1711. Chris again thank you for telling me what i needed to hear..the one thing i do not know how to deal with...is his not paying bills...etc...and yet he is in cuba...i know i should not give him anymore of my time....however he has things he needs to take care of, in his life with me, befor he can start a new one..i did as you suggested..took a stand..and this house will be going up for sale in Dec. i am still confused...but i know faith, will bring me through this. i guess what i am asking is...how do i have nothing to do with him , yet try and get him to do the rite things reguarding money and bills? this house has no real heat...the floors are boards...well many more things...and again he is in cuba, with his chick...i am all over the place...in my head and heart...so knowing the bigger picture....will all this leave me with some sort of life..or well being...with out being in contact with him. Lauren
1712. Do you ever get dark spirits hanging around bothering you, or do they leave you alone because you know how to control it and only deal with light beings.
1713. Do spirits bother you when your in the shower or trying to sleep.if you want privacy, can you get it
1714. I beleive in reincarnation but i dont understand how you can be in the spirit world as one person and here on earth as somebody else,at the same time
1715. Hi Chris, I would like to ask you a question about my job. I have been working for the same employer for many years and I like my job as well as the people I work with. But recently I am not happy with some of the management decision and I feel that this is effecting the people I am responsible for, I did try to talk to my boss, but did not get any satisfaction. Sometimes I wonder If I have become too emotionally invoolved with this company as if this is my own. Do you think it is time for me to make a change? Thank you for taking the time answer my question.
1716. 2 months ago, both of my nephews were killed in a swimming accident. It was an unbelievable tragedy. How can I help their mother and why would something like this happen?
1717. Hi Chris, I just wish to thank you and Brough for Saturday at Borden. The word amazing seems to be somewhat of a cliche these days but I can't think of a better one to describe you and Brough. Both of you so caring and good. On behalf of my whole family, our sincerest gratitude. You have given me hope for this journey. I'm sure we will meet again, God bless and keep you, warmest regards vera
1718. hi chris....i just wanna ask one?i had a friend past last yr she was only 25 and im really finding it hard to get over cause somthing intustion is telling me that she didnt do this and it really afecting me bad is there anyway of getting rid of the intustion it affecting my life thank you
1719. Hi Chris. I aborted my baby a few months ago. Is the baby with my grandmother? And is the baby still with me. I do still feel so bad about it, and I wish I never did it.
1720. My grandpa died a few years ago, is he okay? and still with me? sometimes i see a man look just like him, like when i was getting tested for ADHD there was a man in a wheel chair and looked just like him
1721. Hi Chris: I would like to thank you for an amazing day at Borden on Saturday, and will be folliwng any other venues you choose to go to-please keep us informed. I would just like to ask when my husband passed last year, he was at home and had fallen-he was ill with cancer at the time, he was trying to say something to me seconds before he passed-I couldn't understand him and he repeated it, and I still did not understand. Do you know what he was trying to say to me?? Thanks again Chris and God Bless
1722. Hi Chris, I enjoyed your presentation recently at Base Borden. I lost my wife recently and I plan to visit with you for a private reading when I feel ready for that. In the meantime, however, I am having trouble finding the strength to carry on without her. I am wondering if through reading this email she might connect with you for a moment and offer a message to me. She will know my thoughts so I'm guessing (if she does connect) she will know my question. Thank you for everything.
1723. Hi Chris I had an experience last week that I found unsettling and wonder if you could shed some light on what it may mean. I was at Home Depot in the city and I was minding my own business looking at different things we needed for our renovations when I kept meeting this same man at the end of each aisle. At first we kindna laughed and he kept saying, "We meet again!" The first couple times I never thought anything of it and then it happened two more times. Then when I was checking out the same guy was behind me again. It really begin to freak me out. I hurried out of the store and to my car and when I was putting my items in the back of my car he was there again! His car was two cars down from mine. I quickly got in my car and thought if he shows up at the Antique Mall I was headed to I was going to call the police. He did not show up. In hindsight I probably over reacted but a woman alone I think is always more cautious. My question is was this man trying to tell me something as it was too co-cidental the number of times we kept meeting? I have been asking my dad/grandmother/brother who have past on to show me a sign what to do about my mother who is getting near to going to a nursing home and if that is the right thing to do as she really wants to stay in her own home. I am leaning towards keeping her in her own home longer my three sisters are leaning towards a nusing home. I basically have the final say and feel alot of pressure wanting to do the right thing for my mother and respect her wishes too. When I asked this same question earlier in the week I seen what looked like three angels floating in the sky out of a bush when I was driving and then disappear. If it was my dad/grandmother/brother what were they trying to tell me? I do have a half brother I have never met and wondered if that is who it was at the Home Depot or I feel I may have missed a message from the other side but all he kept saying was, "We meet again." and I never met my half brother so...........is the man(he was real of course) and the angels all my imagination playing tricks on me when I am so concerned about making decisions about my mother? I am so looking forward to reading your book. Thank-you.
1724. Dear Chris, I have just finished reading your book Pennies from Heaven, I so wish that I had read this book 26 years ago when my son Todd was killed in a tornado. I am in Florida now for 6 months of the year & I do want my daughter to read your book because I know that this would help her with the passing of her brother. Is there a way that you could send a book to her in Barrie? I can supply you with the money?
1725. Hi Chris I would like to thank you for taking your own the time and answering people's questions ! It means a lot keep up the good work!!
1726. HI Chris I have been with my husband for 14 years between it has been nothing but a roller coaster for us job wise,(losing jobs weird circumstances for not returning to work health issues, a second marriage for my husband so lots of family challenges nothing but stress .We have managed through all of this to deal with it and we are still very much best friends However Financially we struggle and I was wondering if you feel anything in the future a bright spot anything where we could just be comfortable and live our very simple Life . Thanks D
1727. Hi Chris . I am so sick at heart . My son (36) has himself into a huge ordeal .I am working on turning this over , believing everything happens for a reason for our betterment and growth. I pray ask God to please help him to deal with this ordeal . I have read many books on the law of attraction CWG , the course and i am a student . I feel like my heart and spirit cant take a lot more (i really do) . Are we going to come through this ok ? I am sorry to take up space here , when i know there are many who are in grief . Thanks Chris M
1728. hi chris i need to know if im making a good decision in life with a man im suppose to marry next month
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