1351. Hello Chris, I do belive in sign I have been having alot of them lately, these sign are trying to push me in the right direction, into something that I have been procrastnating, regarding a bird leaving the nest and flying on her own, its funny all week - in conversations with friends they make bird references, books that i pick out, and odd email yesterday just popped up,now I just have to be strong enough to do it. Can the universe tell you in hints, untill you finally do it? do the signs get louder? what are you thoughts. Thanks very much
1352. Hello Angie I hope you read this message ! You don't know me as we have never met, I saw your question to Chris and his answer that was true and from his heart. But most of all, I saw your tender response thanking Chris.You have touched me Angie and I pray for you.You have not just shown me but also yourself that you do make a difference and i truly agree with Chris that there is a reason that you are where you are..for now.I believe we can all feel what a special person you are Angie and that wonderful things are just around the corner for you Warmest Regards
1353. Hi Chris, what is the timeline for trying to connect with a loved one who has passed. Is it true that you must wait 6 months to 1 year before trying to connect with them through a medium? Thanks in advance. Elle
1354. i want to know about my niece and nephew that past away in car accidents is there signs from them i am missing
1355. Hi Chris is there a waiting list to come and see you for a reading?? thank you
1356. Dear Chris, Please disregard the first question I sent to you today, I found the answer as I was reading the published questions. I found your website through the links on Sandy Wiltshire page because I guess I was looking for someone like you. My therapist gave me Sandy's book " The Gift of Light" because I told her that I neither belive nor do not believe that this communication is possible.I must addmit that the book did impress me a lot.The sceptic in me is still quite strong, but not nearly as strong as before I read the book. I have heard of this type of communications ever since I was a kid, but I've never tryed that and never wanted to, for various reasons. Now that last year I have lost three family members I feel that I am thinking more and more of a reading with a medium/channeller.First I was thinking if someone would likes to communicate with me why not come directly to me. And I think sometimes I feel my husband around me, but I am not sure, and then the sceptic in me comes strong.The sceptic now is more not that this is not possible, but because the way our marige was going for the past few years I am sceptic that he would wand to communicate with me.I am not sure anyone of my relatives who passed on would want to come through to say something to me. Have you ever had situation like that before where no communication takes place, because none of the loved ones' spirit comes through? Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and I hope you will answer. Best wishes to you and your family, Mariana mariannkal@yahoo.com
1357. My dad died about 4 yrs. ago my mom doesn't want to be here anymore can u tell me what is going to happen.
1358. Hi Chris, i lost my mother september 2008; can you please let me know if there is any message from her to me. thank you.
1359. Hi Chris, This is Angie and I want to thank #1353 for her/his kind words and support. Me, special? ha ha. Yes, I do feel better. The day after I talked to you the first time I phoned my psychiatrist and said I needed an emergency appt. I went and he put me on a new drug and so far it is helping a great deal! I am hopeful and surprised. Drugs don't usually work for me. I thank everyone and you for your kind words, prayers and hope you have given me. I don't feel so alone anymore in this. God bless. Angie
1360. Perhaps this is a silly question,but one I think about.When we are here on earth we have questions about the Wonders of the World in general and and all the unexplained.When we move to the spirit world,do we gain that knowledge to understand the answers?just wondering Regards Madeline
1361. i have a sister with copd not in very good shape can you tell me what you see in her future good or bad
1362. Hi Chris, I would love to read through all your pages but just wondering if you have been asked about Past Lives. Have you yourself been able to recall your own past lives? I have done one regression myself and it felt like I just imagined the whole thing, though the details that I saw where not something I would have thought up. I find it very interesting.
1363. Hi Chris I am married and have 2 kids, honestly am very unhappy with the marriage. I have worked at it and did all I can, counselling ect. Do you see me moving forward out of the marriage soon? I appreciate all you your help if you have any advice, thankyou
1364. i was just wondering how old you think you should be before going to a physic, i am 16 and just don't want to be told something negative that will be keeping me worried forever.
1365. Chris, why did my husband had to die just when we were beginning our life together and were so happy? One minute he was alive and happy and vibrant and the next he was dead. I don't know how to find any meaning in this. I feel so cheated for him and for me, and I know he would want me to be happy but I just miss him so much.
1366. Hi Chris; I saw your post about Eadie Lunn and I would really appreciate her contact information as I live in the Barrie area and have also heard great things about her, and I really need a reading to help me sort out my personal dilemmas, or with hopes that I will get some clarification in order to help me with my decisions. Thank you very much
1367. Hi Chris. In 1988 the man I was living with was found dead. So for 22 years I have lived with not knowing what actually happened. The Barrie police had ruled it to be sucide and yet originally they had suspected homicide. Personally I never felt it was sucide and yet have had strong feelings that in fact he had been murdered. Police reports and coroner reports never coincided with one another. It was like something was being covered up. I have lived with this now for over 20 years and was wondering if you could help by shedding some light on this mystery, so I can finally put it behind me. Thank you Vicky
1368. There is a presence in my home - no matter where my home is! I have moved a number of times, and it moves with me. It doesn't leave the house with me; if I went shopping, or to your office or home, it would not come with me. The presence is making itself more felt, and I would like to know how to deal with it. Could you come to my home on Wellington St.? It is only a short distance from Paris Street. My appointment is at noon on August 26th. Thank you.
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