1657. I have been through so much since my daughters death it is preventing me from feeling her around me anymore. How can I get her back?
1658. is there really karma what goes around comes around
1659. Hi Chris i woke in the middle of the night to find a figure i believe was female standing not over me but very close to me, and it was there in clear view , i was a bit freaked out but eventually fell back asleep , i woke again to see the exact same figure in the same place does this mean anything ?
1660. I just want to know how much you charge per session and where the town is in which you live? Is there a waiting list? Thanx, Anne Marie
1661. Hi Chris. I have an unusual question (how many of your emails start that way ? :O) I am getting together with my college girlfriends for a lovely long weekend. I am cetainly a convert, and eagerly learning about how we are all connected, how we can communicate with our loved ones who have passed -- a whole new philosophy that I am devouring. We plan to share ideas about our various thoughts on this. (I will be bringing the CD of my reading as well.) One of the girls is rooted in Native beliefs, and becoming moreso by the day. The other girl is eager to hear about our experiences. One of the girls is embarking on a new chapter of her life, healing and embracing the wonderful possibilities of her future. I would like to make some sort of healing, introspective, thank you ceremony part of our 'celebrate life' weekend. Any ideas ? We will be in the Kitchener/Guelph neighbourhood, but are perfectly willing to 'howl at the moon' in her backyard. Even any books you know that would be helpful for this. Thanks Chris, and congrats on your book. Take Care, Terry Lynn
1662. Dear Chris. When a spouse dies,does he remember our anniversary and birthdays and think of us on those days like we do here.Thank you,Judit
1663. Hi Chris, My brother committed suicide last year and I really have difficulty making peace with it. I really need to talk to him, is it possible? Can you help me?
1664. Hey Chris I had a reading with you a year ago after I lost my daughter at 36 weeks of pregnancy. After the reading I spoke with you a bit about the dreams I had been having. Now a year later I am having a lot more things happen. At first I thought I was over tired, then that I was losing my mind. I have spoken with a friend of mine who is also a medium/psychic as well as another women who is the same. Both have told me my path has changed and I am now on the road of mediumship. I am confused and don't know what to do or how to handle this. I would love more answers but dont know how to get them. Can you help me please? Sherene
1665. Hello Chris I am the mother of the 7 year old girl with the visions. I wrote u a few times and thank you so much for responding back! After my mom passing in april she started out with visions and now recently hearing voices!! The voice is just calling her name she says in a scarey voice it happen about 4 times since end of Aug . Just wondering if the male is a family member or just someone that is random?? looking for some advice thank once again Chris this is all very new to me !!
1666. Hello Chris:Firstly congrats on your new book!! Thats awesome! I wish you continued success:)I wanted to share this with you as i am not sure if it has any meaning or not. One day a few months back I was tidying my kitchen up when i came across your business card on the floor (that i had got at the everett angels fundraiser)...so i just picked it up and put it in my purse but yet thought it was strange that the card somehow got out of my purse. Then a few weeks later, I found it again, it had fallen out of my purse i guess....then this past week I was going through some papers I had brought into work and there it was your business card!! My gramma came through before to tell of some health issues in the family....Do you think she or another is trying to tell me something? Thank you for taking the time to read my question. Enjoy your day!Cindy
1667. Hi Chris, how long does it take for a soul to pass over? My friend passed over yesterday, and I was wondering how much time to give before a reading. Thank you
1668. Hi Chris: Is it possible that the reading you gave me a year ago could be "delayed" somehow as it seems to be bang on for what is happening in my life right now.
1669. What is going on in my life right now.. & why is everything turning out so horrible... ? :/
1670. Hi chris, I have been a client/fan of yours for quite some time & since reading your book(Awesome) I am now almost finished reading the complete conversations with God as you have recommended frequently in your answers as well as on your web page. This is an incredible book & the part I find most incredible is right off the hop it states there is a reason NDW wrote it at the time as well as everyone who reads it, is reading it at just the right time for them & boy is that right, I would have scoffed at the idea not all that long ago, but not today. I can actually feel myself becoming more Joyful(I like that word) & the freedom that is coming with that feeling is so awesome. I truly want to thank you, you yourself have been a great source of comfort & information/guidance & it continues with your recommendations for reading. You are truly one of Gods teachers & I for one(& I know I am so not alone)want to thank you. I would also highly recommend reading the conversations with God to anyone, this is not a religious book, it is so thought provoking & just plain interesting, anyone can benefit in some way. Thanks Again, Tracy
1671. My sister passed away in 1988. They said it was suicide, I believe she was murdered, would you be able to find out the truth?
1672. Hi Chris, I have already met my guides and was able to connect. Didn't know that I even had the ability till I started reading books. I am reading Pennies from Heaven. Do you give seminars, for people with this gift?
1673. Hello, My name is Crystal. I am 24 years old, engaged with two children. In the past year, my fiance and our small family have been having some very hard times and I have been having trouble keeping myself in a positive mind state and it's greatly effecting my family stability and basically, my sanity! I was wondering if you could offer any insight to what I can do to better my state of mind, and if my troubles have any end in sight in the near future. Any help would be great! I appreciate your time. Thank you
1674. how long has the person has to be gone before they come through
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