1567. Hi Chris, I have a reading with you next month, however, I've been reading all the questions and now am concerned. Question 1034 you mention that in the afterlife relationships change and are not longer father/son mother daughter and in question 1135 you mention embracing her son again. So my question is when I die how am I going to be with my son if he is no longer considered my son in the spirit world?
1568. Hi. I am very disturbed at the fact that I really would like to believe there is an after life but the doubts and science seem to outway the stories of afterlife. How in the world can I find out. And trust me I've tried. Thanks for your time. T
1569. The last time I saw my uncle was in 2007 he passed on Tuesday, everytime I close my eyes I see his smiling face and feel his warmth. I can't fall asleep so I thought I would write to share this with you and perhaps he will respond back through you. I have been in great emotional turmoil over the last few weeks and this death is just sad.
1570. My son has been having night terrors since he was very young. He is now almost 10 years old and they seem to be getting worse. At the time they started, he didn't watch any television and would not have known what violence or fear was. He screams as if someone was trying to kill him... Is there anything you would be able to do to help us have a good night's sleep?
1571. Hi Chris, I had a reading with you on February 1st of this year. I want you to know that you helped me (and my sister, her mother) a great deal. Its hard to describe; its a feeling of peace knowing that my niece is still connected to us and that that connection is never broken. Although the pain of losing her is incapacitating at times, it has made a difference to know that we our ties remain eternal and that we will be together again when our times comes. I have two questions for you. The first has to do with something my neice said during the reading. She said that on the other side, she is looking after babies. Did she mean that she is watching over babies here on our side or are there babies on the other side? And secondly, my sister would like a reading with you but she wants me to be present with her. Would this be possible? Again, Chris, thank you for sharing your gift.
1572. Hi Chris, My sister unexpected passed away almost a year ago.I miss very dearly.Prior to her passing when my uncle passed I had dreams of him and also when I was driving home on night I actually saw him in the back seat of my car, i did not sleep for two days. I am wondering why do I not have dreams or visions of my sister? thank you
1573. Hi Chris, May I ask? Do you give readings to a mother with her children present?
1574. I have seen you before and had a reading which was great. I have a 17 yr.old daughter who see's spirits. She is really freaking out because she is starting to have visions that she doesn't really know how to interpret. What do you advise her to do? I have tried to reassure her that she is ok but to no avail.
1575. Hi Chris, I was going to venture into a US city do do some photography in some areas considered to be dangerous. I was going to come for a reading before leaving. Do you find it commonplace for the spirits to caution or warn of unfortunate events before they happen?
1576. A close friend of mine committed suicide over a year ago. I am still plagued with grief and guilt over his death because I wish I could have focused on the signs and taken action. Not a day goes by that I don't think of him and I wish that the events leading to his death could have been prevented. How do I know that he has found peace or if he is still around?
1577. Good afternoon Chris I know this might be a stupid questions.. But my phone rings and a strange number comes up and I answer it and no one is there.. Today my daughter answered it and the asked for me I answered it and no one was there.. but when I call it back it says the number has not been asigned.. This could be my husband saying he is around... thanks for answering my question....
1578. Hi Chris My mom passed away on april 14th 2011. I am wondering is she ok and at peace? She was very close to me and my kids and i feel her presence still here? thank you
1579. hello Chris My mom passed away and we never really got to say goodbye to her she was in the hospital for 3 weeks before she passed over.I had some type of feeling she knew she wasn't coming home from the hospital . Is there anything she wanted us to know before she passed away, she had mesothelioma cancer for 4 years.There were 2 family members that didnt make it in time !Was she ok with that? thank you Chris No words I can express to say thank you so much you are an angel in disguise!
1580. Hi Chris, I hope you can help me once again, my oldest son is still deeply affected by his dads passing last October. He is no longer speaking to me(since end of Jan) & now blames me for our marriage break-up over 20 years ago, he claims to remember me mistreating him (not true) as well as placing me as the cause of all traumatic events in the last 22yrs for him & his father. I can understand the anger coming out due to losing his father & I can even understand it being directed at me, (better me than his wife or children) however what I cant understand is the distorted memories he apparently believes as truths as well as why he hasnt come around yet. He has always been an angry person & did not always treat his father well, we were pretty close, especially lately. Why now would he treat me so badly when he knows from experience how short life really is. Any help or insight would be appreciated, I miss him & especially my 3 grandkids. I am positive his Dad would not want this to be the result of his passing. Thank you, Tracy
1581. Hi Chris...My Mom died recently from cancer...Two days before she died I was really sick and didnt go to the hospital...I should of anyway...When I did get there she could no longer speak...Moments before she died I left the room and wasnt there...I have alot of regrets about things I should of did...I felt she wanted to tell me something but couldnt...can you help me? Thanks
1582. Hi Chris, my aunt died a few years ago from drowning in Brantford river, we haven't found out how yet, but we always wonder what really happened to her, is there any way you know how she passed. Is she okay? Thanks. Brittany
1583. Chris Could my friend sit with me during my reading, and i sit with her during her time, or does this cause interference?
1584. I am confused between a psychic reading of a live person and a medium type reading of a person who has passed. It appears to me that a medium reads the energy of a spirit's energy in the same manner as a psychic reads the energy of a live person. I am not understanding why mediums claim to pass on messages from spirit when in actuality they are reading the spirits energy. Does a medium actually do both?...read the spirits energy and also pass on any messages if there are any? I am having a hard time understanding what actually constitutes "validation" since a medium is also capable of reading the sitter's energy. I am actually a believer in life after death and communication with loved ones who have passed, but I am trying to figure out the best way to validate a medium's reading to know with certainty that the medium has actually received and transmitted messages from spirit. Sorry for being so technical, but I would really like to understand the process of mediumship.
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