1495. Hi Chris, When I was a child from about 4-8yr.s old I would see beautiful sparkles falling in front of my face when I lay in bed at night. Just multi-colored, amazing sparkles falling gently down. Have you ever heard of this or do you know what it was and how can I get it back? Thanks for your help.
1496. Chris I came to see you a week or so ago and this being my second reading it again gave me alot of inner peace. My brother Bob and my brother-in-law Wayne came through also my mother-in-law came through and said how sorry she was for treating me so badly when she was alive. She also spoke of my daughter who I miscarried only a few weeks into my pregnancy and actually was not even a 100% sure I was even pregnant. It was actually one of the questions I thought may be answered in my reading as I had been thinking of that baby. I realize now that although my mother-in-law and I did not get a long when she was living that we can actually be friends in her death and her spiritual life on the other side. She is taking care of my daughter and is an advocate for my well being now. The problems my husband and I are having with our son and daughter-in-law towards our daughter and son-in-law she kept insisting that I do not settle and saying this over and over again. I am unsure what this really means cause I could raise holy hell at their unjust treatment of my daughter and her family but then run the risk of them not letting me see my three grandsons and that would break our hearts if that ever happened. It is hard to keep up emotionally especially at the Christmas season( and I love Christmas) but like I said it does give me some inner peace to know our loved ones are near us and care deeply about our lifes. I find it so fascinating that they know and they get it now. I talk to them every day for support and guidance in my life. Sometimes I feel/sense/see the faint outline of shapes in a greyish shape around me. Can that be spirits of loved ones around me? Why do our loved ones tell us(through you) something and then you will say they are laughing? What does that mean? Why do they laugh? Cause they are so happy or what we are going through really is not important in the big picture of life and they realize that in the afterlife? Just wondering and I meant to ask that question? Thanks again and what you do for people is huge and sincerely appreciated. BJB
1497. Chris you recently answered my question regarding someone I loved very deeply in life who had turned their back on me, when once they loved me. However, when I had a reading with you, his spirit came through very strongly, telling me they had acted that way, although they did not feel it! During your answer you told me that very often spirits change their feelings when life is displayed clearly in front of them. Please could you explain that? I am not sure I understand what you mean by that. This is such an important issue to me as I love him still with all my heart. Thank you Chris.
1498. Hello Chris last week while lying in bed I heard someone tell me that something is wrong with my brother, all week this pops in my head...we haven't seem my brother in 4 years he use to call my dad when he needed money, he didn't lead healthy lifestyle at all. Do you get any thoughts on this? Thanks for your help have a wonderful holiday season
1499. Hi Chris, Are you able to do Akashic(Souls Plan) Readings at the same time as doing a normal reading?
1500. Chris do you believe in reincarnation? If so, how can we know if we will be with those spirits that passed before us, that we still love in this life and long to be with again? One reading I had one of my loved ones came through telling me he would be with me when I die. Thank you Chris for your time and answer, you are truly an angel here on earth, helping so many in need.
1501. Hi Chris, I'm not sure where to even start with my question, but I guess the best would be to start with why this email to you has come about. I have actually two questions and I'm hoping that is alright. I have had two people very close to me that has passed on. After they had passed, about one to two years after their passing I have had a dream after each with angels. The first one the angel had come to me saying this person was ill and needed me and reached out her hand for me to go with her. As I reached out my hand and before touching hers I woke up. This same dream occured after the other person passed on, only difference was the angel did not say the person was ill. But the angel did reach out for me to go with her and once again I awoke. Four years ago I had sold my house and was staying at a friend's cottage for the summer. One thing I brought along was my docking station for my Ipod. After about three weeks staying at the cottage by myself, I was awoke at 2:50 in the early morning hours with the room brightly lit by my docking station, but was not plugged in nor had any batteries in it and music playing until I got up and then the room went dark again. This occured the next night after my son and his friend was visiting and I had mentioned to them what had occured the evening before, and sure enough they had witnessed the same thing at the exact same time. Never to happen again the rest of the summer, except now four years later and I recently decided to bring my Ipod and docking station into my bedroom to listen to spa music which I find very relaxing. The first night after falling asleep, the same thing happened in the early morning hours, even though I had turned it off. The next day I immediately pulled the plug on the docking station and took the Ipod out of it's place and set it on the dresser.Last night the room lit up and of course woke me with a noise not music, coming from the docking station which is now starting to freak me out. Are these signs of some sort or can you possibly tell me what is going on with the angels and now my Ipod and the docking station. My kids(adults) think I'm loosing it...lol
1502. Hi Chris I was wondering how long you need to wait before making an appointment after someone passes. thanks Bonnie
1503. Hello Chris, I would love to make an appt. with you. Are you also a psychic? Your earliest reply would be greatly appreciated. spirituality@yahoo.com
1504. Hi Chris I was to see you in Nov. & you said that I would be digging but we couldn't figure it out well you were right. they have put my husband ashes in the wrong place & will have to be dugged up I'm still in shock at whats happening But I guess Wayne knew I wouldn't stop until things are straighten out referance 1420 & 1456 many thanks you were a great help to me Sue
1505. Hello Chris, I recently lost my son and only child to cancer. I miss him terribly and need to know that he's OK. I feel that because of him, I have awakened spiritually and am on my own quest to find my spiritual purpose but am sometimes full of doubts. Do you know if he has sent us any signs? Thanks so much.
