1441. Hi Chris, How long is the waiting list to see you in person for a reading?
1442. In answer to question 1437, would the life in Heaven with the knowledge be like the theory & then to gain the wisdom on earth would be like the practical. Anyone can read a book & learn something but you then have to put it into practise. Just like school & work.
1443. Hi Chris, This is a very sad time of year, as it is approaching the one year anniversary of my stepdad's passing. Do you know if he has any messages for us?
1444. Hi Chris. My husband and I met with you recently, and unfortunately the person we were hoping to connect with did not come through. Is there something I can do to help her come through? Besides being "open"? I miss her terribly, and would really LOVE a sign from her. Thank you.
1445. Hi Chris! RE: #1436, thanks for answering my question! In your answer you said, "We recognize other loved ones by the light our souls emit and the vibration we create. You will instantly recognize and experience your parent’s and loved one’s light and energy..." I get that we (meaning everything in the world) is actually just a distinct energy pattern or vibration & that our physicality is just one expression of energy. But, how do we EASILY recognize one another if EVERYONE on the other side is being basically the best version of themselves (shiny, happy people)? For example, if someone's dad was total grump in this life & then passed over - if his child subsequently passed & was met by him on the other side, would the dad still be easily recognized sans crabby pants? :)
1446. Chris, Do you know why/how Grey Owl became your Spirit Guide? How are Spirit guides chosen for us? Do THEY choose us, us, them, or is it a mutual agreement? how do some souls get to be Spirit guides? Do we elect the jobs we have on the Other side? Thanks.
1447. Well Chris I guess your thoughts were not correct on this one as I had my own burial for my Dad and it was wonderful. You telling me to go to both would have brought on a huge fight. So I hope you have seen where I am coming from. Also I will state that I don't know if you have lost an immediate, wife, mother, father, brother, sister, son or daughter and if you have well then maybe you would understand the living just a little more. Some people in this world have gone through a lot more than others, some have a broken spirit because of it and it scares me that you tell people to bury their feelings when they are grieving. That is unhealthy for your emotions and I am sorry that you don't see it that way, but here on earth we have emotions given to us from God and he wants us to use them. If we hurt, we cry, if we are sad, we are depressed, if we are happy, we smile etc. You must always remember that as I don't like to see people get hurt by bundling up their grieving inside because a medium said it was ok to do that. I feel like you have become too much a part of the other side and have forgotten what it is like here on earth. Sorry if you don't like my comment but it is the truth, empathy is very much in my vocabulary and so it should be in yours as well. take care
1448. Hey Chris, I am the person who asked a question this afternoon about discerning the energy of specific individuals on the other side. As I was driving, not long after posting the question, the idea popped in my head that the process is not unlike recognizing someone's voice. we all have a unique vocal signature, not quite like any other. We are easily and instantly able to identify individuals on the physical plane based on this energetic vibration (who wouldn't know their Mom or Dad's voice anywhere, for example), so why should we not be able to recognize them through their unique energy patterns in the non-physical realm as well, right? Would love your thoughts on the whole matter. Thank you!
1449. Chris, I Just read an interesting theory of a holographic universe. Thought you and your readers might be interested: http://www.thestar.com/news/sciencetech/science/article/884094--why-some-scientists-think-reality-might-be-a-hologram?bn=1 What do you think?
1450. Hi Chris, I lost my son "Jason" 4 yrs and 3 months ago. He was 22 and a diabetic, although he enjoyed to be a typical young man and go out partying with his friends, he paid dearly for his fun the next day!! Jason had just moved in with one of his buddies, but not long after, unfortately things started to go bad... Their friendship started to break down, due to a new girlfriend that just came into the picture! The day of Jason's death, the friend that Jason was living with, along with this guys girlfriend, plus one other friend, were all sitting out on the back patio of the house that Jason was living at! Something happened that made Jason take his life... something was said...something mean! Jason was a very warm, gentle soul, with a huge heart...very caring! IMy heart/gut tell me that something really bad was either said or done, that hurt Jason and drove him to the point of not wanting to live anymore!! The three people that he was with that afternoon have dropped all their friends and will not socialize with any of the past people that they all at one time, use to hang with... This says something to me... and I would like to confirm my feelings... I have prayed and talked to Jason everyday, since he died, for some kind of sign... anything, that would give me an answer or something that would put my mind at ease... but still I wonder! Thanks Chris for any direction you may be able to provide!! Nancy
1451. HI, I have a questions about the Psychic Expo on November 13th in Everette Do you have to have advance tickets? What would be an average price of a reading there?
1452. dear chris, we recently moved into a house where i feel ok, but i keep dreaming of very close family members dying. i see how they die whether it be thru fire or drowning, I cannot understand them, i do not feel fearful my question is what r they trying to tell me, can u shed some light on this for me pls,.
1453. my best friend has been diagnosed with bladder cancer. she lives in the uk. she is scheduled for an operation on tuesday nov 9 but is uncertain about having it. do you feel she will survive?
1454. Hi Chris - I have asked A LOT of questions recently & thank you for answering them. Here's another: I have read that sending prayers for those on the other side is particularly beneficial and appreciated (by them!). Why are prayers more potent that sending loving feelings/thoughts?
1455. Chris was to see you on nov 4 many thanks you have answered some of my questions that I needed to know. I think moving on will be a little easer knowing he's at peace.[ref.1420] many thanks Sue
1456. Hi Chris, ive been feeling out of sorts lately, not grounded and very scattered, any messages from anyone for me that would help ?
1457. My 9 year old son says he sees shadows and hears thing during the night. My husband also sees them but he is not afaid. My son is very afraid and will not sleep by himself and wets the bed every night. We leave a light on at night and he still has problems. Can we have him talk to someone or have someone come to our house.
1458. could you please tell me about my mother Styliani
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