1729. hi chris i have a? about a friend of mine that died last april they say she commitited suicide but i keep haveing dreams about her cause i dont think she did it herself cause her boyfriend was there i really could use some answers i really hope u can help me thanx tanya
1730. Chris, i am now 16 years old, & when i was 15 i had a baby , he passed away from SIDS in june & ever since iv been a huge mess, today my nana went to go see a physic & they told her that he wasn't ready to live yet & that the next baby i have will be him , just in a different body , but i will know it will be him by the way they look at me, is this true ? & i also have another question , the baby daddy left 3 weeks before he was born , & i was a single mom to my son , but now he has some interested in getting back together, & im not sure what my heart is wanting right now, & i dont know if i should get back together with him because he was my sons father, or if i should just let him go , do you know if were ment to be... or should i just let him go .. ?
1731. hi chris i was told that im a healer i dont understand what a healer is can you give me some insite to what it is i do know that i can feel things that happen days to weeks befor eit does in surten ways and i dont know how to tap into what has been going on with me is there anything i can do to understand it better
1732. Good evening Chris, It was may of last year when my sister paased away suddenly. She was my only sibling and i have so much regrets like spending more time with her, doing for her and above all telling her how much I loved her and what she really meant to me. There are so many times i drift off thinking about her. She resigned from her work to care of our parents, and she was so strong for what she did for them and everyone around her and never complained and never asked for anything in return. I guess it will be a long process to coming to grips of living without her, and it is not easy. I am wondering is it possible to comminicate with her through you wheather in person or not. Please let me know.
1733. if someone has passed and their first language was something other than English, how are you able to communicate with them?
1734. Hello Chris! Since I was 6, I have felt presence of energy, other than my own.. I am sure it is spirits. Pre REM, right before I fall asleep, I am in a state of “open” some enterence, where I feel a lot of energy, It feels like im in there forever but its usually 15 mins. It really scares me! I don’t understand what is happening or why! Theres no real communication happening, just knowing theres something there! I have been told by many that I have a gift and not to be scared, fear is difficult, I would like to learn how To be open positive, happy and loving towards this “feeling”.. Before my grandmother passed I told her that i experince "things" and begged her not to visit me on this plane! My grandmother did pop through as an alligator, and I told her to leave me alone and I would come find her on the other side and snuggle her! She hasnt been back! so thats good she listened! still confused. want love love love!
1735. My grandmother passed away in April, she was like my bestfriend, a mom, she was always there. I always took her advice and it mattered alot if she liked the guy I was with because that's all that really matters if I know shes happy. Ive been through alot this year and one of the things that I experienced this year was her passing in April. I met this guy in May and I'm really happy. Is she happy for me? And do you know if it's meant to be or not
1736. Hi Chris, I am a "medium in training" & doing very well in my courses and I have no doubt that this is what I am meant to do in life. My question to you is where do I start if I want to do this and earn a living?
1737. Why does dejavu occur? what does it mean? &is there a way to control it?
1738. I am wondering if u can pick up on my daughter's spirit guide? What is his name?
1739. Chris I have written to you before with some questions I need another one answered if you can .I am feeling so overwhelmed financial problems so sad and withdrawn I have had a lot of misfortune in my life but I really try to stay positive and see a bright light in everyday Im really struggling this time I know its the time of year I find it so sad so many sad circumstances and I cant do anything about it I need to know how to struggle through these times and if you forsee any positive events happening for me . Thanks D
1740. I was recently reunited with someone from my past that I was very romantically involved with. He says he loves me very much. Do we have a future together as a couple??
1741. i would like to know if me and my boyfriend brake up
1742. Hi Chris. My father died when i was 7. Nov 30th 2011 was his 24th year anniversary and I would like to know why he only visits me in my dreams on certain Anniversarys? thanks
1743. It seems that every time I look at the time, whether in the car, or on my phone, or microwave, or computer....it is always a number repeated. eg. 3:33 or 4:44 or 1:11 etc. This has been happening so often the last few weeks that it is actually freaking me out! I always wonder if my husband, who passed away a few years ago is sending me a message? What do you think?
1744. Hi Chris ... Terry Lynn here. How's it goin' ? I'm going to have to give you some background before I ask this question. Some of this may be familiar to you from before. When my Mom was pregnant with me, my father Mervyn, and his brother Eric were involved in a boating accident, with their cousin George, and both Mervyn and Eric died. I had always heard the story that they ended up in the water, and my father tried to rescue his younger brother, who couldn't swim, by trying to drag him rescue-swim-style to shore, but my Uncle panicked, and they both drowned. I have recently heard from a cousin, who's father was my Grandmother's brother, that he saw my Dad's body, and that he had a huge gash across his back from the propeller, and that is probably what killed him. My cousin's thought is that it was kept from the family to spare their shock -- already bad enough. I don't know if the second scenario is true. The reason I am wondering about it now, well 2 reasons, is that a couple of times - once at one of your seminars, and once in your workshop (yes, I'm one of your stalkers :o), though supporter has a nicer ring, no?) the things that came up, while trying to zero in on the family, all fit except that the death was an impact, not drowning. The second thing is that a friend of mine up North just told me about some newspaper clippings about the event that someone will let me have, and she just happens to be working with the son of the man that found their bodies. I'm thinking that I have an opportunity to ask some questions. I don't want to stir anything up for my other family members; in fact I wouldn't want them to know that I am asking. There isn't really a benefit in me knowing the details, I guess, except if it was an impact instead of a drowning, that is helpful to know for readings. Hope you can understand my question - I realize it's a little involved. Don't worry if the answer doesn't present itself. If I'm meant to know, I'll get there eventually. Thanks Chris, TL
1745. Hi Chris: What are your thoughts on twin flames (distinct from soulmates) the concept that one soul was splt at one time and when one finds her twin flame in this life- reconnects with the other half for some higher purpose. I would be interested in hearing what you think about this.
1746. Hi Chris, I am wondering if my dad is around me. I used to find signs that made me think he was around but havent lately. I am wanting to know if he is proud of me and the things I have accomplished.
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