1603. my son passed away suddenly and there are unanswered question would like to know why
1604. Hi Chris, I'm reading your answers & I must spend too much time on facebook cuz I'm looking for the like button, you are so compassionate in your answers. Any time I have written you, you've helped me understand & get through, so I just want to say [LIKE] ... LOL Thanks for all you do, Tracy
1605. After a particularly stressfull situation , related to John's brother , I think that John has come to visit me . I sense that he wants to communicate with and counsel me .Should I make an appointment to see you -- Maria -- It has been quite a while since my last visit . regards
1606. my son is wondering about 2012. what do you believe
1607. I am wondering if someone passes can someone else have symapthy pain for them? Or feel what they feel. Something happened with my mom and dad and I am wondering what it might of been
1608. Can you tell me what does bright orange rays of sunshine coming down on someone that is passing mean?
1609. I was at your seminar and a guy was supposed to let you know if he had the meeting about the job on Wednesday, did he write or not Keep us posted should be cool to hear the answer
1610. Chris I know you can not read people on here but you picked up something about the boy in question 90. Can you pick up anything my dad would like to tell me about my house? I am sorry but because of this problem I cannot afford to see you at the moment I am hoping one day I will
1611. Hello Chris If you could help me that would be great!I have a 7 year old daughter since my moms passing she was like a second mother to her. she has been seeing things like a house with a white picket fence , a tall man with black hair cleaning up his yard and today she seen hand writing on a piece of paper! she told me she is not dreaming she sees this when awake She is worried what is going on inside of her head she said.been to the dr's today he said it could be about my mom passing recently .we r going to wait another month cause i didn't want to rush things and he will see her again . Just wondering what u think ? thanks
1612. I want to do a thumbs up for you as well Chris ... Wonderful for you living your purpose , thank you for taking the time to answer with heart felt answers ..We are grateful ...xo M
1613. Hi Chris. Do you do mediumship development classes either locally to you or would you go to parts of Ontario? I am learning to open up but still need more help & advise.
1614. Hi Chris. I have just seen your interviews on utube & was really facinated by the story of the lady whose son had died & came through telling her that she was going to die. The mother was ok with it because she was going to be with her son. The show hostess seemed horrified & like you said how do you tell that to someone. I to lost my only child last year & everyone tells you it will get easier & life will go on, but I also have to say my husband & I welcome the time when we can be with our son, the sooner the better. So my question to you is when we come to you for a reading & we put the intention & the question out there, will you be able to tell us when we will return home?
1615. I am wondering if someone passes can someone else have symapthy pain for them? Or feel what they feel. Something happened with my mom and dad and I am wondering what it might of been this question I should of also said that while the person was dying the person got really sick but right when the person past all the symptons went away. At the hospital mom got really sick when I went to get her a blanket My dad passed, and when I told her, it all went away
1616. Hi Chris, I have been to you before and I know how accurate you are with readings. I am very spiritual in the sense that I believe that we have been put on this earth to learn lessons and find happiness. But recently I haven't been very happy. I can't figure out why and I feel as though I am losing touch with these beliefs. I know I am not falling astray but I feel as though I have stopped on my spiritual journey. I am not sure why I am sending a message to you but I am fairly spiritual and my friends father passed away a couple of years ago. I was wondering if there is any connection to me feeling lead astray and needing to message you about my friends father. I am also very sure that I need to come and see you about my friend's father but I was wondering if there was any direct reasons towards why I need to see you? Thank you.
1617. My dog was put down today he was in alot of pain and had neurological problems and liver issues: I am so broken about it I have had many sleepless nights stayn up with him + miss him so much do u think he is ok will i see him on the otherside: thanks shelagh
1618. Chris, if life is predetermined and we have free will here on earth, why is it when things happen in life we tend to blame God? None of the things that happen to us has to do with God, is this correct? It's all for soul growth? Cause my big thing is if life isn't predetermined and God is in control of us all, why does he pick certain people to help and save? My example would be 9/11. Lots lived and many more died. Was it just their time or does God really pick and choose? I hope you can understand what I'm trying to say. Your insight here is very much appreciated.
1619. Hi Chris, Is it possible to feel a spirit in your sleep? There are many times that I feel a weight on me and my ears start to ring when I am falling asleep. The first thing that comes to mind is a spirit. I've been experiencing this for over 15years, since the passing of my sister. I continue to experience this periodically. I ask the spirit to go away and it does. Does this sound crazy or is it possibly a spirit?
1620. Hey Chris ! I've been to see you a number of times. I'm hoping to come up soon. Can you tell me does seeing repeated numbers mean someone is trying to get a message to me ? Like Approval of a thought or a waring not to do something..?? I see 333 ALL the time, it almost haunts me. I wake up at 3:33, cars with that lic plate get in front of me all the time ... trust me you name it i will see 333 anywhere. it freaks me out ... any thoughts?
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