1423. Hi Chris...Sue here again. This isn't a question, just a huge thank you for your response to my question. I will trust those feelings and what I know to be true. Thank you also for your inspiration...I have just finished my training and am now a Licensed Heal Your Life Pracitioner through Louise Hay, so I'm embarking on a new venture in the new year...I'm hoping to help others find ways to live a happier and truly authentic life. Once again, a huge thanks! I'm hoping to get up to have a reading with you soon...I'm in Oakville, so not far from you! Lots of love and light, Sue
1424. If someone comes for a reading with you are you able to tell if they have a "natural gift" to be a medium. I know that we all have to ability to be a medium if that is the path they choose but is it something that you can see/tell.
1425. Hi Chris, How long does it take a spirit to "get adjusted" on the other side? I suspect it varies depending on the individual and circumstances surrounding the transition. How can one know if a spirit is at peace or not? What can the living do for spirits on the other side who are not at peace (or event hose who are)?
1426. Chris, I imagine that spirits have work to do on the other side in order to continue their learning and self-discovery. Can our grief hinder spirits from their soul growth on the other side?
1427. Chris, I have been on this site constantly over the last month or so, taking in all the wisdom offered here, and am very grateful that you would be so generous with your time and your knowledge. This generosity is as wonderful and special as your gift. Thank you very much for paying it forward. I recently lost someone whose passing completely transformed my life and turned me inside out. This person's life and death were tremendous and soul inspiring gifts in my life. It has been a painful and wonderful experience. The thing is, we never met or personally knew each other. My question is: Can a spirits who never met on the physical plane still be drawn together and connected by energy? You say that loved ones can feel our thoughts and emotions, our LOVE. Is this also true for those who were not related to us? Love is love, no? Thank you, Chris. God bless you.
1428. Hi Chris, Like you and many others, I find pennies and wonder why spirits commonly choose pennies as tokens? What is the significance? What came first - the pennies or the song ("Pennies From Heaven")?
1429. Chris, There is such great stuff in this Q & A section. Have you thought about editing it into a book? Kim
1430. Chris, is your book "Pennies From Heaven" currently available for purchase?
1431. Hi Chris - I was wondering what happens to people who are prejudiced against other races/cultures while living. If we are all of the same energy, do the deceased lose their prejudice on the other side ? Thanks, Terry Lynn
1432. Hi Chris: My mother passed away a few years ago and there was some conflict between us. What can you tell me about this?
1433. God Bless you for the time you take to answer those who struggle to cope, and for having the courage to be so honest and forthright with your advise.
1434. Hi Chris, You answered my question #1395 and you were so right, we lost my ex on the 13th of this month, as you had said something kind of let go in his lungs & he passed very quickly. my youngest son was holding him when he went & although very traumatic, he appears to be dealing with his grief, he's like me & believes his dad is still with us, my oldest son however is not taking it so well, he refused to be in the same room as the casket & stayed outside for the funeral. Now he is experiencing tingling in his left side & is showing signs of high stress. Are you able to tell if this is stress related or is his health in jeapordy? He scares me as he holds everything in, he also found out he has a slight heart murmer, any feelings you have and/or any advise is much appreciated, thanks so much Chris, you are truly amazing.
1435. Chris, I have a question about how we (spirits) appear on the other side. When someone crosses over, spirits who greet them will appear in a familiar form so we can recognize them easily, right? When we are NOT interacting with other souls, are we formless energy on the other side? If we do maintain a form on the other side, is this form consistent, or can we shape shift to be different ages, or ANYTHING we want? If we do maintain a form, is it the one from our most recent lifetime? Thanks!
1436. Hi Chris, Question: If knowledge and wisdom surround us in the next dimension (afterlife), why do we choose to detach from the source of light & love and incarnate physically on Earth? Why would we not just choose to remain in this Heaven? Is our learning/soul growth somehow accelerated through physical manifestation? How?
1437. Hi Chris! I am confident in life after so called "death" and that our existence is eternal. It is a scientific fact (first law of thermodynamics) that energy can only be TRANSFORMED, not created or destroyed. In thinking of death though, (aside from some occasional anxiety about the actual dying process), I feel a little sad about leaving earthly things like the sky, the ocean, breezes, favourite music, good food, naps, etc. Do all these things exist in the after life as well? Is Heaven like Earth on the other side - only better? I have heard that spirits don't need to eat or sleep - don't they ever miss these things? Thanks.
1438. Hello Chris, I learned about you from a friend...our family lost my brother and we are gathering in 2 weeks for his ashes commital..does he have any messages for us? Our mother or other brother too? Thanks so much, Janice
1439. Hi Chris, Last year I went to see a psychic and quite suddenly and unexpectedly someone in spirit "showed up" whom I had recently lost and whom I dearly missed and longed for. I was so dumbfounded I could barely think, but after the spirit pulled back, I managed to ask the psychic whether I would meet this person on the other side & the psychic said that it was unlikely because this person was going to "Level 5" and, although I am a "very good soul", I would only be going to "Level 4". This I had not heard of these afterlife levels before, but have read somewhere subsequently that there are 7 levels, and that people on higher levels can decide to visit those on lower levels, but not vice versa. Do you know anything about these Spiritual Levels & if so, could you explain a little? The thought of NOT meeting up with this beloved person in the afterlife is crushing to me. Thank you, ckr.
1440. Chris, I know you were in Brampton just this summer, but are you planning to have another event here anytime soon?
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