outing'. I'm tempted to put a fake name, but I guess I have to own it. Thanks so much, Terry Lynn
1285. Dear Chris I recently went to a group session from a bereaved group for people who had lost their spouses. A lot of people were in so much pain. Since I have seen you I actually feel almost happy every day knowing that my husband is with me and that he knows how much I love him and that he wants me to be happy. I honestly 'feel' his love every day like a glow around me. I do feel sad and have a cry every day when I think about how much I miss him, but overall I give thanks for the joy he gave me and love that he still shines on me. Thank you for helping me feel this way. I want to think he is proud of me and the way I have handled his difficult family. Always trying to take the 'high road' as he would have! But my question to you is....am I ever going to feel that I want to or am able to love someone else, and how could I when I still love my husband so much?
1286. I have an undeniable pull to a certain location far from "home". There's no real reason for it, but I did have ancestors there. Could there be something for me there that I have to figure out?
1287. Hi Chris Sorry for bugging - I probably fall under the category of 'junior stalker'. I wrote to you in Question 1285, & in your answer you said "I suspect you have endured loss at an early age, perhaps you for whatever reason did not feel adequately loved, secure and safe while growing up." The only thing that would apply there, is that my father (& his brother) drowned when my Mom was 6 months pregnant with me. Although I never knew him, I know my mother & the rest of the family were just devastated by this loss. There are probably people in Port who still remember it. Is it possible for me to have felt the loss, & had it affect me,(and still affect me ?) even though I wasn't born yet ? Thanks again, Terry Lynn
1288. In the past year I have had several people in my family pass on. Many nights since this I have had dreams about these people and wake up happy that I still have some contact. Do I really have people contacting me or am I just fabricating this in a desperate attempt to heal the pain of loss?
1289. I always see the number 11 in my life in the past few months. Is this a sign of some sort?
1290. My brother is very ill and is presently bed ridden in hospital. Everything in his body is shutting down. Is it possible for you to give us a time frame as when he will pass on?
1291. i suffer from cerebral palsy and i have heard it mentioned that people with a mental disorder like me might be so called advanced soouls i was just wondering what your take on that is thanks and i enjoyed watching you at the redcent MADD victims weekend thanks scott
1292. Hi Chris - don't know if you've answered this one already, & don't even know if I can put the thoughts into words - it starts getting a little Star Trek - space time continuum-y. From some of the answers I have read, a person can choose to be reincarnated. If they make that decision, do they cease to exist as say, "uncle Joe" ? Can they be the new person, & still visit us in spirit ? I guess I wonder if I would see somebody important to me, when I cross over, if they have reincarnated instead. Thanks, TL
1293. My father has not come to me in a dream for along time. Is he happy with the choices I have made? Was there someone there to ease him over? How am I to fix my/our family, I feel like it is up to me but do not know what to do.Thanks Ruth
1294. Hi Chris. My son died recently and his fiancée is having trouble healing. She wants to save herself to meet my son again in the afterlife, and says she will not marry or have children in this lifetime, insisting that she can't allow another relationship to come between her and my son. This breaks my heart. She is a beautiful person who would be a wonderful wife and mother. How do you feel about her situation?
1295. Hi Chris I have alot of spirit activity in my house specialy my bedroom, beside the tv. I know that spirts sometimes like the enery from the tv. It seems to be getting more frequent which I love, I think it is great and say hi to who ever is doing it. I use to think It was my mom and belive at times it is her, but now it is more playful knocking over full pop bottles, that have the lid on, right in front of my husband, he is becomming a believer now. He is not enjoying it as much as me though. Do you have any feeling as to who or what it is. Thanks so much
1296. Hi Chris....What are the qualities and characteristics of a negatively aligned person?
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