1477. Hi Chris. I know kids are more aware of the "Other Side" but my daughter seems very sensitive. We have always put on her music at bed time but over the past couple of months she has grown afraid of it. She is only 2 1/2 but she says that there are monsters in the music that talk to her. She also said that when we turn the music on and leave the room her bed flies around the room. She is obviously afraid and her eyes well up when she talks about it. Do you know if she's got abilites that I should be trying to help her cope with? I am not sure how to handle this issue because I don't want to tell her there is no such thing as these visitors she's having but I don't want her to be afraid. We hear her talking to "the firetruck" as she calls it/him/her quite often and she carries on quite the conversation not typical of a child her age just playing. Any thoughts? Recommendations?
1478. Hi Chris I lost my brother about a year and half ago. we were very close although we had our differences over the years. He was disabled for a long time and enjoyed watching the blue jays come to his bird feeder. Just the other day I heard this tapping on the window pane and when I looked up it was a blue jay tapping at the back window. I immediately thought of my brother as with his disability he would often come in his wheel chair or scooter to the back of my house and either bang on something so I would hear him and come out or sometimes ring the one door bell that he could reach. Is it possible that the blue jay was my brother coming to vist me again? That was my first thought when I seen the blue jay.
1479. Is there a mourning period that should elapse from the time of passing of a loved one before we make an appointment to see you? I have been told that the spirit needs time to adjust and that if we see you too soon it may reduce the likelihood of connecting with them.
1480. Hey Chris, I had a wonderful experience...my first husband who passes Oct 13 this year was here with me, I carried my phone and when I set it down all 1's on it, then his favorite song came on the radio, the another song about talking to someone who's passed which reminds me of him...it was so awesome... thanks Tracy
1481. Hello Chris love your site! I am moving out with my kids afte xmas, its been along time comming, my husband and I have been to counselling the whole nine yards...I am still a little scared of the whole process..do you have any words of advice for me. Thanks so much!
1482. hi chris, how would you know if a spirit of a loved one has come to you in a dream or if it is just a dream and from our memory? i have heard that if they talk to you in the dream than it is real and if you just see them than it is only a dream. is this true?
1483. Chris, I would like to book a private session with you but before I do that would you be able to give me some sort of a message from my Mother who passed..something that will hit home so to speak. I have heard lots abot you and will be travelling wuite a distance. Is there something my Mom has to quicky say to confirm you can reach her. Thanks
1484. Good morning Chris I was wondering if your book pennies from heaven is coming out I would really like to get it.. You are an amazing man and have given me comfort after my husbands death.. I would like to thank you for all you have given me... It is still a little difficult but I am trying to work through it.. My husband was my sole mate and the only man I was ever with.. I feel he cannot be replaced but I know he is here with me and our children... Thank you again...
1485. Dear Chris , i am 1477 . Not necessary to post this .. Just my thought and feed back to you . I hope you where out of the country in regard to Hay house ..I have been thinking of you and praying for your success there. My friend has been diagnosed with non Hodgkin disease She is a strong girl and i pray for her always . I just wanted to thank you for your reply and for always living in your purpose .. m
1486. Hi Chris. If someone is diagnozed with an illness but refuse tratment because they have lost their will to live due to personal tragedy, is this classed as suicide?
1487. Chris. No question, but a few remarks with regard to recent events, which were forecasted two years ago thru you by my Mom (Feb 2008). One item concerned the tough times that my younger sister was to undergo (like water going down a drain)... well ... that has been occurring ... but she now understands that it is a process that she needs to experience. It has been an extremely difficult time for her, but I let her listen to apsects of the disc where this situation was revealed to me by you. She was somewhat encouraged that at the end of the day she would 'come out' of the struggle stronger. This process will undoubtedly continue for awhile, however, she is encouraged with the fact that Mom is aware; and my sister must 'believe', 'create' and think positively ... Thanks to your wonderful gift she will be OK, Chris, because she realizes she is not alone. The other incident concerns the revelation thru you that I would experience one more change (job wise) prior to my retirement, and this came to pass this past week. A significant change that I have yearned for for several years and it has come to fruition ... a most positive turn of events that you most accurately conveyed over two years ago! In summary Chris, I want to convey my very best to you and your family for the Holiday Season and to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kindness and honesty about not losing faith and to do things for the right reason. God Bless! Jim from Borden
