1585. Dear Chris . Seems i have so many questions . When a spirit passes over , are there spirits with stronger energy then others once the transition has occurred . pending on their calling on this earth planet , or does God (our source ) return us all to the same energy strength .. Does this make any sense.. Thank you once again ..M
1586. My father passed away, it will be 2 years June, Is he at peace. Thank you.Maryanne
1587. Hi Chris, Do you believe in ghosts or entities that would want to purposely hurt or scare the living? Sorry but this question will probably be a bit long. The reason I ask this is that I work at a Federal Penitentiary that is well over 150 years old. I as well as the people I work with have experienced alot of scary things during midnight shifts at the jail. Everything from seeing ghosts, too being touched, hair being moved, very disturbing dreams, TV's and monitors used being turned on and off, alarms going off for no reason, objects being moved or thrown with no explanation, footsteps of someone walking when no one is there. You name it we've experienced it there. The thing that bothers me is that the feeling associated with anything that happens is not a good one. Certain places within jail the energy is so bad that people are afraid to go alone. I know huge grown men that are terrified to walk alone in certain areas at night from things they have seen or experienced before at the jail. We also use to use patrol dogs and the dogs would often refuse to enter or go through certain parts of the jail. The dogs hair would stand up and they would growl and refuse to move any closer. If you tried to pull them closer into certain areas they would cry and whine and act extremely scared. I'm not really sure even what my question is other than do you believe in hauntings or ghosts that hang around with negative intentions? Countless people have died within the jail usually by suicide or murder and the people that are in the jail are not there for being good law abiding citizens. It feels like whatever is in that place has negative intentions is that possible? Whenever I become scared or uneasy I always ask my boyfriend to protect me (he has passed on) is this a bad thing too do? If there is alot of bad energies there is it wrong that I ask him for help and protection sometimes could he be harmed at all? Thank you so much.
1588. Can you or have you ever been able to connect with a family dog that has recently passed away? If so, are you able to tell if the dog is happy and no longer in pain?
1589. I am wondering if my mom has any messages for my daughter j.b. on may 14th 2011? It is a special day for her tomorrow! thanks
1590. My husband's ex-girlfriend died on May 4th. He thought he had a child with her but it turned out it wasn't his. He is having doubts about the paternity test. She tried to contact him a few months before she died. Can you help us at all. Thanks Barb
1591. my first husband committed suicide. There are things that happen around me that are unexplained. Could it be him?
1592. Hi Chris Cannont wait to meet you on May 29th. I think people with your gift are gifts from God to help all of understand death and the aftelife. And know it is Ok to die. My question to you is? Does spirits have feelings?,or can they experience sadness, happiness, etc... I was told one time that someone that has passed was crying for someone else, also another medium told me that someone else was laughing. I truly believe in these two mediums because they are so good, so I was wondering what that might mean
1593. After the unexpected death of my husband (at an early age) a black crow came to my window that day and 5 inches from me stared through the window flapping at me for about 5 mins. Was that goodbye, warning or a sign of protection? Lea
1594. Hi Chris: My family has recently lost a loved one, and each day following his death there was a different sign, but they seemed tailor-made for each recipient. The first night, I saw a shooting star that ended and trickled down in sparkles right in front of the house. The next day the kids saw a beautifully coloured wild rabbit in front of the house that they just couldn't scare away. The next day 2 of us, with my Mom saw a duck in a tree, then it joined it's mate up in another tree on a too-small stump, then the two of them flew by the window in front of the house. It was as if the 2 of us with my Mom were there as witnesses to back up the story - we couldn't quite believe it even as we were looking at it. There were deer in the yard over many nights, but that's not unusual, and there was one kinda at the window where my Mom was going through difficult paper work, again, at the front of the house. My other sister (the one who didn't see the duck) had the entrance light flick on and off really brightly after she finished taking out garbage and recycling - which would have been a chore that the deceased would have done, so, kinda a personal thanks ? I saw a mallard when I got home, walking down the road, trying to get up on the curb and amusingly sliding off it.... I guess my point is that the signs seem to be non-stop, tailor-made for the particular recipients, and some of them intended to cause humour. I feel I already know that they are what they are, and we are blessed to have them just pouring in, so I guess I just want your opinion ? Have you heard of that before? So many signs, meant for each individual ? Thanks, Terry Lynn
1596. Hi Chris When my mom passed away recently , I cant believe how strong I became. Sure I have my days when I miss her and let out a good cry. We were both really close to each other and she resided with me . I want to thank you for answering my question in my last post and taking the time to read it ! thank you c.b.
1597. I recently lost a very special person in my life and feel very empty like a part of me has been taken away and can't figure out why I am feeling so much pain and can't seem to shake my grief or sadness . I wonder what she would tell me and worry terrible that she suffered. I just wish she knows how important she was in my life and the impact she had on my family. wondering who welcomed her to heaven?
