1693. Hi Chris: I have had a reading with you in the past, which I must say was very good. I have also asked questions in the past and your answers have been of great comfort. Recently, I have had the desire to see you again, this time, not just to confirm that the persons who have passed are still here, but I have many questions in my mind which I need some answers or just some guidance. Do you think that these spirts are trying to touch base with me through you?, thus the reason for such a desire to see you again. I know that you are not able to guide there conversation, only to relay what they have to say, but do you think that they know that I am going through a difficult time and need some reassurance. Thanks
1694. hi chris, will i ever meet my biological dad, or family members
1695. Chris: My Dad passed three years ago, I then took my Mom in to live with since she has dementia and could not live on her own. She lived with me for 14 months and then moved into a nursing home. I see my Mom often,bring her home for all holidays, dinners and sleep overs. I know that she misses my Dad, but lately she has told me that she asks my Dad to take her "home" with him. I am the only living child, and she feels that she is a burden to me. I feel very guilty and sad that she feels this way. When she lived with my husband and I, we found it very difficult, so after a great deal of searching I was able to find an excellent nursing home, she never really objected to moving, however, I know that she would rather be living with me. My question to you, do you feel that her time of passing is near, since she is always talking about wanting to go with my Dad (and brother who has also passed), but she says she does not want to leave me alone. This situation is very hard for me, I feel that she wants to die because she is not living with me. Any insight would be appreciated.
1696. Hi Chris, What is your understanding/belief about cell memory. Thanks
1697. Hi Chris.My husband killed himself 7 years ago this week. He was a parinoid schizophrenia.If I book a reading,is there away way to know he will show up? Also ,will he be free of all the deamonds in his head? I have so much guilt and I beleive a reading way help me get on with my life. Thank you
1698. Hi Chris, Only recenlty I came to know about you. I am a strong believer of after life. I lost both my parents within 13months apart. I was very close to my parents, my mother was my best friend and todate I miss her very much. Chris, my mother died of kidney failure, even though we took care of her well and she refused to take the kidney of ker kids, I always feel guilty that I should have done something more. She sacrifised her entire life for us and at the end she is not in this world to enjoy her grandschildren. Please tell me if you can connect with my mother in anyway and if she can see the good life her 3 hildre are living noww because of her. Thank you!
1699. My husband of 34 years passed away seven months ago. He had congested heart failure and cardiac arrhythmia. He quit breathing while I was driving him to the ER. He could not be revived. I keep wondering if he would would have lived if I had called for an ambulance instead of trying to take him to the ER myself. Weeks after he passed, I heard and felt someone move across our bed from behind me and lay against me. It actually startled me and woke me. I felt two arms slide around me like a hug. It felt warm like a human body. It frightened me, because I knew my husband had been creamated. He used to lay against me and put his arm around me. I was afraid to breathe or move at all. The body behind me and the arms around me, slid backwards away from me and was gone. Could this have been my husband? Karen
1700. Hi Chris! I am having trouble meditating. I have tried tapes etc and cannot seem to get into the deep relaxed state. Also I have no visions or answers to any questions asked. I want to make connection to my spirit guides and am having difficulty. Any ideas?
1701. Good evening Chris, first I would like to tell you are an amazing man.. You help so may people... I lost my husband and I have missed him so much lately... My son is very fendictive.. He always thinks he is right all the time and I really would like him to move out, is he ever going to leave my house.. I do care for him but we just can't live together.. Also my mom is sick and wondering if she has much time left.. she is in alot of pain lately... I know my husband and mother did not get along at the end of his life and hopfully my husband is not going to be mad at me when she comes to visit him soon... Please tell my husband I miss and love him alot.. I try to move on but its so hard... Thank you for answering my note... Is my father and husband together..
1702. Hi Chris - it has been almost 2 years since my husband died - I feel uncomfortable even thinking about dating again. How do I move forward with my life?
1703. How do I reconcile the past and move forward (resolve) from a soul mate reunion? I cannot seem to let go of love for this person which came out of nowhere, effectively ended my marriage (which was beneficial) but I am forced to see them everyday and I've tried to push away, run from as well as face head on (and tell him) my feelings for him that don't appear to be shared though he is very good and kind to me, I'm so confused and feel so restricted because I can't take it to the next step as that isn't what he wants. What have we not resolved yet from our prior connection?
1704. Dear Chris....your site and you are so amazing. You give of yourself with so much love, honesty and goodness, unconditionally. I am "somewhat" of a religious person and I find your teachings/interpretations of God are uncomplicated and so full of love. I don't believe that I loved my father. Maybe I did as a small child but he was a very troubled person and I now feel he never belonged to us as a family. I learned to forgive him later in my life. He passed about 14 years ago and I do not miss him and still feel no love for him. I don't believe he was able to love us because of his troubled life. I read one of your replies that said love becomes even stronger when one passes. I can accept that with my mother and others passing but I wonder, could I be correct in assuming my father was never "ours as in family" and in passing would not choose to connect with me.
1705. Chris, I hope you can shed some light on my current situation. My husband is currently unemployed and has been unsuccessful in landing a new job. We have a 9 month old son and I am worried about his wellbeing since my husband is unable to find work. My husband has tried a number of different options in his job search but no success. His benefits haven’t run out yet but will soon enough. I believe that things happen for a reason and thought at first that losing his job would give him the opportunity to find something better but I am starting to lose hope. I guess what I would like to know is if he is on the right path and he just hasn’t landed the job that’s meant for him yet or if he is on the wrong path and that being the reason he hasn’t found anything. Do you have any insight as to what industry my husband should be paying close attention to or applying for in order to be hired? I worry about running out of money and not being able to support my son. Thank you in advanced. -Christine
1706. HI Chris I have a question I have a brother that is missing went missing on July 19 I need to know if hes missing or gone from this earth and what has happened . Thank yu D
1707. has my nanny passed over?is that why i dont see her spirit?
1708. Chrismy life is changing in a way , i never thought it would...all the signs of depression, as my husband of many years has left, for someone else..the day he left , he told me he loved me..only to come home to a letter..of
1709. Hello Chris I am wondering who met my mom when she crossed over? The day before she died , I thought I seen my stepdad in the Tim Hortons at the hospital sitting down at a table , While i was waiting to get a tea Or it was his twin ? But he passed away 7 ears ago .Just been wondering who was with her when she did cross over . thanks
1710. Chris, Thank-you for making me feel more at peace about my husband's passing. I believe he visited me again. A few nights ago, I was wakened from a sound sleep. Again I felt two arms slipping away from around me, and I remember saying, "No," out loud. Then I asked if it was him and reached back to hold his hand like I did when he was living. I felt his open hand, like when he was alive. I don't remember anything else, so I must have gone back to sleep. My husband had a very strong personality. He felt like he had to take care of me. He used to email me from work, and if I didn't answer his email, he would call to check on me. He was very protective, possibly controlling and possessive. When he was sick with congestive heart failure, he said he wished he could lay in bed with me. However he could not lay down, because the fluid in his chest made him light-headed and nauseas. He had to sit in his recliner downstairs. If I tell anyone that my husband is laying in bed with me, now, even though I believe he is. They will think I am crazy. Karen
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