145. It has taken me some time to decide to ask you this, but I have decided you are the best person to ask. I had a reading in June, during my reading you referred to an incomplete pregnacy, and referred also to 17. The message was that they had her there with them. I thought I might know, and had not had an opportunity to research something from years ago when the following month, I had a call on a Saturday morning - the 17th with news of a pregnancy which was terminated on that day. Is is possible that my message was to advise me of an upcoming event?
146. Dear Chris,Last May my daughter and I had a reading with you and our beloved son and brother Michael came through. A few things you told us didn't make sense then but do now. I just wanted to say that last August Michael's ex-girlfriend got married to a very wonderful young man and I was happy to be invited to the wedding too. When I got home from the wedding that day I wanted to take down a photo off the wall of my son and his e-x girlfriend when I noticed what looked like water running down his left eye. I didn't think too much of it at the time b ut just put that into the back of my mind . The next day was Sunday and my husband always visits Michael's grave on Sundays . He saw the same thing . It looked as if a tear was runing down Michael's left eye and not going any further than just underneatth the eye. It hadn't rained and the rest of his monument was dry . This happened for about 2 weeks or so , whenever I visited his grave during the week and when my husband visited the grave on Sundays. I assumed he was sad that his girlfriend got married but others in the family believe that Michael knows of some future tragedy that will befall our family . What is your opinion . ? Also a little light that our florist has put on the Christmas arrangement of flowers that we put on Michael's grave is still burning and she said it would last 48 hours at the most . Do you think these are all signs that our son is still with us and trying to comfort us in a way. As you know he took his own life and we are still devistated . Sorry for the length of this I couldn't make it any shorter and express everything . Evelyn
147. I lost my beloved husband 6 months ago . I am so lost without him. A couple of days after he passed I had a dream I was so excited to see him , I coul'd do enough for him.I asked him how can you be in your body, you were cremated? he said he didn't need that body anymore and he was in his astral body. did my subconsious make this up?
148. hi chris have been to see you and gotten more comfort than i can say from your words. my question is what do they do there all the time, are they preparing for a new life here on earth or do they go on to be angels . i guess what im asking is whats next for them. terry
149. Hi Chris, Throughout my life I've had so many people who I care about pass away. From suicide to car accidents. Can you tell me why there is an unusually high number of loved ones who have passes from my life?
150. Thank you for your response and the great work you do. To tell you the truth, I'm not surprised at your response to my question about losing so many loved ones. I too believe that we choose our lives and loved ones before we were born. I am a huge fan of Neale Walsh and his conversations with God series and I can see thru your writings that you are too. Once again, thank you for replying so quickly and I look forward to meeting with you in February.
151. Hi Chris, just wondering but how do you keep the spirits from popping up at the wrong time i.e. while you're in the shower as you mentioned before. It kind of reminds me of Whopi Goldburg's character in the movie Ghost when all the spirits are vying for her attention at one time! Have you learned to ignore them when they come to you. Maybe you should have something like Bell canada has with call waiting but you could call it
152. Dear Chris,I was down to see you last week with my mother and we had an amazing experience. It makes me feel so good to think that my dad is still with me and to know that he is okay. Ever since he past tho I have had a nagging question in the back of my head. Being a teenager you are going to do things your parents would not nessicarially approve of. Do parents who have past on get angry with what we are doing ?
153. Hi Chris.Thank you very much for answering my question I was question 154.I cried tears of joy to your response and in my heart Iknow it's true. My husband die of anaplastic throid cancer. his family doctor kept on saying it was degenerate disc disease or an infection in his teeth ect ect .When he was told by the doctor who had operated on him for occular graves disease, that he wanted him to see an interist the doctors wife who is his receptionist, said he doesn't need one her husband was his doctor. Needless to say may months later when the cancer was found my an ear nose and throat specialist it was spreading. I did not think he would die I prayed and prayed and believed and made promises to God. I even told my husband that to fight it he wasn't going to die. Do you think he knew he would? Do you think he was scared? Lots of love Rhonda
154. Dear Chris, I was startled out of sleep one night to see a huge ball of orange light (like the sun) against my bedroom wall accompanied by a roaring swooshing noise. I could feel intense energy from this light. I was scared. This experience disappeared after about 10 seconds. I wasn't dreaming. Can you shed some light on this for me? (not crazy) Suzanne
155. dear chris we have been to see you and it surely was a wonderful experience. i was wondering if you have ever thought of writing a book. your sense of humor and thoughtfulness would surely reach so many other people in need of someone like you to make their grief so much more bearable. thank you
156. dear chris thank you for your reply to my question regarding whether or not you would be writing a book. can you please tell me if and where your manuscript could be purchased. thank you
157. Chris in answer to #163, I know of resource material you could get (at any library in including Alliston) with information on who to contact and how to get published. It's funny that this question came up because something kept telling me repeatedly to suggest the same thing to you. In trying to get published they say the only thing that will stop you in the end is giving up. There is one book that list all catagories and genres including religion and spiritual books but chances are, as a first time writer you would have to submit you manuscript to the US publishers. Canadian publishers won't even look at you if you don't have a book published already. Then they complain about Canadian talent going to the US!!! Best of luck.
158. You'll get published. It's only a matter of time and besides, too many people are comforted by your gift and to your suggestion that perhaps the general public is not yet ready for what you have to say, Just look at the millions of copies of the books, Converations with God that have been sold and passed on to friends and besides, if John Edward can do it you can too! Different genre but Stephen King got so fed up with trying to find a publisher for his 1st book Carrie that he threw it away only to have his wife save it and insist he try one more time! Keep sending your manuscript!!!!
159. Hi Chris,Can I ask why you decided to name your manuscript
160. my daughter died 3 years ago due to car accident burned 60 % of her body how can I find out if she is alright that there is a spirit world?That I can see her again she was my one & only.I miss her so much!
161. Dear Chris,I fully believe our loved ones are around us,not constantly,but there.What I dont understand is Why do you not feel or sense them on important days,such as birthdays etc.My brother died on my birthday 2 years ago,and I felt sure I would feel or sence his presence,but did not.Do important days such as anniversies no longer matter to our loved ones. Thank you
162. My mother passed away over a year ago? I haven't had any reports of what
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