1315. Hi Chris Thank you so much for all the positive difference you make in people's grieving process. You have a true gift. My question might not be in your realm of expertise, but I am sure you have experienced this. Why is it that so often some (usually with men) they move on so quickly after their spouse dies? A good friend of mine passed away and within a few months her husband of 30 years was seeing another woman and moved in and married her before a year had passed. I am still grieving my spouse who has gone less than a year and couldn't imagine being with anyone else. I see this over and over again - especially with men who get caught up with a new relationship right away. What does their loved one who passed away think of that???
1316. Hi Chris, I am in my early 40s, and feeling really restless with my life. Do they call this a mid life crises? or is it your spirit telling you, to change things in your life. Have you ever felt this way, and is it normal part of growing?? I know alot of questions. Thank you for your time!
1317. Hi Chris, When you are speaking to someone who has passed, not out loud but in your head, can they hear you? I recently lost someone very close to me but can speak only to her every night while I'm alone. It only occured to me recently, she may not hear me. Thank you so much.
1318. hi chris it's debbie and joey from pei...we just want to thanks you for our phone reading it was great,jessica couldn't belive the things you were saying ..especillay when you mentioned the kitchen...and all cherryl and helen could say was WOW...thanks again and we will definitally be calling for another reading.
1319. Hi Chris last month I had a dream of a lady and she had a brightly colour top on. She gave me reasurance of something that was bothering me about my teenaged daughter. It seemed so real and I hope she is right. How do you know when it is a dream or a visitation, this dream was in colour I was wondering if that was an indication. Thank you
1320. Hello Chris, What are your feelings on Coma's? I am just curious if that is a moment when a person's soul is stuck or in transition somehow trying to decide to stay or go?
1321. Hi Chris. I've never attended any of your seminars and I noticed you have one coming up on June 5th. What will you be discussing? Thanks Sandra
1322. Hi Chris, I don't know where to begin but a dear friend suggested I contact you because you are in tune with life at a higher level than most. My oldest teenage daughter started dating for the first time this year. She introduced her first boyfriend to the family and we found him, at first, to be a pleasant young man. As time wore on, everyone rather quickly came to realize that they were not a good match for each other and the relationship ended after one month. The breakup did not go very well. The ex-boyfriend and our daughter engaged in some unpleasant text message exchanges, with his text messages being especially hurtful. Her step father and I came to find out a couple of weeks later, that our daughter had her first sexual experience with this boyfriend. Needless to say, we found this to have happened far too quickly ... it was only 2 weeks in to the relationship when it happened. At the time of this finding, the text messages from the ex-boyfriend were becoming quite slanderous and he took to spreading a lot of rumours. My daughter, who prides herself on being strong, was hurt to the core. She has changed quite a bit lately. Not that long ago, we were very close. Now, she is very distant and no longer really engages with anyone in the family. I have been concerned about what's going on in her life. Last night, we finally had a big argument, at which time she told me that she has been having sex with many partners since this first experience. I don't believe her distance is about the sex, at least exclusively. Her father and I separated for the second and final time five years ago. I’m sad to say that her father does have his issues, some of which the kids are aware of, some they aren’t. At my oldest daughter’s decision, her father is no longer in her life. I don't know how much, if any, of her recent actions are based on something that could have happened in the past with her father and/or how much is due to how hurt she was by the actions of the first boy she was with. As she was going through puberty and developing, her father would make comments about the size of her chest. He was living in another city during this time. She did spend a significant amount of time at the house he shared with his current girlfriend. With respect to the boy, she confirmed the sex with the boy was consensual, but the aftermath has not been good. In addition, we have concerns that she could have some sort of mental disorder - there have been signs for years which we have tried to alleviate through diet. All of this seemed to have helped but since being hurt her diet is off. My dilemma - I don't know what I should do to get her help. I don't know if this is about the boy, her father, her family life – both current and past, or if there are other issues at play. Is there anything we can do to get her the help she needs and get her back on a good life path?
1323. the world beyond must be extremely crowded. how does connection happen so quickly ?
1324. Hello Chris, I am the mom who wrote in about my daughter - question 1323. Thank you for your response. You have been incredibly helpful. And, as a fellow parent, I wish the very best for your family, too. She has begun to open up to me again today and has agreed to counselling. I am going to book her appointment tomorrow. Thanks again.
1325. Hi Chris. Is there a period of time that someone has to be passed over before they can communicate with you or through a medium?
1326. Dear Chris, The love of my life passed away almost 2 months ago, we did not have much time to prepare ourselves for this. He was a very outgoing man and loved life. Will he be angry on the other side that so many things we had talked about and hoped to do together will never happen? Also, I keep asking myself 'why him'. If I am angry that he was taken from me will would it block what he may be trying to tell me? I desperately need to see you, but I'm afraid its too soon and I won't hear what I need to hear. Thank you.
