1459. Hi Chris: It's been awhile since I have written, and I wanted to share something with you, on September 3rd I went to visit my dear dad at the cemetary, Chris not a word of a lie as Iwas standing there saying my prayer I had this huge huge smile on my face I could feel it...I could feel my dad actually standing there beside me, oh what a beautiful feeling, I hope to feel that again one day. Keep up the wonderful work. Take care Filomena
1460. Dear Chris, It's been 5 years since my husband passed and I have worked very hard to be strong and positive especially for my kids. But in the last 6 months or so I feel like i have regressed and am finding it harder and harder to keep going. I do have good days but it seems that there are more down than up. I have asked my husband for help but am not feeling anything forthcoming. what are your thoughts on this and do you feel anyone come through as you read my message? Thank you Chris in advance.
1461. Hi Chris, I have heard that birthmarks are remnants of injuries or wounds (even fatal ones) from a previous life. Any thoughts on this?
1462. Hi Chris, I was at your event in Everette to night and a few questions came up. I am sure that you hear this all the time but here it goes. I was wondering when you were talking about a Bill coming throught and a Dianne was it two seperate spirits or was the Bill still alive?? Only reason I ask was I feel that this Bill may have been coming through for me. My father in law passed away just over a year ago and he was very particular on how the land scaping was done around his house. There is also an apple tree that he wanted to cut down as well that he really didnt like. Can you help me on this. Were these two people coming throught to gether or were they separate??? I think that he has tried to connect with me before as well... Thank you
1463. Hi Chris when are you coming to Gravenhurst legion for one of your seminars or in Bracebridge. I am looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks so much. Kit
1464. I was fortunate enough to attend your seminar in Everett on Nov 13/10.I enjoyed it very much. I would like to know about any upcoming seminars or workshops you may be holding. thank you, Angela Moffatt.
1465. Hi Chris: I've been seeking employment for the last 6mos or so. I've been praying to my sister to help me find something. So far I have been for 2 interviews, but have not been successful. I feel like I'm really starting to get depressed and not sure how to handle this. I'm losing faith that I have any help from God or the other side. My sister will be gone 3yr this coming January and I'm still grieving her terribly. Do you see anything in my future Chris.? Please help. D.M.
1466. Chris, I have lost three children due to pregnancy complications and I am currently 6 months pregnant with my forth child. I am being seen by a high risk clinic with doctors of the highest caliber. I know I am in the best care but I can’t help but feel constant fear that history will repeat itself. Is there any possible way you could tell me if my son will survive? I don’t have any living children and would appreciate it very much if you can maybe tell me if you see my husband and I at least bringing our son home? Thank you.
1467. hey Chris, I think you are amazing, I'm hoping you can help me one more time. Many things have happened in the past 18 months, my Dad passed, 5 days later my husband went to a local bar & was doing drugs with a local female, I went through hell, but ultimately decided to stay with my marriage. well that didnt work so well & I decided to move on, literally. I moved twice & ended up keeping a long distance relationship with my spouse. Unfortunately the incident after my Dad passed was not a one time deal & it has been going on the entire 19 yrs of my 2nd marriage, so it was over the first week in Oct, 4 days later my first husband died. During all this I have had health issues, mostly injuries in both shoulders, as well as now dizzy spells & nausea, nothing has shown up as being physically wrong. the docs feel its stress related, I know all things happen for a reason, however do you see things changing anytime soon. I am afraid this is all going to affect my job which I need to keep desperately, however I cannot control these health/stress issues, any help is always appreciated, take care & bless you for being available to us all, Tracy
1468. Hi Chris, I was at your event last weekend in Everett & was moved by the connection to spirit witnessed that evening. You were saying that you hear spirits, not with your ears, but with your mind (or heart). I was wondering what that is like. Do you hear thoughts or can you actually distinguish voice characteristics like pitch & timbre? Would you be able to recognize a voice you knew, for example? Thanks, Kim.
