1387. Hello Chris, Hopefully you have an answer for me. I myself have seen and heard from numerous spirits throughout my life. Recently my Dad passed away (10 months ago) and I have not had any contact from him at all, but I still receive warnings and messages for others. I don't do readings as I'm not at an advanced enough level to do this. I've asked my Dad to contact me but nothing. I miss him tremendously and just need that contact from him to feel him again and to confirm the fact that he is fine. I'm worried that my ability and spiritual belief has been crushed and that I may not get it back as it once was. I hope you can give me a logical or spiritual explanation on this matter. Thank you for your time Chris
1388. Hello Chris I see what I call sparkles over people shoulder or above their heads, not all the time but is becomming more frequent. Do you think it us just my eys acting funny or am I seeing peoples loved ones or spirit guides? not sure what to think. Thanks so much~~
1389. what does "he brought him over?" mean or coming through
1390. Dear Chris, For most of my adult life, I have had paranormal experiences. In many of the houses I have lived (but not all of them) there has been activity such as: sounds of running feet up and down stairs, doors slamming shut, the sound of footsteps in the room above us while my husband and I slept. Once, I saw the hazy outline of someone which I believe was some foenergrm y during a funeral in a church. I want to know if my near death experience as a toddler gave me this ability and, if I am able to hear/see all of this why have I never been able to communicate with someone who has crossed over?
1391. Chris, I just want to thank you for the positive messages and comfort that you provide to people. I had a reading with you that made me feel so much better and helped me on my path of healing. You have answered questions that put me at peace and make me remember that our loved ones are still with us, they love us unconditionally and we can still connect with that love and positive energy every day if we want to. My husband died last year, but with your help I feel him all the time and often feel an incredible joy and happiness knowing that he is 'out there' loving me still and wishing the best for me. You are pure love. Thank you.
1392. Hi Chris, I am quite impressed with what I have seen on your website so far - and planning to book an in-person reading soon. I am also intrigued by the Forum you are hosting on October 2nd (but have another commitment that day) are you planning to host any more of those forums? If so, any for the Bradford/Newmarket area? Thanks,
1393. Hi Chris, I lost all family members that I grew up with, mom, dad, brother and grandmother. I am the only one living out of my immediate family. Why do you think this happened to me? I feel alone. I did not lose them all at once, but I am now 41 and have felt so lost since losing my dad. I have 2 half sisters, one I don't talk to, the other I do but find it hard to have a close relationship with her. My dads wife has written all of my family off since he passed, kept everything to herself, and tried to cause grief between my older sister and I by telling her that our grandmother gave me $1000 before she died and that information was never meant to go anywhere. What would provoke a person to be so evil? After all of the trajedy I have been through in my life, I received one phone call yesterday for my birthday and that was my best friend. I am not going to let them control my emotions but it does hurt that no one cares about me and everything I have gone through. What are your thoughts on this? PS My dad was my life, if you get anything from him through energy please let me know I miss him so much. Thank you for your precious time Chris.
1394. Hi Chris, you have helped me several times, most recent when my Dad passed, during my session with you my Ex husbands name came up, actually it was the first name mentioned and at that time he was undergoing treatment for lung cancer, as all things happen for a reason I am now living close to my boys & their families vs 2 hrs away and since I've been here their Dads health has deteriorated, my question is do you see him leaving us soon, my boys and I are so concerned for his health that we are trying to keep someone with him as much as possible, it also appears he's had a mild stroke, any help you can provide would be appreciated, thanks for all you do, Tracy
1395. Chris, I need to tell you that when I saw you 4 months ago, you insisted that I had a male relative, one generation up from me, who had stomach and liver cancer which was spreading upwards and affecting the brain. I argued with you but you insisted that my late father was telling you about it. That relative, who was close to my father in life, died of that EXACT condition this morning, and no one in the world knew about it until the surgeons opened him up just a few days ago. Stomach, liver, brain. Almost simultaneously, the rest of us recalled what you had said to me that day... incredible. What a gift you have.
1396. Hi Chris: I lost my 17yr old son 6mths ago, he was my only child. Can you please tell me what good can come out of his death? Why should he have gone so soon & what if anything is the lesson I am supposed to learn? Can you please tell me what my purpose in life is now?God Bless
1397. Hi Chris, I recently was advised to you from a member of the site Daily Stengths. I live in Scotland and have no way of unfortunately meeting you in person. I just wanted to ask does suicide victims finally get peace or do they live an after life of torment since they took thier own life? Thank you in an advance
1398. Hi Chris Thank you for sharing you gift with us My question to you is: My husband is 55 years old and has prostate cancer that has spread, his gleason score was 10++ which is the most rapid growth.He has already had the operation to remove the prostate, 35 treatments of radiation and two years of homorne treatment, that is no longer working. He is in his 3rd year of cancer, but I have such a strong feeling that I may not have him much longer. We both have always been positive but I am getting these negitive feelings, Can you tell me anything. Thank you so much Lynne Marie
1399. i have miscarried a few babies within the last 10 yrs some as early as 3 months and 1 as late as 5 months...would you or are you able to pick up on babies even though they were never born to full term...thanks so much karen
1400. Hi Chris I have a question i am hoping you can answer my husband has cancer, he has had all the treatments and they took him off of hormorne injections last year as they were not working anymore, he has lots of pain in his hips etc and his PSA count is going up again,more testing to come. We have always stayed positive and we laugh alot but now i have this feeling our time is almost up. If you have any answers that would be so helpful, I know the outcome but i would like to know if you see anything. This man is the love of my life and i know he will always watch over me, to see someone you love in so much pain is so hard to watch. Thank you so much Lisa
1401. Hello Chris , I miss my sister Gayle so very much, I love her with all my heart. I want to ask her what i should do. I always phoned her for advice and she would listen patiently and I miss her so much. Last year at the age of 51 Her heart just stopped suddenly, unexpectedly and the physical reason is unknown . She was the picture of health. Her daughters (ages 24 and 28) are having much difficuty coping and are paralyzed because of the grief, lonliness and abandonment they feel. My sister and her two daughters had have a strong and loving bond. What can I do to help my sister ease the pain that her daughters are oing through? I love my neices so much. The loss of my sister has devastated the whole family. Where is my sister and why did she leave us so unexpectedly? She is needed so much. Thank you Shirley
1402. Hi Chris: You talk alot about our life being preplanned before we are born. We choose who are parents, siblings etc are and when we are going to die and the circumstances how. I do beleive we do this as I have had times when I know I have experienced a situation that is happening but there is no way possible that I could have done this already in my life. I have read that this is our soul remembering what we have charted in our life before we are born and are remembering it now. I have heard that means we are on track with our lifes. My question is how does this process take place before we are born? How do we plan our life chart? Are we alone? With other people? With God or a higher power? Alot of things that my husband and I are dealing with our adult children has/is causing us tremendous anquish. Why would we choose that in our charts? Is it for us or our children to learn from? All the years of not being together as a family in unity can never be replaced or those memories captured again. They are forever lost. And what are we suppose to learn from all this? Feeling Overwhelmed and Saddened in Reality Land..........thanks Chris.
1403. #1399 Thank you so much Chris for your kind words, I wish # 1401 all the best to, I feel her pain. Lynne Marrie
1404. Would yu ever travel to a group reading session for a group of aboout 10 ladies if so what would be the charge
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