1506. Hello Chris, I often think about you & remember my readings, which I would like to go again in the near future. I know you are likely very busy right now. Chris I have a question to ask, no hurry to answer. But I'm getting more & more curious as to why this happens (I remember you saying that there is no such thing as a coincedence) Over the last 6 months, I keep getting things about Ohio. Little things such as a caller on a talk show calling in from Ohio, winner on a game show from Ohio, it goes on. My dearest friend as you know lives in Ohio, but there has to be more to this. Its really becoming uncanny. I know this seems abit goofy. But I guess I am curious. Thank you Chris. All the best to you in 2011. I often think about you. Bill & I will be back in Ontario in May. Can't wait.
1507. Hi Chris,I'm sure you've answered many questions similar to this one. (Sorry for lack of creativity!) You've mentioned many times that we, as humans always end up on the path we were meant to be on. It is our choice to take the long road or the short road. I tend to always take the long road. I'm tired of it. I want to take the short road to the destination that will fulfill me. The truth is, the risks seem to high. I want to trust my intuition, but at the same time need to be responsible and not risk the security I have. Do you have any pointers on steps to take in order to change roads. And...I'm not forgetting to enjoy the climb. I do. I just desperately want like to take pleasure in the climb in a more gratifying way. Any advice is always appreciated. Your responses to these questions and the what you write are like messages scripted on angel wings.Thank you for offering your gift to so many who appreciate it.
1508. Hi Chris,My Name is Anita G. both my parents have passed over ..Can you tell me anything about them..? PS Tell them I miss them very much?
1509. Do my parents know i have a child?
1510. My two children and I were staying with my sister. In one of the bedrooms where we stayed, there was a small tv. It had never been on during our visit. The day we left, my sister and her husband went off to work and left me and the children to lock up and leave. While we were getting ready to leave, we were in the kitchen not far from the one bedroom. The children were running around in the kitchen and dining room. They never were out of my sight when suddenly the TV in the bedroom came on just BLARING. No one would have had the volume up that loud. It was unbelievably loud. I was so frightened and the children stopped in their tracks. I went in to the bedroom and quickly unplugged the tv because I didn't want to take the time to try to find the on/off button or remote. The hair was standing up on the back of my neck. I have had encounters previously but never with a tv turning on suddenly by itself. It shook me up for awhile and I never told my sister. I have wondered if the children being noisy were disturbing this ghost :)
1511. Hi Chris, I have a question for you - I hope you'll have time to answer but if not I understand! The insight and knowledge you provide on these pages has given me great comfort so even if you do not have time to answer my question (or if something similar has already been asked) I think it's great that you have provided so much information for the rest of us. My grandmother passed away about six years ago and in the last few years I sometimes feel a cold brush of air on my face when I am lying in bed. Sometimes it hits my cheek, sometimes my forehead. Half of me thinks it might be my own breath bouncing off blankets or a wall and hitting me in the face, but still another part of me wonders if it isn't my Grandma stroking my cheek or forehead. Do you have any insight into this? I know people who have passed on will give us signs they are around, coins and such, but is it possible to actually feel them? Thanks so much :) -- Katie
1512. A few years ago,very early on a Saturday morning, I was sleeping and dreaming of a phone ringing. In my dream, I reached for the phone and, just as I was about to pick it up, someone said "It's the (insert my mother's maiden name here) side of the family". I then woke up and the phone was actually ringing. By the time I got to it, the call had gone in to voicemail. It was a message from my Dad asking me to call home. When I did, he told me my mom's brother had passed away the night before. In my dream, it wasn't the voice of my uncle that passed who said "It's the X side of the family". Could it have been a spirit guide? Or was it my own psychic ability? Thanks so much.
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