1469. Dear Chris, I hope this gets to you! I have had the same abilities as you since i was 5 years old but i have bin told it is foolish an not to be a freek about it. So needless to say i have struggled a great deal with it an have had 1 addiction after another. Now that i am older i have tried to come to turms with it an some times let it out, but i am very confused most of the time. When my son was born i found out he has the same abbilities an i am finding it hard to teach him how to use it for good when i am learning myself. Do you have any sugestions or know of anyone in my area that can teach us how to come to turms with this gift without getting so frusterated with it? Sorry about the spelling, im getting so use to texting lol. Thanks Jody Goderich Ont. (If you need more contact information email me at jody.berry@facebook.com)
1470. Hello Chris, About 4 years ago I was woken up by 'someone' sitting on my bed, and then again, as if it moved closer. I then sat up,...and waited. A tiny light then appeared and was 'dancing' around me. I just simply watched it, and after a 1/2minute, it disappeared. The next morning I called my parents, they were ok. I had thought one of had them passed, and they may have been visiting! I do not know anyone who passed around that time. Do you think it was a visit from one of my grandparents? Or what/who?
1471. Hey Chris,I have no problem hearing from the other side but when I answer I never get a response from them, I heard them say my name or ask for help but when I ask there name or try to help I hear nothing.Will wait to hear from you.Thank-you very much.Barry,
1472. Hi, I am thinking about bringing my step daughter for a reading hoping her mother will come through. Our only fear is that she may become dependant on having a reading or worse, that she will not have a positive reaction to the reading. Any suggestions?
1473. My late husband Jozef was very possessive and jealous. Although he has been dead for 13 years, I feel he prevents me from starting a new relationship. Is it possible or is it just my imagination? If yes, what should I do? Thank you and God bless you for your helping the people in need. Eva
1474. My brother was an alcoholic and very troubled. He had many regrets. He died very suddenly this past summer and we found him maybe 3-5 days later. We were very close, I love him tremendously. I have never wanted to visit a psychic or medium but do now. I want to know he is OK. can you help me?
1475. Hello Chris, Do you feel or does your gift give you insight into the fate of the world...? And I am not referring to 2012. Some feel that we need to prepare ourselves because things are getting worse not better. I have no gift like you but I do feel that things are getting worse OR maybe just different then what we are accustomed to... Anyone can see that of course; there seems to be a loss of morality displayed on a daily basis when you turn on the tv, internet, or newspapers. There is a decline in the economy, corruption in government, disregard for the planet and human beings happening all over the world. What makes me believe more strongly about this decline or shift in life as we know it... is I have personally experienced (and know others who have experienced this as well) a significant number of loss of loved ones. Loved ones who have passed away at young ages. Is there a connection? Is this just a freak thing or is it all part of "the plan". One paticular person who comes to mind when I speak of this is; Betty J Eade who speaks of in great detail in her books about her experience with life after death. I don't know if you have read her book or heard of her but she is a woman who documented her experience after she died and then came back to life after having a routine surgery. She claims her soul went to heaven or whatever you want to call it. And while there she met spirits from her past and met with Jesus Christ and learned many things while she was on the other side. She has a huge following and I believe even Oprah Winfrey has had her on her show. Anyway, she believes that the world is changing and that we need to prepare ourselves for that. She does not believe that the world will end in 2012 or even make claims that it will end anytime soon but that there is going to be a huge change coming that we should be preparing for. I only ask this because (maybe my grief has driven me to this) I am on a quest right now and searching for answers for my own peace of mind... as to why myself and people in my life are experiencing so much loss. Betty J Eades claims made me curious as to whether she is right about the fate of the world and perhaps it is God's plan. I know it's quite obvious that mankind needs to get their act together or else we will be the makers of our own destruction... but could this be the reason that we are losing so many of our young people? These were all (most of them) good people and I am not just saying that either. Does God have a plan and is he taking away certain people so they can serve a different purpose in this new world? I don't know, I am still trying to come up with more theories/ questions/ answers on this but in the meantime I am very interested in knowing what you think or know?
1476. Dear Chris . I apologize , i know your site is not for questions of this regard . I guess i feel desperate.. A very sweet friend of mine went in yesterday for a bone biopsy , She is a young mom with two young children . Although my intuition is strong most times . I dont know what my feelings are on this . Chris if you can give me any answers , i would truly appreciate it .. M
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