1639. Hi Chris! I'm very fascinated in what you do and am highly curious as to whether or not you request a set age limit for your clients. Say, for example, can you do readings for teenagers? If not, why?
1640. Hi Chris on aug 19th it will be a year that my family losted someone very special to us all and we are all still wonding why and what made this happen and if he is with family that has passed.thanks stef
1641. Hey Chris, I was reading one of your answered questions about evil spirits and how you believed the energy you send out will come back to you. My question is basically how that belief works though... relative to karma. Do you believe that we will re-live others reactions to our actions?
1642. Good evening chris i was wondering if your book pennies from heaven is out and where I can get... Please if you can my son is starting a new business and wondering if my husband is proud of him.. and hopefully it will get off the ground.... thanks for all your kind words.....
1643. if your loved ones never spoke english,how would they be able to comunicate.
1644. i recently aborted my baby. is my baby still with me? i saw something on my face like glowing when i went to my friends baby shower. do you know how my baby is feeling?
1645. Hi Chris, I met with you a few months ago and listened again to the tape today. I have a big career decision to make soon and you mentioned some one named Kelly as being problematic with work - is it possible that you mean Carla? Back when we met, I did not know a Carla and still am unsure about the Kelly reference with my new venture - but, not Carla has come in to my life and am wondering if this is what you perhaps meant? Am considering, faced with this decision, coming in to see you for a third time - what is your availability? Thanks!
1646. What can you tell me to change my mind about my belief on what you profess??Skeptical
1647. im 15 years old... i had a baby boy & he died at the age of 7 weeks from SIDS... i have a feeling he is still with me... but i cant tell because he was so young there isn't really a sigh that he could give me so i know for sure... how could i find out if he's still here & knows i love him .. & if he's mad at me or not.. ? :(
1648. Hi Chris I know you don't answer personal questions.But any help would be great! My 7 year old is getting visions with hand written letters but she cant read them. I am wondering who is trying to contact her and why? thanks again
1649. Ho Chris, i would like to know if the face to face meeting is far more superior than a meeting over the phone. I am still having a difficult time with the loss of my sister. She passed away May 2010. I try to juggle the care and health of my parents, my family and also two jobs. i have certain difficult decisions to make and this is where my sisters output would be more useful and helpful. I miss her soo much, she was the only person I could confide with and talk to. It seems to be unfair in which a life is taken away from us at such a young age.I really seem to be lost at times.
1650. Dear ChrisWe lost our son on August 15th in Brampton. Can you tell me if he is at peace and is he with loved ones? Also, is he whole again with no health concerns. Linda
1651. Dear Chris,I've been to see you and written to you before, thank you for your time =)I've been having a hard time lately because I did not get into midwifery school after applying for the third time. After being waitlisted, I promptly questioned my belief that I had a calling to be a midwife and I felt very abandoned by spirit. I've subsequently become depressed (something I've struggled with before) and have started taking 5-htp. I really have a hard time understanding why I would've chosen to incarnate when I'm in the middle of these painful periods of suffering. It's also really hard hearing friends/family tell me I need to work on personal growth in order to get in; I feel like I've spent the last 4 years trying to cultivate the aspects of the ideal applicant, I've bolstered my marks, been to births, trained as a doula, volunteered a birth center for months, developed my spiritual beliefs and practices, I don't know what else the universe wants from me - a kidney? My first born child? I am currently working on applying to schools in that states, and your website is helping me regain a sense of meaning. I feel like having a calling is a gift and a curse, but at the current moment it's 90% curse. Is it possible that I still have a calling? I felt like a loud voice told me I had to be a midwife 4 years ago....after so much rejection I'm beginning to doubt my path. Could you shed some light on callings? I hate feeling so lost. Best, Libby
1652. Oh my gosh I can't believe it we had just suffered an F3 Tornado I saw you in Goderich a couple of years ago and was talking to you about my father sending me messages in my dreams. In those dreams there would be a tornado and each time something bad in the family would happen corresponding with those dreams. Now a Tornado hit's my town of Goderich and I made it out just fine. But now I'm thinking to myself was this the message he was trying to tell me? In those dreams it was always a close call with a tornado but we always made it through. If he was my guardian angel looking out for me on Aug 21 I feel blessed.Is it possible that I was just confusing the messages my father was trying to send me?
1653. theres a bit of confusion in my head on where my life is going and if everything will fall into place for me soon
1654. Hi Chris, My husband of 50 years was very sick for 2 years with cancer before he took his life. I felt frustrated and helpless the last 3 months of his illness because I couldn't make him any better. Did my frustration push him over the edge? I can't get over the guilt that I feel because of this.
1655. im really young, & already had my first love... i messed it up & lost him... & we haven't been together since April ... but now all of a sudden im always thinking about him again & keep having dreams about him.. can you tell me why that is.. & if he still loves me or if i should just give up on him .. ? :/
1656. Dear Chris, I was very disappointed in hearing your v.m. to me this evening. I booked an appt. with you (along with 2 other women) over 1 month ago. I had no choice, but to cancel. I did NOT cancel for a silly reason. However, if you feel you need to charge me the full amount, so be it. God Bless. angie
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