1513. Is it possible to have a spiritual medium ability at the age of eighteen?
1514. I have a question...I have had many times of hearing and feeling of people...but today I felt a cat walk by me then I heard it meowing...I have 2 cats and both were accounted for...the way I felt it was walking along my right side while I was lying in bed and the meow was while I was in my living room and the meow was to me right as well...any idea on the meaning...I am tring to find out but thought I would as you as well...thanks Pam
1515. Hi Chris! I am a police officer with the OPP and I can't begin to tell you how many times in my 8 year career I'm always at the right place at the right time. Even before I'm dispatched I might be sitting on the side of the road doing my notes and I'm literally around the corner from the call. I feel very strongly that this job is a "calling" for me. I have recently started to giggle about this always happening. I'm known as Dr. Death on my shift, and could almost write a book about how many interesting things have happend. Can you shed some light about this? Another interesting thing that happens while I'm on patrol is streetlights going out. Whenever I have a vehicle pulled over, or stepping out to go to a call.. "Pop" out goes the streetlight. Someone is telling me something aren't they? Thank you.. you are a gift!
1516. Hi Chris. Thank you for having this Q & A page it is a great comfort & help to a lot of people, me included. My question is, as a medium, when you enter an old building or site eg. The Pyramids or just an old house, do you hear/feel spirits or are you able to shut yourself off?
1517. I don't have a question but rather comforting words for those who are non-believers or Peter's (who needs to see Jesus's wounds before they believe). I recently had a reading with Chris. My son passed away in 2004, I have had many readings with Chris and all comforting and accurate information. Yet, even my family members are skeptical about Chris. All I know is that my son answers questions that only I ask him in prayer and he replies through Chris. Getting back to my last reading, every single thought and question I had asked my son in my head, was answered. EVERY SINGLE QUESTION AND THOUGHT WAS ANSWERED! I am a real person, my name is Antoinette Guido, I am suffering the loss of a child (even though he wasn't a child anymore, nineteen years of age but to me, he is my baby), and what Christopher does for me, as a mother, he is my telephone line to my son. Even though I am a very spiritual person, even though I know this life on earth is temporary and then we go home and that we will all be together someday again, as a human, living this life and saying good-bye to your child before we go home , for me is, living half of the time in heaven, and the other half on earth with my other two children, ( my son, who is 21 and my daughter, who is 18). To all you parents out there, who can hug your children daily and tell them you love them, can you imagine, for one moment, what it would feel like if you couldn't wrap your arms around your children each day. Please, to all parents, love your children, tell them and make them feel they are loved through the love they see reflected towards them in your eyes. Just love them! That's all they need, not reprimand when they pierce their bodies, not reprimand when they tattoo themselves, not reprimand when they act immaturely, not reprimand if they wear their hair in what we perceive to be weird. Look at their heart's and their true intentions, for that's what they want you to see, their hearts! It's irrelivent what they do on the outside, it's their hearts intentions that really matters. This I know because in my son's last week of life, I got angry with him for what I thought was a weird hair cut, but I later learned that he cut his hair that way so that he would fit in school, because he was to begin the Tuesday following his passing, at the Ontario College of Arts, where most students, because of their artistic abilities, a perceived weird because their brains function a different way. Key word, DIFFERENT. God's words, not mine, LOVE ONE ANOTHER AS I HAVE LOVED YOU. This is all that is important in life. Please hug your children today, as is it were your last chance to do so. I wish I could still do that. As far as Christopher goes, his authenticity, what would you parents do if your child were on the other side, to what lengths would you go to hear from your child when all human communication is taken away from your? Think about that, and as for me, Christopher is giving me the opportunity to communicate and more importantly, received ANSWERS, from my son, without one doubt, that it is actually him. Thank you to all of you who took the time to read this message. With love, to all human kind, Antoinette Guido.
1518. Are you a vegitarian? I heard that not eating meat can make it easier or open to the spiritual world, is that true?
1519. Hello Chris, I am having a really hard time getting over a loved one. I have been looking for signs or something for reassurance, but at this point still haven't received anything. Honestly not really knowing what to get from me writing you this message. I guess some clarity.
1520. Hi Chris,I've had a reading with you in the past and I'm so glad I did it. So with Christmas just passing I've been a bit sad with the loss of my loved one and talk to him often asking for a sign. The other day my good friend Kelly told me her friend named Kim whom I’ve met once or twice and so has my brother (who has passed on) went to a reading with a spiritual life coach in Kitchener (I do have his name). I don’t really see Kim or know her very well but she is good friends with Kelly who I am also good friends with. So Kim goes to this spiritual life coach and at the very beginning of her reading he said a guy is coming through he has a message for someone you know. He went on to say this guys is a male, died young with suspicious circumstances surrounding his death, he had 2 sisters. The medium then told Kim that you don’t know the sisters very well but have met them once or twice and you have met this male coming through as well. He didn’t know his full name but said it ended in er which is correct. He said that he has 2 sisters, one is doing fine and one is struggling with his death. Please tell my sister I am fine, I am fine, she needs to move on with her life by knowing this. He also said there was foul play involved in my death. So Chris my question is how do I know this is real? Everything makes sense but I didn’t think there were any suspicious circumstances or foul play involved at all. I suspected it, then decided based on the evidence that no, there was not as the police did as well. This also contradicts my reading with you as he told you there was not. Is it possible this information got miss communicated by this other medium? Do you think I should see him or be wary?
