1297. Hi Chris...My Mother passed 6 years ago. I know she was trying to connect with me. I was not open to her at the time. So she sent subtle messages I at the time could cope with. They were truly beautiful. It has been a long time since I have received a message. I believe she has been reincarnated. I visualize a baby boy when I think of her.I dont know very much about this subject. Is it too soon for her to reincarnate? I am known to my friends as the one that knows and feels spirits. I have come to a point in my life that I am not as afraid of this as I once was. Can you recommend any literature or advice to me? Thank You.......
1298. Chris.No question, but a comment. I was sitting in my office taking a break a few moments ago reading some of your most recent
1299. Hi Chris, We had a sad incident @ my Dad's farm on the weekend. Each of my sisters has a dog that stays on the farm with our Dad, and my sister's dog Becky was run over by the cow trailer, & had to be put down the next day, Saturday, May 01, 2010. Since then, no one has been able to find my other sister's dog, Bailey, an older golden retreiver, & we are wondering now if she ended up getting run over at the same time, & going off into the bush to die. If she did do that, we'd like to find her to bury her, & to know for sure that she died. If she was picked up by somebody out on the road, and is still alive, we'd like to know that too. My poor teenage nephew was with Becky after she'd been hit, trying to get her some help. If she has any messages for Tyson, it sure would help him a lot. Also, Cloyd is broken up over having run over one or both dogs & if there is a message for him, I'm sure that would help him too. Thanks for what you do Chris, & thanks for any messages that I'm given. Sincerely, Terry Lynn
1300. Hi Chris.....sometimes I feel a strong urge to talk out load to my dead fiance - especially when I am driving past some place we always went or when I see something that reminds me of him. Does he 'hear' me? And..sometimes when I am crying and being sad missing him I hear over and over in my head the words "it'll be OK baby" - is he 'talking' to me or am I making these things up?
1301. Does a tortured soul get resolved after death and find peace?
1302. If a child passed before she was able to speak (9 months) is it possible to communicate with her?
1303. Chris I have been wondering about something for a long time. My father died when I was just 4 and I have no real memory of him. If he were to come through in a reading would I actually be able to validate that it was him. I guess I would really like to know if he has been around me all these years and does he know what has transpired in my life.
1304. Hi Chris..I appreciate your website very much and my question to you is: my father passed five years ago, and during that time his widow, my siblings, his siblings, and I have been involved in an ongoing dispute over his estate. I have tried my best to execute things according the way I strongly believe he would want me to, but I feel full of doubt. Is he angry or disappointed in me? In the last years of his life, we had become extremely close and he told me often that he loved me and that I held a special spot in his heart as he saw much of himself in me. Recently my sister revealed that dad had told her several times that he was disappointed in me and my character, that I was a manipulator and a gossip, and these comments have caused me to lose my sleep. I love my father, I see him in my older son more and more each day, and to think that he felt that way about me is devastating to me. Is it possible for you to tell me what he's feeling now? Also, might he tell you what his will stated? Your answer would give me inner peace and I thank you in advance.
1305. I have a hard time on the weekends - when I really miss my husband - the times we shared together, laughing and loving each other. I wish I could move past it - it has been just about six months but some days I feel in so much pain - just as I did when he first died. I feel that he wants me to be happy and worries about me, but I just don't know how to move on. Why do I still feel him so strongly? Do you think he is trying to tell me something? Thank you.
1306. Chris, my mother and I had a reading with you a few days ago. I didn't tell you at the time, but you were absolutely correct about the lady you felt who was ill, in a hospital and was under quarantine. You described stomach pains as the originating problem and a spread of the contagious infection. You described my mother-in-laws situation to a tee. Truly amazing when all you had was my first name. I may be a little late, but can you tell if she is aware of how her daughter with the letter K and her family are currently behaving. I'd love to know this? Although I didn't get the answers I expected, I do believe I got closure due to a better perspective and wish to thank you for this. We will be back to see you in the future. Many thanks, Hope.
1307. Hate to bother you. It's been a year since my spouse passed and I've regressed. My only hope at moving on is the thought of being with her again when I go. I have looked up countless books, articles etc. on the afterlife and a Nora Spurgin had 30 Q&A's about what to expect and went on about them continuing to have sexual relationships to further themselves spiritually. Needless to say the thought of my passing only to find she's with another is tearing me apart. It would hardly be heaven for me. I don't know who or what to believe anymore.
