127. Hi Chris, just wondering if a pet could sense that a spirit is around us? My dog will be playing, then just stop, sit and stare, when I look around to see what it is he is looking at I see nothing. His hair does not stand up, he doesn't growl, or snarl, or show his teeth? Just curious, thanks for your time. Andrea
128. Would I be correct to assume that my mom and dad are together now in the spiritual world.
129. Hi Chris: I wonder if you can tell me why I feel so lost? That I feel like I can sence presence around me but it confuses me also? I ask myself why I am not HAPPY?
130. Chris:I want to know if my dad was upset with me when I got the minister to give him the last rites as he kept pointing at me and seemed very upset at the time>>>I only called the minister because my mom wanted me to and I've been haunted by that and feel guilty about this ever since then???
131. No questions to ask. I just wanted to thank you for offering your abilities to everyone. Every question asked of you is answered with love, acceptence, encouragement and honesty. You probably do a lot more for people than you realize. I'll continue to send you kind thoughts and prayers. Happy Thanks Giving
132. Dear ChrisCan you receive messages from our relatives that have crossed over, but who only speak another language (for example German)?ThanksD.
133. Dear Chris,Thank you for answering my question about languages so quickly (question # 139). I loved your answer, and YES, it is my father who has passed and I'm happy to hear that he was probably with you as you wrote. I am now sure that he is around me too. Thanks again. D
134. About a week before my Mom passed away (Oct25) I had a dream. She was there with me and we were in our home town. The water from the ocean was coming in and moving up the road towards our church. At that time it did not quite reach the church. A week later my Mom passed away. Is there any signifance of the tide to her death?
135. Can you perform a reading via telephone?
136. Good day Chris, my question is: my Common Law spouse and I have a very stressfull life. We are a blended familly (5 kids in total) 2 from each of our previouse relationships and one together. Our ex's are very difficult to deal with, can you please tell me what if anything is causing all this "darkness" around us. We love each other very much but this is making our relationship very stressfull and difficult. Is there anything/anyone around us giving us this negativity? Could I call on on my brother to help with this? Or even just to watch over us? Thank-you for your time Melanie
137. Good day Chris, My brother died just a month and 1 day before his 1st birthday. Is there anyway to talk to him, make sure his ok? It has been such a long time (25 years) and I was just 4 when he died, I still feel very responsible for the accided he had. My parents left me to watch him and well... Any how can I get in touch with him, Thank-you
138. Hi Chris. My Mum passed away recently. I had the honour of caring for her to the end. She had said to me not to bother going to see someone to talk to her because she wasn't coming back. I know they look at things differently from the other side so my question is do you think she will have a change of heart down the road and let me know she is ok? I believe she is but I'm one of those people who need reassurance. Thank you.
139. Hello Christopher, I was watching the CJOH news here in Ottawa and they showed you involved with MADD. I think what you do for people is wonderful. My question for you is....I am very intuitive with many things but would like to know if I could try and contact my mother in somewhat the same way that you do? Is this gift that you have just happen or do you have to work at it and practice. Thank you. Sincerely Lise B.
140. Hello Chris, My mother has always had alot of Faith as I do.Before she passed away,her only fear was that because my father did not feel that Faith,they would not be together on the other side.She didn't want to ever be without him. As our Christian teachings teach us that you must have faith to enter the Kingdom of Heaven how can I be sure that they are together or is judgment day still to come for the ones on the other side?My father loves us all very much,I like to think that God would not keep us apart.
141. Hello Chris, I saw you on TV a few days ago and ever since in the back of my mind I knew I had to contact you. The truth is I am not sure exactly why but here I am. If you have some sort of feeling I had to contact you for whatever reason, I would appreciate knowing about it. I cannot explain very easily the feeling. Only that something in my heart chakra tells me to do so. Boy! haven't felt this in a while. Maybe if I give you some information about me, things could make more sense to you? In 1997 I came very close to dying. the emotional recovery of the whole ordeal was much harder than the physical recovery. The next years followed a great interest in hearing and reading stories about people who have come close to dying and they came back. This has opened a great insight door to me to what we are here for, the value of each individual/life, and the deep feeling we all have a unique gift to share. Also the tremendous importance of being opened to learn from others and situations we encounter in order to grow as a human and spiritual being. In 2001 I started a charity dedicated to help children and adults with disabilities by training assistance dogs that help them with daily tasks. Since day 1 I have felt very guided to do this job. Still, for some reason, I feel that I have something inside that is driving me to mediumship. Contacting you I thought perhaps would help. Any ideas of how I would investigate that further? Looking forward to hear from you soon. Miriam
142. Sorry Chris,I really didn't mean that there is only one road to God and that road is faith.I am really sorry if I upset you.I do not fear the wrath of God or judgement day,I can only try to be the best husband,father and person I can be,and have faith in myself to move toward that goal everyday. Thank you so much for helping so many.Jim
143. Has a spirit ever tried to inhibit your body and how do you debrief after meeting a "dark" spirit? Thank you very much for sharing your gift
144. Hello Chris, Just to elaborate on the question of "dark spirits". If we all meet in the spiritual world & I truly believe we do, where would the spirits of people like "Hitler", and all other crimminals who have commited horrible crimes be? Do you think they are where our loved ones are? If we have to come to terms with all our mistakes here on earch when we cross over to the other side, how would someone who has killed & tortured so many ever come to terms with what he did? I've read a lot of books on spirits & life after death, but they never quite mention exactly where these spirits are. I would really like to hear your opinion. Thanks so much, Ruth
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