1549. hi Chris... you come higly recommended from friends and family who have experienced your profound way of communicating with life after death. I feel my nephwe's prescence surrounding me...seems he tells me where he likes to be and where he dosent...Am i loosing my mind or has his ashes had a profound effect on where we drive? Thanks..
1550. I have contacted a medium in my area and I am pretty much estonished at the price difference between Ablerta and Ontario!.... 225-250$ depending on whether or not she has to spend most of her time communicating with spirits!..?or not, apparently she can also tell 5 yrs in the future...Im really confused now, what is the difference between a spiritual medium and a phyic spiritual medium ? I'm really torn, especially since I want to communicate with a loved one who has passed! Please help me disdingiush the differnce...? Thanks G
1551. Hi Chris, response to Q.1550. Sorry to have confused you. I bring his ashes with me every where I go, I think he likes to be on the move and feel as though he stears me toward and away from certain places. From experience do you believe a loved ones spiritual prescence can change and alter your whole outlook on life? Feels like a 360 happening... Thanks again Chris!
1552. Hi Chris, has anyone asked about 2012 yet? What are your thoughts on some people's beliefs that the world may end?
1553. Hi Chris, I am not sure if you only provide guidance from those who have passed or if you would be able to answer a question for me about my living children? If you can my question is.. Will my children ever truly see their father for who he is and be able to get out from under his controlling ways? Thanks, Holly
1554. Chris hi my name is Ashley we have met a few times. I'v been finding myself seeing energies and i think i just saw my moms guardian angle or something and I'm just not sure what to do with this. I'v never had something like this happen to me before and I'm kind of freaking out. If you have any advice or anything to help please your help would be most helpful thank you
1555. Hello Chris, Do you have any information coming through regarding what's going to happen with the exploding nuclear power plants in Japan?
1556. Hi Chris. Something has occurred to me after reading part of your reply to question #1023. ("I believe each and every one of us will have incidents and situations that we will face once we cross over that we will feel remorse for, that may cause us to feel shame for and yet through it all I know God will love us, understand us and will help us, I believe this with every fibre of my soul.") I have recently had a Life Alignment Therapy session, which is basically unblocking and healing energy. It's new to me, so I may not be doing the description justice. (By the way, I'm doing it to treat ADD) Aside from subtle shifts and improvements, I did experience one clearing that was profound. I went through a healing of a bad decision in my past that I hadn't realized had affected me so deeply. I was able to let go of shame & guilt that I didn't even know was part of my life. As monumental as this was, it was quickly replaced by peace and love. When I read your reply, it really resonated with me as what I'd experienced. What do you think ? Is it possible to do some accounting of your wrongs, that would normally be done after passing over, while still alive ? If so, why would that be? Does it happen to everyone ? What about the thing about being exactly where you are supposed to be in life, exactly when you are supposed to be there ? Are some people meant to do some of the work early, while still on this side of life ? Hope I haven't stumped you Chris; always a pleasure, Terry Lynn :o)
1557. Hi Chris, I published my autobiography I was born with osteogenesis imperfecta, or brittle bones. I felt all my life that this book was important to share with the world, yet I'm having such a hard time getting on talk shows. I feel really empty and low and confused, why am I getting such resistance and how can I change this. Heather Anderson
1558. Hi Chris, I just wanted to comment on question 1051..ever since my son and I had a reading with you back in 2008, he has changed alot, not that he was a bad kid, but the way he thinks, eats, takes care of what he puts in his stomach etc. he has been watching, reading anything he can get his hands on about 2012, and I tend to tell him "keep it to yourself, i don't want to know" but after reading question 1051 and the answer you gave, my mouth is wide open, this is what my son has been telling me now for the past 3 years. whow is all i can say, i guess i better listen to him a litte more now. I am certainly going to suggest he log on to Gregg Braden's site. Thank You.Filomena
1559. Dear Chris How soon after the departure of a loved one should I see someone such as yourself in order to get in touch with that person? Please let me know. Thank you.
1560. A really close friend of mine is a medium. He does group seances. Have you ever thought of doing them? He does them and they are the best ever
1561. Chris it is so nice of you to put this page on your web site, I have so much going on right now. I am wondering, if a medium can see what can happen and steer a person in the right direction
1562. people souls come back do animal souls come back and get recycled
1563. My son wants to know what happens to people when they die,
1564. How does the spirits communicate with you? how do they know you can communicate to them? How when you do a reading do they know to come and speak to you to tell us stuff. How does someone that just pass know you can get messages to their loved ones. Does everyone that comes and sees you end up with someone wanting to communciate from the other side? thanks for the interesting web pages I love them you truly are a interesting soul also did you aleady write a book?
1565. Hi Chris have a weird question for ya...couple of weeks ago I was in my kitchen and my son was watching Tv. When I looked at him I saw what looked like smoke come out of his mouth...he doesnt smoke and theres not smoking in my home from anyone. I thought ok maybe its just my eyes playing tricks on me. The other day out for some wings with my kids I look over to a man sitting at the bar and said to my daughter oh my that man is smoking at the bar, what looked like he just took a drag off a smoke and blew it out white smoke. theres no smoking in the bar..my kids think im nuts but I saw it plain as day. have you ever heard of such a thing I know i wasnt imagining it at all it was so clear..seemed no one else saw it. If you could shed some light it would be great. Thanks so much.
1566. Hi Chris . I have always wondered if people who are now in spirit know when someone is about to pass . I am asking because i had an experience that was much like a preparation on a pending death of a very close family member almost as if i was being prepared for this huge trauma for me , if not for the work i had done on myself and for myself with a feeling of urgency that i must make these changes in my personal life . I know with out a doubt with out these changes that i was making could i have ever dealt with such a loss . Blessings to you always ..M
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