1308. Good morning ChrisWhen I last had a reading you said that I should be able to hear Scott talk to me. I don't hear him. Is there something that I can do to hear him. More than anything I want to hear. I know he's with me. Sharon
1309. Hi Chris, I had a reading with you on Fri. May 14th. Kim & Mary. You brought up a female - contemporary that was killed in an auto accident or blunt force trauma. I said no. I know no-one. When I returned to work on Monday I learned that my boss's neice (my age) was killed Friday the day of my session(hit by a vehicle)we did not go down that path because I said no. I guess we have no way of knowing whether that was the connection or what the message was? I don't know if you recall. I'm sure you do so many. I just wasn't sure about what you said about people coming through because of a connection I may have to another (friend, neighbor, or coworker). Anything you could respond with would be appreciated. Thanks Kim
1310. Hi Chris I have always thought of animals like angels they are sent here to teach us unconditional love and to help. Why is it that they get so miss treated and abused this make me soo angry and sad!!!! what is the purpose of that. I understand if you don't have a answer - sometimes it feels good to vent to someone who will listen. Thanks so much
1311. Hi Chris, I am so impressed with your answers and your website. I feel that virtually everything you have said rings true with my soul as to my own beliefs and experiences. I feel I am very connected with my spiritual side and energy and as a result, I feel I am blessed to still have a very strong relationship with my little boy who died a year ago. I had a sense when he was an infant that I would not have him for long, and was also terrified of him getting cancer. He did and he died from it very quickly. He brought a wonderful friend into my life who also lost her baby boy 18 months ago to the same disease as my son. Together, those two little monkeys send us a continuous stream of signs (dragonflies, hawks, trains), dreams, songs and "impressions". But my question is this - both of us are "bothered' by the idea that our sons died so young and whether or not they are "stuck" at that age on the other side. Her son was only 8 months old, and in this life could not crawl, walk or talk yet. My son was 28 months, and his speech was only just exploding. Do you believe that those limitations in this life carry forward into the next life? Or do you believe that our souls are "timeless" and can be any age they want to be or have any ability they want to be on the other side - like running and playing? My friend particularly hates to think of her little guy as having to be "carried everywhere". I think I'm going to book a reading with you, but have one other burning question (not sure you can answer here or need to wait for the reading) - I have the absolute strongest sense that I am meant to have two little boys close together in age, and a little girl several years later. My husband is adamant that he only wants two living children, and besides my son Joshua that passed on, I already have another 8 month baby boy. Do you see me as having a total of 3 children including my son that passed, or birthing four children? I'm trying to decipher between "desire" and actual "sensing" of my life plan. Thanks so much for your amazing support of all these bereaved people. God bless you for following your own life plan. ~Melanie
1312. Hi Chris, Since experiencing a connection with the spiritual world with you 3 yrs ago I have felt comfort in knowing I can communicate with my loved ones who have crossed over. I recently met a man who lost his wife to cancer 4 yrs ago. He has recently been diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. Many times when I have been with him during very emotional moments I feel his wife's presence very strongly. Is it possible that she is staying very near to him at this difficult time? Have you ever done a session with someone that is terminally ill to connect them with a loved one who has passed on? I was wondering if this would give them comfort and reduce fear of their pending death? I am a very firm believer that often "life" after passing is much more enjoyable when you are in such pain and agony on this earth. I value your opinion and thank you for your time.
1313. Can you tell me about how a spirit enters a body upon birth. Does the spirit enter upon conception? What if a man and a woman have sex and the man achieves satisfaction but this is done for pleasure and no child is formed, is there still a spirit?
1314. Dear Chris If I believe that our loved ones are always with us in some way, is that not some sort of awful torture for those of us who have lost someone we loved more than anything in the world? It took me 40 years to find the love of my life and he was take from me after only a few years. I can't see what the lesson in that was except to make me suffer every day since he has been gone. I like to think that I have learned how to really and truly love someone from knowing him, but he was definitely one of a kind. It is like having a taste of the very best meal you have ever tasted and then never be able to taste it again. What is he wanting to say to me?
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