1598. Chris My brother died almost two years ago and I miss him more then words can ever say. One day several months ago I was feeling quite overwhelmed with my life and everything that was going on at that time and had a bit of a melt down. I remember just sitting down and crying from sheer emotional exhaustion and frustration thinking I just could not handle what was going on in my life one more day. I received an email from my sister later that day and she had had a nap that afternoon and had a dream about my brother. In the dream my brother had this heart shaped card for me(it looked to be made out of kleenex flowers exactly the same as what I had on our car when I got married)The card opened from the middle and my brother was very leary of my sister touching it and wrecking it as the card was for me. My sister then woke up from her nap. She had this dream at 2:30 in the afternoon at exactly the same time I was having my meltdown and feeling so overwhelmed. That was so precious to me that my brother would be trying to comfort me with this card and doing it through my sister while she slept. I know dreams are very important. Recently I had a dream that I met the man who was the back-up pilot to go on the Challenger if that pilot could not make it. He could have been the one killed in the shuttle that day back on Jan 25th 1986. I had my picture taken with him and his wife...they were both in their late 70's or early 80's as I was so fascintated in my dream to meet this man. I am just curious as to why a person would dream about something that happened 25 years ago and about people and events in history that I have never thought about? I had to look up the date of the Challenger disaster as I could not remember when it happened. I cannot find any info that there was even a back-up pilot. Can you shed any light on this at all?
1599. Hi chris! Hope things are well. I was just wondering if you knew how I could contact Ms. Lunn and if she still does readings? Thank you!!!
1600. Hi Chris, I have booked two readings with you since 2007. My reason for booking these readings was due to the three children I have lost due to pregnancy complications, one singleton and a set of twins, all girls. Both readings with you have helped me immensely in coping with the passing's of my daughters. I never had any living children until this year, I delivered a healthy baby boy in February. I feel like I need to thank you for all that you have done to help me over the years, in coping with my losses, in order to have my son. I feel as if you helped me in unlocking/unblocking something that made it possible for me to have had a successful pregnancy. I was in a very bad place when I lost my first child in 2007 and I can honestly say that seeing you saved my life. I believe that if it wasn't for you and your guidance I wouldn't have been able to move forward from losing my girls. You helped me to get off the rollercoaster and stopped me from spiralling out of control. I wouldn't have my son today if it wasn't for all that you have done. You helped me to grow spiritually and for this I am very grateful. You told me that I could still have a relationship with my children and taught me how to achieve this. I am leaving so much out Chris, you taught me how to live again. I have so much more confidence in myself now and no longer feel lost or alone. Its very difficult to explain how much my readings with you have helped me heal along the years, mentally, emotionally and physically. I have visited your website many, many times over the last four years and I have written you about different things but mostly about my children and you have always responded with such kindness, wisdom, respect, sensitivity and just flat out wonderful advice. I will see you again and I will bring my son with me to show you what you have helped me to achieve. Thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart Chris! -- Christine
1601. Hi Chris, I was at your seminar at the Everett Legion today. This is my third time attending and something you had said struck me. It was about "sensations" when I was in my early teens I had an experience where I would occasionally feel like something (someone) was brushing my cheek usually at night or very early in the morning. I was scared and would always in my mind brush it off as the blanket. I also had a similar experiences where I would feel a presence (like a breath on my arm or back of my neck) in an old house I grew up in. I had significant loss of loved ones by that age a sister and grandparents. I have had loss since then as well and want to open myself up to them and don't know how to start. I am a little scared as I am not sure I want to hear what they have to say. c.g.
1602. I feel as though I’m at a crossroads in my life. My marriage broke up after being together for 15 years and once it all went down, surprisingly,life really came together and I felt as though I had an awakening of some sort. Things starting happening around me that were so apparent it was coming from a higher level. It comforted me through the progress of dealing with the loss of him and my marriage. It gave me a great happiness to see things I had never seen or really necessarily thought could happen. I dove in to my spiritual side and felt a vast calm and peacefulness inside. However, now I feel as though I’ve gone backwards and am restless all the time in my own skin. Constant thoughts of not knowing my purpose and questioning my current relationships, not knowing if I should or am meant to have children, not necessarily a career woman either, at least in the job I’m currently in. I’m anxious to pull out of this rut I’ve been in and start to be more proactive in making choices for my life instead of life making choices for me. I’m not asking for counselling from you, I suppose I’m reaching out because I feel in a way through your FAQ’s and website, that you are my great mentor. I’m just wondering besides mediation and reading, is there anything else I can do? I feel like I’m living a life that isn’t mine.
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