1327. Hi Chris, my father did not speak english, can his spirit understand you?
1328. Dear Chris, Thank you for answering my previous question (1327). I am grateful for your honesty but I will admit I was a bit surprised just by two things you mentioned. I was surprised when you wrote in response to my "why him" question, that you said "...what you are screaming out to the world and to God is really, Why Me? Why has this happened to me, what have I done to deserve this?" My fiance was taken too soon from me, so yes in that aspect I think of myself, but I really am looking for more of an answer other than why not. I want to talk to him and be able to have answers for him, because knowing how he was alive, he would not be the kind of soul that would take "why not" as a viable answer. He and I know that we definitely had unfinished goals that needed both of of us here to achieve them. Perhaps I am thinking too much about the 'why'. Also you asked that I focus on what I can be thankful for instead of feeling victimized by my lover’s death. I don't feel victimized, I feel incredible grief but never a victim, in truth if anyone was a victim it was him. So I wasn't clear on that. Also, you refer to him as my lover, which threw me off a bit too? Maybe I am emitted weird vibes to you, is that even possible just through an email? This Saturday is the 2 month marking of his passing and I plan to celebrate his life with family at my parents cottage, where he loved to go. Do you think I will be more open to signs from him at the lake because it is so much more peaceful there,and he was very happy there? One last question, about signs. I have had a few very obvious signs right after he died (through tv and radio), then nothing for a long time (probably my negative energy blocking him). But recently I've noticed 2 blue jays that have nested right outside my bedroom window in a small tree that used to be home to many squirrels. Its not ideal for nesting, as its close to a walking path, and there are lots of cats around. I've never seen blue jays so up close and they are not afraid of me. In fact one of them, whenever I take my dogs outside to back yard, hops down the tree to an open branch and watches me. My aunt told me 'to watch for the birds as a sign'. Is that possible? I talk to the one bird now, I'm sure my neighbours think I'm nuts. What kind of sign is this? I find peace that they have 2 baby birds they are caring for, and I enjoy watching them as much as they seem to be watching me. Thank you again Chris.
1329. Hi Chris, I lost my father in November and he was my last living parent and I have also lost a sibling, my other siblings are half and are not very close to me. My Dad remarried a woman that I always felt never liked me or just put up with me for his sake as well as my children. After he died, she promised on his death bed that she would still be a grandmother to them and she didn't live up to her statement. I also wanted some belongings that I gave to my dad and it was a big hassle just to get the things I bought for him, the police ended up getting involved, because of my drug addicted younger sister causing a lot of problems and really disrespecting me and spreading rumours throughout the family. Anyways, I no longer communicate with his wife, or her daughter or my half sister (the drug addict) Just before my father passed away he asked me if the money he gave me would be enough to renovate my house because he wanted to sell his truck and I believe his intentions were to give us some of that money. His wife ended up being extreemly greedy, and I retaliated because of her attitude and the way she ignored my children which were his grandchildren. She to me has been totally unreasonable and I have no intention of speaking with any of them as they have stressed me to the point where I ended up in the hospital for a week. My dad was a very fair man and I know he loved us all but what would posess someone to turn on her husbands family? We were so good to her on special occassions, such as New Years and Valentines Day, then she went a bit snakey and now I am left with my nuclear family. My Dad you have read him and you did very accurately I believe in April. But my mother was dominating the conversation. Could you pick anything up on his thoughts. I need to come see you again alone this time. His name was Ron. He was the funny guy.
1330. Dear Chris, I want to thank you so much for answering my questions honestly and directly, I respond best to people like you. I know you are right about it all, and its my own struggle to accept my fiance's passing and grieve in the time frame I need. I suppose in all honesty I didn't want to feel selfish or victimized because I hate both those words oddly - but you are right about what grief is truly about, its about our loss here on earth. I am thrilled that you said we write our own story before we even get here, I am a true believer in this. I have had sensations of living previous lives in visiting certain cities in Canada and overseas, its a weird feeling. So in the spirit form I know I would have written a truely great love and great loss in my life. It just really, REALLY sucks that we found it and then lost it in just 5 years. My sister says our love story was 'epic', everyone who knew us said they almost physically could feel our love for each other. I was truely blessed. I will hang onto both your responses (1327 and 1329) and re-read them when I am feeling overwhelmed by the loss. You're a wonderful person to spend so much time helping me and everyone else you've written to on your site. I will book a session with you when I know the time is right, I believe my fiance will let me know when that is. :) Thank you again, you don't know how much this means to me. Or maybe you do. :)
1331. Hi Chris It was been a great pleasure speaking with you over the years and I must say that questions you have answered for me in regards to the other side and who WE are continue to expand into leaps and bounds. It is truly amazing that when we relax and eliminate the fear of just about everything, life shows itself to us.Knowing that we are ALL,treating each other with respect and LOVE without barriers makes each day very special. I have never felt closer to my love ones here in this time as well as the time in which my departed love ones live Thank you Chris Jim
1332. Hi Chris, If you are doing this to HELP people and that you do this not from a place that you made the discision yourself, then why do you charge so much for this gift? I would think that someone that feels he is helping people would make it more affordable, especially now that the so many people are out of work etc. Thank you S.Davis
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