1369. Chris , my son's father is missing for 2 weeks now, we had 2 son's togeather, Bradford Ont Canada, he was walking his 2 dogs and has not been seen sence the 2 doga have come home July 31/2010 anything please Lauren
1370. Dear Chris, I was at the Argyle Legion last Thursday evening and never did I think that today I would be in the situation I am in today. I am sitting int the kitchen of a very dear friend who is dying. I babysat his children for many years and he was our family doctor. We have been giving him permission to go and he is struggling to breathe. I just wanted to ask if you could send me your best thoughts. I have tried to open my chakras to send a message to the other side to get ready for him. I know these things happen in the time they are meant to but I am praying for the children. They lost their Mom about a year ago to cancer and now it is their Dad. I wish I knew more about Reki and I wish I had my friend Brenda here too. Sorry to bother you with this but I needed to talk to someone. Thanks for being out there in email land
1371. I have been widowed for 2 years now and do have a new fella in my life but on a distant relationship as he lives 70 miles away and he is very busy. We communicate online daily and have met peronally 3 times since meeting just over 2 months ago. I am very serious about him and would like to know if you can see this relationship becoming a permanent reality.
1372. Hi Chris, we had a reading with you a while back now with our son who passed away in an accident at Muskrat Falls. I felt better at first for a little while but I am still having a lot of trouble with where he is, maybe it's because I can't accept it. But I just don't understand where he is and I am aching to be with him so I can have some peace that he is okay. I seriously feel like I'm going insane. I believe he is okay on the most part but I don't understand why he doesn't come to me in a dream or give me some kind of a sign. I just find it very hard that one moment he was here, the next he was gone and there is nothing you can do, it's very hard. What is he doing, is he just floating around wishing this didn't happen or is he living his life in another world. I've been reading too many books and making myself confused. I guess I just want someone to give me the answers. Thanks
1373. Hi Chris ..Just a thought . Have you ever had the feeling something big is going to happen ?In a good way . I have felt this for awhile .. Sometimes i feel so excited and not sure why .Could this be somebody trying to tell me something ..lol Thank you ..
1374. Hi Chris I just want to share something that I think was a sign. I signed up for volenteer work, which I have puting off because of other responsibilities such as home, work and teenagers. Well I finally did and after the interview I went in my car and turned on the radio, and my name was on the radio screen, the song on the radio at that time had nothing to do with my name, I instantly thought it was a sign I was on the right track. I have never seen my name like that before. I thought it was great. I am thinking of changing jobs, and this is a step in the right direction. thanks for your website!!
1375. Hi Chris I had seen you in the early year and you had told me that I would of had a death in my circle of friends by June or before my get together, but it did not happen. You told me my husband said it would be in my circle of friends and they would be ok. Maybe it was a different time. Don't get me wrong I'm glad it didn't happen. Also we have a close friend like a brother-in-law going through some medical test I was wondering if you can tell me he is going to be ok. Also can you see my husband still close by to me. I'm know he is always with us. My son is going in a relationship and wondering if that is going to be ok. I find he is moving to fast but he dosn't want to listen to mom I'm always wrong.....I hope to see you again you are a great help to me through my difficult time....
1376. Chris - if I pay attention it seems that I am getting messages all the time from my husband who passed away last year. I think I can even hear him in my head as well, especially if I am sad or frightened. It calms me down and makes me happy to see these signs but do you think I am just 'wanting' to see these things and am losing it!! lol or do you really believe they are 'him'.??
1377. Is is possible for a soul to attach themselves to a living person's energy (without the living persons knowledge or consent? Is it possible for a person when they die to not see the light and attach themselves to a living person for a long time and cause physical and mental negative impacts on the living person?
1378. My daughter has a friend whose mother just disappeared about 10 years ago. She had said her family was better off without her and she just went for a walk and never returned. A search found nothing and there has been no clues or anything since. She wonders if her mother is still alive. Do you see anything?
1379. Recently, I lost a dear friend to suicide this past year and I have experienced a number of signs that he is still present around me and many of his friends. He believed in reincarnation as well as in the power of love. I spent a lot of time ensuring his well being during his life on earth...what bothers me the most is how do I know that he is safe and at peace and whether or not the signs and dreams are really forms of communication with him?
1380. Hi Chris - What makes a person an intellectual, is it spiritual as in many past lives, or is it just education. There are some very smart people who have never had a formal education. Does some of the knowledge carried over from past lives transfer spiritually to the next? Some people have very strong instincts is this from previous life experience or is it genetics?
1381. Hi Chris, I had seen you last year with my friends Wes and Jeanette. You called me Iwonka which really got me very surprised. You geve me a lot of information, one made sense only after I spoke to my aunt. Now I know who was the man standing beside me. You made my connection with my grandma so much closer. Now I know and feel that she is beside me everyday. Looking over me. Thank You so much for that. You have amaizing gift and it's so wanderful how you use it to help people. Now, the reason I'm writing to you. For a while now I have this feeling that I should see you but I don't really understand why. Nobody passed away from my loved ones and I really don't have a reason to see you. I know it sounds confusing and weird. Maybe it's just in my head. I guess my question is, can I just come in and see what happens? Without asking for anybody? I get those thoughts almost everyday that I should come and see you and I keep asking why but I just don't feel anything that would answer my question.? Can you please explain this to me? Thank you for your time.
1382. Chris, I often see 11:11 on clocks - event when it is not the correct time. My grandmother passed away on November 11. Is she trying to tell me something?
1383. Hi Chris, Do/can your readings include a past life regression? I often dream that I was an Irish folk singer on a stage and also have a severe sensitivity to pressure on my neck (almost like I have been strangled or hung in a previous life) Just wondering if there is a way to find out how many lives I have had, and how they ended. Many thanks, Amanda
1384. Chris I have a mssing brother Curtis Barry that went missing in Bradford Ontario JUly 19th 2010 Took his dogs out for a walk 8am and never returned he has a wife and 4 children I am his sister Deanna our family is desperately seeking answeres .Why What .WE are all so DECASTATED and have come to a stand still . We need help Thank you Dee
1385. Hi Chris I have a couple of questions before I book an appointment with you. My son had his grandmother pass while he was away working he had a difficult time with that. They my father, his grandfather passed, he a my husband found him, it had a difficult time. Then in January one of his best friends passed while they we away together he found him, this was also difficult for him. I was wondering if coming to you might be able to help him. We know some people you have helped. This is my question to you.
1386. We are planning to disperse my husband's ashes next week and for some reason I am having reservations about it. I like having him 'with' me and get comfort from it, but also want to honour his desire to be in the place of his choosing. Can you tell me what he thinks?
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