1488. Hi Chris, 1471 and 1472 have the same answer.
1489. Hello Chris, Thank-you for answering my question, #1471. At that time in my life, I was ok emotionally. However in 1994 I did have a visit from one of my spirit guides,...she appeared before me and we talked telepathically. She was straight to the point, tough, and told me what I needed to hear, not at all what I wanted to hear. My interest in you and everything spiritual right now, all revolves around the sudden passing of my sweet dear mother. It was 9 months ago, and since then, all my spiritual beliefs have been shattered. Even though I have received many signs from my mom. Actually if I had not felt her presence with me, I would have not survived. She gave me many signs through scents and smells, candy wrappers, a bird, she appeared in my dreams...also my dad and I both hear her in the kitchen sometimes. She has actually 'rapped' loudly twice to get our attention (while we were making her special soup). I saw a ghost 20 some years ago,...I screamed, the ghost looked towards me then disappeared. I am very intune (though I am sure I screamed too loud, now no one will appear to me!) My mom also was very sensitive, as her older sister appeared before my mom the night she passed. Her sister told her she was ok and she looked very young and healthy, and this gave my mom some peace. So my point here is that, even though I am aware of my mom in the after life...I just cannot believe it! Or maybe I can, and it is not enough? If she appeared before me, then I would feel better, I would believe (I know, it is never enough!) On Mothers's Day I heard her say my name, ...I felt so much better. But now...could it have been my spirit guide? I heard my name spoken a month before my mom passed, and I questioned my mom as to whether she was thinking about me, or calling me, she said no. I am in the process of making an appointment with you, I just wanted to hear your thoughts about this, as it is all heavy on my mind.
1490. HI Chris, my mother has prevously asked a question about her brither, my uncle who passed away this summer.i was realy moved by your responce, but there is a proble i feel like he is still here, like he hasnt crossed over yet, i need some help and advice if its ok ... am i looking to much into this thank you for everything!
1491. Hi Chris, I am from Courtenay BC and know a friend of your Moms. She was the one who led me to your site and told me a bit about you. My mother passed away on October 13th and on October 16th on my way home, I had a very interesting experience with a girl, while sitting on a bench waiting for a ferry boat that had my daughter on it. She was coming to meet me and help me go break the news to my mentally challenged brother. She said so many things to me and knew things about the events that occurred in the past week, and told me my mother was not at peace. To make a long story short she asked me to say this saying over and over again until November 30th and on that day I was to not eat any meat. ( I did as she said and ate no meat on that day) I am going to show you what she had me say each day and she wrote it out on a piece of paper so I could pronounce it right "All May Tall Fall" That is what it sounded like she said. She told me after November 30th I would see brightness and know my mom was now on the otherside where she should be. My question is, do you know anything about this, is it some kind of Buddah belief? It is now December 12th 2010 and I have not seen any brightness or any sign that my mother is at peace and where she should be. Thank you Bev
1492. I often smell things around that cannot possibly be. The most frequent is cigarette smoke, but I quite often will smell some pleasant fragrances too. When this occurs, I am usually sitting quietly reading or watching TV or after I lay down in bed. Does this mean I am being visited by a spirit and the smell is there to help me identify who the visitor is?
1493. Hi Chris, I just wanted to let you know the reading we had on Dec. 15th was unbelievable. There were certain things I wanted to hear and one of them was regarding the young female dog you talked about. This puppy was actually born on the same day that Randy Scott passed away on. We've have always said especially over the last few months that she was certainly an angel sent from Scott, a sign that he was always around. One night in September I was lying on the couch with Alice lying on top of me sleeping and I asked Scott was Alice a sign. The warmth that immediately came from Alice and into my body was so much I told Randy and Steph right away. Your reading confirmed what I thought all along. Jamie was a little upset with the reading because she felt nothing was directed to her, only the part about a guy on a motorbike that Scott was not impressed with. This is a guy she is seeing that no one is impressed with and we new Scott would not like this. But all in all it was a wonderful reading for me. Like I said before I truly believe you are an angel put on this earth to help people like us. Take care and have a Great Christmas!
1494. Chris, I want to know if you believe that those loved ones who have passed over ever tell us what they know we want to hear, rather than tell us the truth. Someone, in life, had pushed me away, not wanting my love anymore, not wanting a commitment. When I had the reading with you, he came through telling me he loves me! that his behaviour, in life, often was not how he felt. Even his foreman, after he died, told me that he had told him he dreaded me coming to see him in Toronto. What should I believe or trust in now? Sorry for this long question! I do hope you can tell me your thoughts on this. Thank you.
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