1621. Hi Chris,I'm struggling to understand something. If you choose you life and death before you begin your life how does free will work. What if you planned it out so that you would die at the ripe old age of 80 from natural causes but use your free will and choose to smoke and die at 30 from cancer? How is it possible to do plan one and do something else? Or what if you had planned to die in a car wreck but they person that was supposed to be in the wreck with you had something happen that day that caused them to change their plans (free will) and the accident never happens? I hope this question makes sense because I'm very confused.
1622. Hi Chris, Will you be doing any more development courses in the near future. I missed your last one & really would like to join your classes.
1623. ORGAN DONATION: Dear Chris, I seem to be in touch with a friend who was killed by a car while on his bike. Usually when a deceased person contacts me I can hear his or her distinctive voice. But this time I can't. We have nevertheless been able to be
1624. chris I see in your questions section your book pennies from heaven will be released later on this summer... i"m soo happy its getting released please let us know will be able to buy your book... i can't wait to read it......your are amazing person.. and you have helped me alot with my husbands death... thank you very much again...
1625. Hi, I seem to have a sixth sense, I can sense when there will be a natural disaster such as an earthquake because I get gloomy anxious feelings before they happen, a few days before. And I also seem to find answers for people, it seems like those that have passed use me to help others here. I say things that strike me all of a sudden. The answers come out of my mouth as if it is not from me. Or I can look and something and immediatley know the answer is there, like the computer. The information I give is not generally something I am formulating in my mind, but it's as if someone else is conveying the answers through me. If that makes sense. Trying to explain that to people is difficult, and I am afraid people think I am either nuts, or involved with it and then it raises suspicion and makes me look like a suspect when in reality I can't explain how I knew something, it just came out. I never used to believe in spirits, but I had lived in a house where things happened that convinced me beyond a shadow of a doubt that someone was making his presents known. So I do believe that there are spirits/entities that exist and now I believe that somehow they feel comfortable using me as a vehicle for valuable information that people here need, which is fine. But I feel like people worry that I am not right in the head, especially my family. Should I keep my mouth shut? My cousin believes me, because I told her when I get feelings I would tell her, and when earthquakes hit, and like the Tsunami in Japan, she was floored. But she is the only one who understands and truly believes me. I wish I could be better at this, but things come to me on a whim, rather than me being able to seek out the answers. There is one particular person in my life that has passed, I still cannot fathom him being gone, and I suspect he is the one communicating to me, but sort of silently, I don't hear anything, I don't sense his presence, but it's like I already know he's around. I really want to fine tune these abilities, but don't think Meditation is going to help. So what I wonder, is how to keep people from secretly thinking I am kookoo, and how do I channel everything so it is clearer to me? I have to tell you something funny, I went to Denny's restuarant with my boyfriend, and he ordered a chicken dish covered in tomato sauce, you couldn't see the chicken at all, and for some wierd reason, I looked down and said, "your chicken is dry", he looked at me strange then had to saw through it like wood. He is a cop too, so he was probably having a hard time figuring out how I knew that LOL. Thanks for reading Marianne
1626. Dear Chris, Lately things have been going from bad to worse for me. Financially mostly which has impacted almost everything else in our lives. Things seem to get better for a moment - I rejoice in it and then, almost immediately something disasterous occurs. I know that I chose this life and I must have accepted before life the lessons these struggles are meant to teach me - but I am just wondering why my little family has to go along for the ride. I am so terribly stressed and we are all suffering due to some bad decisions I made over the last few years. I guess my question is: can I alter this course through prayer even if this was the life my soul chose for me. I don't know how much more we can take.
1627. hi CHRIS;Why do some couples have 60 years of marriage,some 40 some 10 etc. Are we being punished to be left alone, or what is the reasoning especially if you have a good marriage. Thank you.
1628. Chris, I have had Ill Health for the Last seven Years .I still have a Health issue and it,s not being resolved! Will it ever? and how soon
1629. I know it is hard for you to read something aobut someone on here but a question I have to ask you about my daughter. She is so sad with a break up and I wonder if there is anything you feel around this situation.
1630. did he ever answer you? Just wondering I was at your seminar and a guy was supposed to let you know if he had the meeting about the job on Wednesday, did he write or not Keep us posted should be cool to hear the answer If I recall correctly I told him within the next three weeks something would change with his work and that it would start on a Wednesday. As of this point I have not heard any details from him at all. I believe this would be the third week coming up now. Should anything come through I will certainly post it. Take care and have a great day
1631. Good evening and I hope all is well. A year had paased since my only sibling passed away and it does not seem to get any better. I have had two indcidents numerous years ago in which my uncle that paased away was in my vechile and I must admit it scared the crap out of me. I would like to know why I have not seen or had dreams of my sister and we were close!!!! How would I make an appoinment to meet with you??> and what do you think of the Qui Ji Board???
1632. Hi Chris, ever since I was a child(even though I'm only 16 years old at the moment), I've been forced to go to church, but now we barely ever go. The reason why I'm writing to you is that I've never felt any existence of spirits or a God in my whole life. How do you know there is a God, and does this God look over us and condemn us for our sins like everyones has always told me? I mean, we all ARE human beings, and we do make mistakes, whether we can help it or not. Another question I have, and in no sense do I mean to be ignorant, but have you ever opened to the possibilty that science created everything, such as the Big Bang Theory, and that everything evolves around science? One last question comes from something my mom told me after she went to see you. How does everyone look like in the "second world" or whatever it is(if you can, I'd love if you can explain this to me further). Thank you for your time, Martin.
1633. Hi Chris Thanks for the reading, My dead brother told you He was often in the garden with me, July 31 I was taking pictures of my garden(I do this often as different flowers bloom . He showed up in 2 of the pictures. Would you like to see them?
1634. Dear Chris; My husband and I had a wonderful marriage but too short. If theres no husband and wife in heaaven why could we not have longer her. Are we being punished. Thanks ANNE ROSE.
1635. Can you tell me if I will win the court case with my home. I am so stressed for way too long on this matter.
1636. Did you get to meet Brough?
1637. My husband passed rather suddenly of an invasive infection. It was so quick and I am worried that he was confused, or may not be ok. We are all in a state of shock! Thoughts???
1638. I just want to know what is going on inside my head? I know it probably sounds like a normal thing for you to hear but its something that I can not explain or understand on my own.
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