1521. Hi Chris. I love your website and thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of this in valuable information and the time you take to open your heart to all of us and enlighten us with your wisdom and care.....you are a true gift to us all :) I have been reading alot on here and I have heard people ask about feeling like they were being caressed by spirit or smelling roses or perfume etc. Well I get "tapped", for lack of a better word. Its wonderfully weird but there are times where I feel a tap on my arm or shoulder and once it was right before my pot on the stove bubbled over because I had the burner on too high. Thought I was going crazy at first, but I honestly think its spirit doing it. I love it and welcome it, and thank them every time it happens. So just thought I would share that and take the opportunity to tell you that you are awesome. Keep up the great work. xoxo Antonija
1522. Chris, I am so excited to tell you this. As I was waiting for sleep last night, I kept having recollections & thoughts about my cousins and one aunt of mine - but all these thoughts/recollections centred around my deceased uncle's funeral. I thought to myself "if it is you uncle giving me these thoughts, please leave me a sign. The sign should be a marble and I need to find it first thing int he morning and not a day or a week down the road". I am not really sure why I chose marble. I wasn't even really aware that we had any in the house. I was pretty specific about finding it this morning. Well, making my tea this morning, I reached up to a shelf where I keep the tea bags and on a small plate with a few other items, was a clear glass marble. This is an amazing gift to be able to communicate with my deceased loved ones. This is the very first time I have asked for a sign. I just don't know why my uncle was sending me the thoughts of his children and his sister (my aunt who has alzheimer's) at his funeral. I wonder if you know what he could be trying to tell me. My one thought was that my aunt may be passing on soon as the thoughts were funeral related. Just hoping you may have some thoughts on this visit.
1523. Is my Aunt happy where she is? Is she alone?
1524. Hey Chris I love your website..I have a big decision to make and have prayed about it and asked my angels and mom who has passed for some guidance. I know they cant tell me what to do (free will) but I had a dream the other night. my mom said, you have to take the next step, it was pretty clear and was later in the morning just before I woke. Do you think this is a way of her telling me in a round about way, without comming out and just telling me what to do. It would be nice if they could just make decisions for us but I know that wouldn't benifit us either...life would be way to easy, but right now I could use some easy...lol Thanks Again Chris
1525. Hi Chris I am scheduled to see you the end of Feb but I have a crisis now my boyfriend lives in Fort McMurray Alberta and has been missing since last Tuesday January 25,11 the RCMP are looking for him and no one has had any contact with him he has not picked up any messages from his phone. Would you be able to helpme Thanks Bernadette Lehner
1526. Dear Chris you did a personal reading for me in Sept 03 my husband died in 01 and it gave me the closure I needed to continue with my life. I now face the same health issue that eventually took his life. The circumstances in which I found this out was very unusual is it possible that he is letting me know that we are going to be together. Do we come together when we pass? Thank you again Chris Jacqueline
1527. Hi Chris I have just recently lost my mother on december 30 2010 to cancer, my mom was my rock and I find myself crying at the drop of a hat because I haven't received a sign from her to tell me she is ok. Her life was very hard and her illness harder it was cancer. I miss her terribly I need to know that she is ok now it is literally consuming much of me thank you corinna
1528. Hi Chris, If someone comes to you for a reading are you able to do an akashic reading. e.g. I would like to know what my soul's purpose is here at this life & also to know what age I will be when I leave (die).
1529. Hi Chris Just wanted to Thank you for sending my stone that I had dropped in your office to me by mail.I guess it wasn't meant to come back to me ........when I recieved the envelope there was a hole in it !!! Too funny eh ! Thanks so much for the effort though. Liz Campbell :~)
1530. Hi Chris, just wanted to tell you about my amazing grandaughter Jordan, she was in the room when her Grampa Lloyd passed, there was alot of commotion as they were doing cpr & it was understandably traumatic for all. Jordan was very close to Lloyd, he was living at my sons house at the end & although very sick, spent as much time as possible with his grandchildren. Jordan told her parents just a week ago that grampa Lloyd isn't sick anymore, they asked her how she knows that & she said "cuz he told me", they of course asked when & she said "last-nite" , Lloyd passed in October... I was in to see you on Jan 24th & Lloyd came thru, although not alot said, he obviously is using his communication to speak to & comfort his grandchildren. I am so happy, Jordan has been showing some signs of stress since this all happened & I feel the visit will go along way to helping her through the loss as well as the trauma endured. I talk to Lloyd often & hope/ask that he continues to bring comfort to both his(our) sons & grandchildren. Thanks Chris for all you do & helping us all through some of the hardest times of our lives...Thanks, Tracy
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