1531. chris i have been to you 2 times now and i am wondering if this woman is going to enter my life soon and how the next year will be for me
1532. hi chris, my daughter and i have been to see you twice since my dad's passing. both readings were very profound. my question today is this: my 18 yr old niece seems to have some pyschic ability. this both interests and frightens her, is there somewhere she can go to learn the skills to develop her gift? can you suggest any good books on the subject? how about meditation? thanks chris. ~kim~
1533. Hi Chris, Had a great reading with you a year ago. Thanks so much! I've read on here that to continually grieve can cause those that have passed to delay their moving forward out of concern for those still grieving. So we should get over it asap for their benefit as well as ours. My question is, if we here are over the grieving,is it okay to talk/pray to them, say hi and see how they're doing, ask advice etc. going to keep them from moving forward? Thanks!
1534. Can you tell me if my pet Ozzy is still with me and who he is with on the other side? Can you ask my aunt Gillian who passed away where Ozzy is? How does he come around me and what signs should I look for? Thank you, this means alot to me. EM
1535. Hi Chris .. I have been studying the Course in miracles for just a few months. I have never read anything that ever felt so much like the truth (for me) . What are your thoughts on acim ? M
1536. Chris, I was looking at question 740 and wondered if it is a common sign for a ring's stone to change as a message from the other side? Have you ever heard of this before? I know we have powers in the afterlife that are beyond what we can even comprehend in this life....but are you able to shed any light on how this can happen? I may ask my husband to show me a sign (when he passes) by turning my ring into a diamond ring as a sign to me that he is around us still. LOL. I laugh but I am slightly serious! Thanks so much. Love your site.
1537. A couple of years ago this Spring, I was in a group where you appeared and the very last spirit who came through that day was for me. You heard from my cousin who died decades ago. The circumstances of his death were unique and disturbing and I have never had a moment of doubt that he was there present with us that day. The trouble for me ever since however, is: should I tell his sister? I don't know her well as she was much older than I as we were growing up. I don't know what her beliefs are and I don't want to upset her. Yet, during the time you connected with my deceased cousin, he never mentioned her. Only that he was there with his Dad. I have wrestled with this long enough. I would like to know what you think.
1538. Hi Chris, My apologies, I misquoted you in question 1534. You're right, you did not say for anyone to 'get over it'. I wrote that without thinking of how it would come across to others or you reading it. Quite the relief reading your answer since I'm by no means over it but am glad she's pain free and happy now knowing I'll be with her again. Thanks so much. You rock, dude!! :)
1539. Hi Chris, My Dad has been gone for almost two years, I miss him and feel I am not ready to talk to him through someone other than himself,,,Is there any sign for me to look for,,I did ask him before he died to come back and if possible to talk to me...what do I do. I havent'seen, dreamt, or had any inclination of him being around me. Please help
1540. hello chris, i recently veiwed your video on you-tube and loved the story of the pennies from heaven..truly amazing!! my father continues to send dimes to all of his loved ones.(the dime was his favorite coin because of the sailboat) even the non-believers in our circle have recieved them, and in the weirdest places/circumstances that has them scratching their heads in wonder. lol. i wanted to update you..on our 2nd reading with you (my daughter angie and myself) you mentioned a message of congratulations from dad to his grand-daughters for the summer of 2010..at the time we were unsure, but of course it all made sense afterward, in june jim's grand-daughter melissa graduated with awards of achievement, and in august angie moved into her very 1st house!! NEITHER of these events were even possibilities when we had our reading with you, but of course their papa knew all about it and once again proved that life doesn't end with physical death. thank you for helping us connect with our amazing father/papa!! now about that book?? can't wait to read it, any news on that yet?
1541. Hi Chris .(1536) Thank you so much for telling me about Conversations with God . You are right it is a lot easier to understand and also rings the truth to me . I have felt so driven in the last few years for understanding , and it is amazing where this has taken me . Books and other materials i seem to be drawn to and in the right order for me to understand better.And truly a sense of things i already knew . I wish everyone would read these 2 books .Ask and it is given . Thank you again . Keep up your good work ..Blessings to you always ..M
1542. are you planning any classes or workshops in 2011? I keep checking your website but can not see any yet, is it too early? thanks, Joanne
1543. Dearest Chris I want to take this time to thank you for your support, my name is Corinna and you recently helped through some of the pain I was experiencing. I have seen my mom now twice in my dream and she gave me the answer I was looking for, I smile alot more now and think of her with happy thoughts, I do still miss her terribly but I don't want her in heaven hurting because we are hurting. I spoke to my step father about what you said so mom can move on, she deserves much happiness and I sleep at night knowing she is watching over me..Thank you Chris you truly are a remarkable man. God Bless
1544. Hi Chris...I was at your most recent event in Lisle this weekend with Nancy, i have had encounters with several spirits, most family and one not so nice, does that mean I might have some kind of ability. I have friends that tell me to open up.... But how??
1545. Hey Chris just a little story to share, the other night I couldn't sleep, but when I was finally starting to drift off, I felt my arms lifting up, I knew my arms were not actually lifting but I was going to have an out of body experience...to some it may sound crazy, but when I was little I would have them all the time so much so that I was afraid to go to sleep because I was afraid of the feelin at first. The other night I was scared again so I quickly woke myself out of it again...I have to learn not to be afraid of the feeling a go with it...could be fun...thanks
1546. Hi Chris, My mom keeps appearing in my dreams when i am in the most turmoil, it feels like i've actually spoken with her. Is that possible?
1547. Hi Chris. My son tragically passed a few months ago, this was not God's will but mans...the actions of another man took my sons life. I had talked to him on the phone just hours before his death, we talked many times each day. He liked to joke around with me and when he was younger try to scare me but he knew mom wasn't afraid of anything. He didn't like it much when I told him ghost stories but I would try and reassure him "it is the living you need be afraid of...not the dead". That rings so true to me now. At his bedside in the hospital I whispered in his ear "please let mom know you will be ok". There has been some unusual things happening with my youngest sons toys quite often and one incident with my cell phone, I also believe I have seen his spirit sitting on my couch a couple of times! I honestly believe he knows I am not afraid. Could this be his way of letting me know he is ok and his spirit is here with us? I have heard a lot of wonderful things about you and I would really appreciate your thoughts on this..Thank you!
1548. Hi Chris I just lost a family member back in October, I have this bitterness inside of me about the whole situation I miss this person very much but it's hard,I know it will take a long time for myself to move on, I also know that another family member is very sick and does not have much time left, Please guide me and help.
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