1333. Chris, during my last reading with you, it’s been about a year ago now, you had mentioned there being a Romanian connection or a European connection that I had to a little boy. At the time you were talking about the possibility of adoption and that it would somehow be a benefit for me to look into this. The reason I am writing you now is because since my reading nothing has pointed me into this direction and nothing has fallen onto my lap regarding adoption either. I was just wondering if what you said during my reading about there being a European connection to a little boy still stands. I also don’t see myself adopting a child so I am a little confused as to why it even came up in my reading in the first place. Your thoughts are always appreciated. --C
1334. Hi Chris . I was going to defend you when i read about your fee , but it seems you have done a good job yourself .. I for one have been to you a few times for huge losses i have experienced, and no there was no money enough for what comfort you brought me.Just a short question . I am learning to meditate for relaxation and being in touch with my higher power , but all i seem to do is cry through it . Do you meditate ? Do you think this will end with time .. Thanks Chris for all the comfort you bring so many ..M
1335. Chris, You do not need to justify your fees to anyone. I was offended reading S. Davis' question (1333). I would pay double your fee for peace of mind you provide after the loss of a loved one. Obviously S.Davis does not respect what you put into a reading - your time, a comfortable surrounding, a recording of the reading, your compassion, your depth of knowledge and most of all your special gift! Would S. Davis trust their car to a mechanic that is half the price of every other mechanic around? I don't think so. There is nothing wrong with your rates.
1336. Hi Chris, When we pass over do we "live" as a family again with the people we love on the other side. I have recently lost my teenage son, my only child and the thought that I may not be with him again is killing me. I often think that if I was with him now that I can continue to take care of him as his mother in spirit. What happens if someone is to take their own life to be with someone in spirit?
1337. Good Afternoon Chris, My neighbour recommended me to your site as she has attended a group session. My father passed away 21 years ago. I was with him when it happened (he died of a massive heart attack 3 hours from home.) I have read that at times a soul knows when their time is and my family is grateful I was with my dad as no one would have known what has happened. At the funeral and for a bit afterwards I felt his presence and then one day it was gone. I do talk to him on a regular basis (mainly when I am troubled and need advice, or upset.) I was 11 when he passed and it disturbs me that I don't "remember" him. As well, the fact that I am constantly seeking approval in others for things as I feel I am seeking his approval. I have read some responses to questions regarding approval and those passing being happy for those still alive; how do you know? I have been wanting to visit the site of his death, and am not sure why I want to do this? Possibly to find some answers to questions I have: why did he choose to die the way he did with me present? Why did he choose then for it to happen? Why couldn't he be in my life a bit longer?
1338. I think this to be a silly question, but I an curious, so I will ask anyway. Do the departed ever watch over other people in your life and are they able to tell you about it? Or is it purely just a situation of love and 'watching over' only loved ones? Many thanks.
1339. Thank you Chris. David I needed to talk so much. He is thankful that u were able to verify that he is with me and so am I. What about MK mike or mark you arent the 1st to speak for this person but I have no idea who it might be. Take care Chris
1340. Hi Chris, I'm a 16 year old girl named Christie. There are a lot of spirits around me, though I don't know anyone who has died. I'm terrified of them when they touch my shoulder or when I smell them. They're all relatives who I've never met. Can you give me any advice as to what to do with them? And how to not be afraid? Can you see how many spirits are around me, just from this question? I'm really curious!
