1675. My mother just passed away is there a time limited meaning is it to early .Its been a few day that she passed
1676. Hi Chris my mom was very sick with cancer and just passed away on the weekend .The family was there with her all the time. She was never along someone was always with her,But when i asked the nurses to clean her.We all had to leave to room,so we did not even 5 mins the nurse came to us and told us my mother has just pass about a 1min ago.Do dying people need to be alone when they pass? cause i keep thinking what if I didn't ask for her to be cleaned.
1677. Hi Chris, a few years before i was born my mother had an abortion that even to this day haunts her, my mother told me about 20 years after the abortion, my grandmother called her and said she had a weird dream where a young male came to her and told her to tell mom that he forgives her and to not worry because he is safe, this gave me chills, and of course my mother was histerical because my mother never told anyone about what happened, my question is, i hear alot about children being visited by spirits,but not so much adults experiencing this sort of thing, do you think my grandmother possessed some sort of gift, that maybe she never told anyone? I really appreciate your time and thank you.
1678. Hi Chris My son committed suicide in May 2004 and in October, my oldest brother also committed suicide..now that I reflect back, he was the only one who didn't really react to the news. Is it possible that either my son's suicide prompted him to do the same or he was thinking about it long before?
1679. My Father passed in 1989. During the ending of my marriage he came to me in a dream and told me (as I was devastated) that everything would be all right as I would be moving to Barrie with a dark haired man. Well four years after that dream it appeared he was right...i did. (I am no longer with that dark haired man-he was my vehicle i believe in getting here) I have recently had a second dream this past September again a visit from my Father...I was so happy to see him but I was crying alot in my dream and again I am going through a rough time in my life and I know he was talking me this time again but I could not make it out what he was saying I was crying too much...when I woke I know there must have been a message from him but I could not remember what he had said to me. I just wish I could remember....If I talk to him and ask him to return in a dream would he return and repeat what he was saying to me in another dream? I just feel that I missed a message from him. Janice
1680. When is your next appearance in the area?
1681. Hi Chris: I had a reading done by a prophet about 20 years ago and it was quite accurate. Would you be able to do one for me?
1682. Hi Chris, my moms 1st,anniversary is comming up on the 28 oct,, she was a widower from 1961, never remarried, a career nurse, devote roman catholic (was almost a nun),, she got cancer during 911twin towere, she refused chemo till 2007 , had what was thought a full remmision, till early 2009,,2010 oct after chemo/radiation treatment.. i talke to her almost dailey, but id really like to her tangibly from her, that she watches over our family and shes wt her father and mom whomshe adores,,id like to know how i would know its her not just dreams..id like to make an appoinytmnet wt you for her anniversay
1683. Hi Chirs, I was wondering if you have any seminars coming up in the area very soon. I watched your video of the one you held in Alliston and would love to attend one. Thank you Stephanie
1684. Good Day Chris, I'm a little skeptical when it comes to believing there is something after death, though I’ve been searching for proof or something to believe in to ease my fears I never feel totally at ease about death. Recently I've been reading things on your site and I must say you seem to give me some hope. I will be making an appt to see you along with some friends. I so want to believe to get rid of my daily fear of dying and not existing or seeing my loved ones again. I keep busy to stop thinking about death and this last year has been rough but I've been pretty good for months now at controlling that fear. Strange but I recently lost a loved one a few weeks back and it seems to have triggered something but not my fear of dying, my dreams are more vivid and I have been waking up for the last week every night at 3 am, this has happen in the past but I felt like someone or something is waking me up, I can blame it on my sleep apnea as I have a slight case and I’m not convinced that is the problem. I recently am awaken by a knock on my door in but no one is there when I awake, my dog even growls and wakes me up - again no one is there, I hear movement in rooms and again no one is there. I’m 1 of 4 in the house but I’m the only one who hears things but my oldest daughter feels something is odd it seems to scar her. Could it be our imagination getting the best us? Can you suggest what it may be?
1685. With respect to mediums and their work, the bible says the following: 10 Let no one be found among you who sacrifices their son or daughter in the fire, who practices divination or sorcery, interprets omens, engages in witchcraft, 11 or casts spells, or who is a medium or spiritist or who consults the dead. 12 Anyone who does these things is detestable to the LORD; ... (Deuteronomy 18) What is your response to that?
1686. My son commited suicide seven months ago at his home he shot himself in the mouth. We were told his spirit will be trapped in the house is this true? Please help me his mom.
1687. Hi Chris, and tks for answering all of our questions. That must be a workload in itself! Do you think those we have lost know how we feel and know what we are thinking? I know most of us can't recieve from them, but can they recieve directly from us?
1688. Dear Chris, I've written several times - I don't have a question this time. I am merely writing to say: "Stillar - that was a stellar response to the person quoting scripture at you! " So glad you and I know the same loving God. Keep up the great work.
1689. Can a small child who has passed, "influence/work"(don't know the right wording)through a younger sibling? Thank you, vera
1690. Hi Chris, It's Vera again and I thank you so much for answering. You have not confused me.I am confused and desperately searching. I hope I can put this in the right words. We recently lost a beautiful perfect little grandson and our family is so devastated. I have always been interested and believe in the work of eg John Edwards who was on Anderson this week and I feel,now, has led me to you. There have been so many "signs" for several members of our family that the soul/energy is around us. It is amazing that you used butterfly, dragon fly, deer as examples in your response. WOW! The younger sibling, I feel is really surrounded with the energy, almost being cared for and I think our departed grandson wants us to know he is still with us and his brother( they were very close) thus my question... is this possible? Chris, I hope I am making sense. It has dawned on me that I am seeking answers/peace for myself and family and the journey has led me to you. Your site is amazing. You have all ready helped to clear my head with all the information you provide. I would like to come to the Nov12th seminar along with my daughter and would also like to have a personal session. Am I on the right track?
1691. Hi Chris, I had recently submitted Q:1686, regarding a piece of scripture from the Bible. I appreciate your intelligent and timely response. I was somewhat dismayed however, by the comment made by the individual who then submitted question No. 1689. This isn’t a competition my friend. I didn't think this was the place for a public debate, but I am driven to suggest a challenge to those who profess belief in God. Why not take some time to read the bible yourself? Is it not this "book" that has supplied all of mankind with the information and foundation of what is today Christian faith? I didn't write that piece of scripture myself; Moses wrote it approx. 700 BC. Moses is the same man who gave us the 10 Commandments as given to him by God. All I am saying is what I have been advised (and wisely so) by both scientists and Christians; Always go to the source! Of course these sources might be different for these two different camps, one having a scientific agenda, the other having a religious agenda. But the methodology is the same; always go to the source. I believe that. At the very least, its a good place to start. Its hard to have an intelligent argument when you haven't referenced the material yourself. I am not necessarily a believer myself, as readers at this point might have assumed, rather I am on a personal mission of sorts, as I’m sure many of us are. I am in search of truth. In my travels, I have researched much of what science has to offer, and I’m now investigating the Christian arguments and evidence. I was brought up on science, and not religion. I don’t know if I’ll ever feel content that I have the answers, but given all that’s transpired in my life, it’s a journey I have to take. I’m always up for a healthy discussion my friends. But I prefer to do so in person. Good luck in your travels, and Chris, I look forward to meeting you soon at the CFB Borden event in November.
1692. Hello Chris, I feel I am an old sole. I think my current journey on earth is to never feel totally loved or wanted for myself. I feel this journey is to project love and give of myself.Could this be my purpose?
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