1405. Hi chris , ive been to many of your shows , and would just like to say your amazing at what you do and have been an insperation to me. Keep up with the amazing work ! thanks
1406. Thank you Chris for your answer to not letting my energy go into my dad's wife. What I am concerned about now is that my dad is getting buried soon and because of all of the animosity in the family I thought it best to have my own ceremony with my immediate family instead of going to theirs as they have been very unkind to me, told me I was looking for a pitty party, calling me names etc. What are your thougts on having my own ceremony? Would my Dad be happy with me or would he expect me to bite my tongue and go to the one with his wife and the rest of the family. I will state that I do suffer from depression greatly and I feel that I am having the most difficulty getting over his death, everyone else seems to be either not dealing with it or drinking it away. Or in my younger sister's case doing drugs to overcome it. What did I ever do to make them feel this way about me? I just hurt longer and I feel like I loved him more than any of them for some strange reason. He was a remarkable man, irreplaceable. I don't feel sorry for myself, I just feel ripped off not only have I lost my family I grew up with but everyone else thinks I am crazy because I still hurt. I am very confused, and don't know what to think anymore.
1407. Really wonders how my mother in law passed away and what she would have told us before she passed?
1408. Hi Chris, I've been to see you and I know you are for real but answer me something if you don't mind. If we all pick our death, the exact moment and time, etc. as you say over and over on this site, then what about suicides? Do they pick suicide before they come here? Do their families pick them knowing they are going to commit suicide someday? Or does someone who commits suicide mess up the
1409. I had a great reading with you back in July 2010. During my reading you mentioned that I am "psychic". Can you recommend/advise me on how to further my psychic abilities. Thanks, Aryn
1410. Hi Chris . I among many i am sure want to congratulate you with joining the Hay house with your new book (penny's from heaven ) . I read many of Hay house books and enjoy them all .I will too be reading yours . Congrats again . You do a great job at living your purpose and helping many. You truly belong with the shakers and the movers .. M
1411. Hi Chris I have written to your website before stating that I could see orbs/sparkles over peoples shoulders sometimes. Now I can see blue orbs around the house sometimes...I am very excited to see them. At first I thought it was my vision but I have them a few times this week...do you know what the colour blue signifies, just curious if you have any info. Thanks again have a gret week!!
1412. Hi Chris I wrote you a question regarding a family issue and you told me to not concentrate on them and myself instead. I then wrote yu a question of which obvously I didn't give the facts correctly. But I have to say I am quite dissappointed that you call people that grieve feeling sorry for themselves. To me that is not a healing answer and hopefully you can understand where I am coming from. I was quite dissapointed as I have asked professionals including my doctor about this burial and he thinks it not be in my best interest to attend this burial due to the fact that they have treated me bad. So yes I have received help. But I am confused at you. The impression I get is that because you can see and talk to the dead, than everything is okay. Not all of us have that ability and I have every right to grieve as long and as hard as I want and it's not for stating I am a victim. That to me is down right rude. I hope you change your thoughts on this because that comment was uncalled for.
1413. Hi Chris, I was reading my daughter bible stories tonight after just watching the childrens movie Ice Age. I just finished explaining to her about dinasaurs, the Ice Age and evolution then, without even thinking about it, read to her about how God created the world. This, of course, confused her and I had a really hard time explaining it to her because frankly... I am confused too. Does your gift give you any insight into what the truth is? Evolution or Creationism? How would or did you explain this to your children?
1414. Hello Again Chris, I asked you a question earlier about evolution and creationism. I also was wondering if loved ones who have passed on can contact us through modern technology? ie computer, cell phones, whatever? Sorry if this sounds ridiculus but I think this may have happened to me or else someone was playing a really mean and sick joke on me.
1415. Hi Chris! I have recently discovered your website after a friend of mine mentioned she was attending a recent seminar of yours. I have just begun to explore the "Ask Chris" section and have been finding it informative, comforting, validating, and fascinating!!! I've only gotten through 4 pages & already have a wealth of questions, but let me start this. It is regarding a decision I made over a decade ago to have my beloved friend and pet euthanized. He was very old and not well & I finally called a veterinarian come to our house. During the process, I realized that I had made a wrong decision - that my friend was not ready to go. However, the wheels were already set in motion and I did not summon the courage to stop it. I feel an immense amount of sadness, regret, and guilt at having done this to my best friend. I feel as though I betrayed him, and I loved him so much - his companionship was such a gift to me. It is the biggest regret of my life. I have had other pets euthanized and never felt regret afterward, knowing they were ready and that I had done the right thing. What can I do to heal this wound?
1416. Hi Chris, You must spend your life awnsering questions and I hate to add to the list but I like everyone else wonder if my loved one is around me as I feel nothing. The situation surrounding his death may leave me feeling this way I'm not sure. Do you reccommend a second reading as it may bring some assurance he in fact is around and fine. My first reading was great and left me feeling comforted but it was a few years ago. I'm also wondering if different spirits have stronger or weaker abilities to connect or signal the living?
1417. Well Hi Chris I have been wanting to ask you a few things for a bit now so here goes is my dad and mom happy are they in peace now you know I have had too deal with a loss of my father at a very young age I have pray to him all my life but now its seem to be since he has mom with him I feel that I have loss the connection with him ( well its like a wiegh has been lift off my shoulder )I miss them so much I have always felt alone most of my life well thanks so much Karen Bennett
1418. I am in a very good position with the Government. As with a lot of things -- Senior management are asked to do more with less -- so I am doing the job of about 4 - 5 managers rolled in to one position. The good thing is that I do love my job, my staff, and am compensated well for it - so it is not all bad. I've been told to be patient as there is another opportunity in the wings for me (has not materialized as yet. I've been presented with another opportunity -- with a completely different organization - but closer to home. The position is a very senior position - and will likely come with a lot of stress (and of course the unknown). Do you have any thoughts on whether I should stay loyal to where I am and hope they come through with a higher position --- or should I put 100% in to this other opportunity? (which I may be screened out of during the lengthy qualification process at any time). Do you see my career path as positive? Thanks so much for your time. I love the way you have answered all of the questions and am on the same wave length as you on so many levels.
1419. my husband of 46 years past away of a heart attack. I was there at the time of dead it looked like he was in very much pain. he has been gone 1/12 months now . twice while I was on the computer I got a wiff of his aftershave behind me then it was gone . today when I went on the computer I moved the mouse & there as a toothpick , he always had one . my concern is was he in pain at the end, is he ok & is that him with me. I'm having a very hard time moving on it feels like I'm drowning & can't get to shore. maybe if I know these things I might be able to move on slowly. I'm coming to see you soon. Sue
1420. hey chris i wonder if you could recoment mrs lunn for a reading
1421. What do you make of a black floating oval sphere, that touched my eyes after a dream. The second shape , or same, then had orange glow around it. each floated, the first moved the second did not. Thanks in advance
1422. Hi Chris: We lost our only son to cancer 18 months back. I have been working diligently, taking mediumship courses and learning how to communicate with him. I know he is all around me all the time...I'm very blessed, however, I'm finding it difficult to distinguish between what I'm imagining in my head, and when it's Nicholas...any feedback? Thanks so much Sue
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