1341. Hi Chris, I want to thank you for the answer you gave me about my deceased father's wife and extended family that are being terribly difficult. You were absolutely correct, I did let her control my emotions and ever since I let go and I have not thought about the hurt and pain they have all caused me everything in my life is going great. I am buying a new care, of which I always depended on my Dad for but for some reason I qualified on my own and I truly believe that he has helped me in some way as I need a vehicle to get to work. I also wonder if you believe that I should stay away for ever from my drug addict sister and my father's wife and her daughter or will it ever mend. With the help of my doctor I have managed to become emotionally strong and I want to stay that way. This was the lady that took everything out of greed disobeyed his wishes in one aspect and did not live up to being a grandmother to my kids, which did indeed hurt their feelings terribly. She comes across as she is the victim and forgets that there were other people involved and connected with him and loves all of the attention on her. To me I live my life in my dad's memory, I learned a lot from him and I have been told that I think just like him, but look like my mom who is also deceased. Anyhow, I am glad you answered my question because you have changed my life, thoughts, and helped me greatly. My spouse would like to come to see you as he has had some losses and does feel the need to speak to them, so I will be contacting you in the near future, he also looked at my father as his own so he was very hurt during our loss and it was not recognized, he has nightmares of carrying his body to the coroner's van. I hope he can get through this as he was very supportive of me when I was a bit of a basket case. Thanks Chris and I will be calling you soon. One more thing, any thoughts on my work situation? Thanks Debbie
1342. Chris this is maria , the last time I had a reading , you were surprised to see me --- as I saw you a few times after John's passing - -- rest asssured that ever time I attend a reading I receive relevant /valuable guidance and counseling from John , In fact on the last reading he told me to close my wallet - well -- that prove to be very necessary , as I encountered some financial hardship soon after the warning -- and I am glad for the warning - as it was of great benefit to me. initially I saw you to deal with the incredible grief , i felt ,after john's passing -- but I also discovered the benefit of guidance , received during the readings-- in fact love and guidance were key ingredients in my rel. with john and that is still here. Keep up the good work . Maria
1343. Hi Chris, I read with interest #1337. I have suffered with severe depression since I was 7 yrs.old. I have been in hospitals and been on medication for years. I am not bipolar or schizophrenic, I am just chronically depressed most of the time. My life is miserable and I feel I make my husbands life miserable too. My daughter suffers as she watches me too and I try all the time to hide my depression and feelings but sometimes they are overwhelming. I think about suicide a lot. I am fed up. I am in my fifties now and the other side sounds pretty good to me. What is there for me to look forward to in life when I am always in a state of deep depression, always crying, always sad. I do not feel sorry for myself, I feel sorry for my husband and daughter. I feel sorry for the waste of my life and what I am doing to my family. But this is a disease I've had since a child and I cannot control it, I have tried everything. Do you feel things may get better for me in the future, that this may someday go away? My doctor says once I'm past 60 I may feel better. Some people just have depression all their lives, just like some people have diabetes all their lives. I am sick of hiding, sick of explaining why I can't do something or go somewhere. I cry too much. I feel so sad. Did I do something in a past life that I am paying for in this life? I have had enough. But I don't want to leave my daughter, she would be devastated and I feel so selfish even thinking about this but every day is torture and has been for years. Maybe suicide is my fate? Would I be punished? I want to live, I really do. Help! Angie
1344. Chris I will be making an appointment with you soon, but thought I would ask...I have recently lost my brother and there are many unanswered questions and there has been substantial confusion and contradictions of information sharing. If something strange occured that may indicate this was not his choice is it common for you to feel that?
1345. my dad and nephew past away last feb are they ok
1346. why have my son who has passed almost 2 years will not visit me? Is he mad at me?
1347. Hi Chris, It's Angie, #1344. I just want to thank you for being sooooo kind and taking so much time to answer my question. You didn't get mad at me, you were so kind and I can tell you took a lot of time to give me some answers and some hope. I will be "holding on". Thank you so much Chris. Angie
1348. so about 12-13 yrs ago just before Christmas holidays, while i was in my gr.9 yr, a girl i spoke to for the first time that day, was murdered that night. For a few years i thought well, if I hadn't spoken to her, she would still be alive. Are life events related to the next stage in death and if i didn't decide to speak to this girl would she still be alive? The weirdest part is she didn't know what she wanted to do after highschool, I guess she didn't.
1349. Hi Chris,As a psychotherapist, I've worked with someone who has seen you. One of her loved ones died by suicide, and she was relieved to learn that person was at peace. However, the wrinkle is that my patient is herself suicidal--and the peace that her loved one feels seems to confirm that suicide would be the answer for her! What advice would you give to someone contemplating suicide, given that those who have committed suicide experience peace and love?
1350. I lost my husband almost 5 yrs. ago. there has been no signs that he is still with me
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