1747. my mother recently passed away from pancreatic cancer, she was diagnosed end of July and passed away October 22nd 2011. I want to know if she is at peace and without pain. It's been a very difficult few months and I miss her so much. Thank you
1748. I’ve written to you before and your answer to me was to be patient. Things have changed like you said, and I’m still exercising patience to the best of my ability. However, understanding we all have free will, and for me to fully express my free will would involve giant risks. For example, if I wanted to change my career and run my own business, how does one take that possibility without having the income to start the business? I know where I am now and what I have been doing is not me and I've been doing it for over ten years. Of course I would like for source to come through in guiding me, but I suppose not knowing what to do in both my personal relationships and my career direction, my mind is in to much of a muddle to see things perfectly clear. I want everything to align when it’s meant to (routing back to exercising patience), but in the meantime, I’m not able to see things very visibly. I know you’re not god, although sometimes you are MY god as I feel great comfort in reading and re-reading your posts, but would like to know if there is any light you can shed towards on my path. (And I know you’re not a physic, you’re a medium). Perhaps just a question more so on how to have free will if it could risk stability etc..and in additon to my ramble...I would love to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas :)
1749. My heart is broken.. Where is Duke our St. Bernard.. He went missing in a blizzard last Thursday!! I feel he went through the ice or is curled up somewhere buried and frozen
1750. Hi Chris, I am writing about a dream that my daughter had about my father, her grandfather had a few days ago. In her dream there was me, my daughter, my dad's wife and my dad. She thinks we were in his home that he built before he died. In the dream he looked at his wife and said to her in a very angry voice "\I DON'T LIKE THE WAY YOU ARE TREATING MY GRANDCHILDREN AND I DON'T LIKE THE WAY YOU ARE TREATING MY DAUGHTER". She said when the daughter part came out it was extra angry. My father married a woman that was much younger than him and she has not bothered with the kids (his grandkids) since about three months after his passing. I the next night had a dream where my father was standing in a distance and I kept saying Dad is that really you. I then ran up to him gave him a big hug and he said hi honey and hugged me back. What are your thoughts on my daughters dream. We didn't tell each other about these dreams until a few days later. Thanks for your time.
1751. dear chris i was very close to my grandmother and we shared a deep bond and i love her with all my heart, she is giving me any signs and she very proud of who i am today. i have been asking for signs buti dont see any. is she with my son, are they together and are they happy, safe and is my babys dad with him?
1752. Hi Chris I have seen two of your shows and hope to someday have a reading with you. I am hanging on by a string, my life seems to be nothing but stress, my husband has terminal cancer and he is so sick, it hurts to watch him in pain, my daughter has been sick and last month i lost my cousin that was very close to me in a helicoper crash. The other night my husband told me that his first wife had come to him, she told him i would be ok. Do you see anything for me, i know i am going to loose my husband and i feel it will be soon. It seems that i have a black cloud hanging over me.
1753. Dear Chris, i now that my nanny is gone and you are telling me to stop asking or looking for signs but it is so hard i dont now they answers to my questions and i never got to tell her i loved her before she died. i am just so confused because i feel like a huge part of me is missing without her here. did her pain stop is she with her husband now. i just dont understand i miss her so much and she was my everything. is she the one who is giving me the strength to stay sober is she proud of what i am accomplishing. can she rest easy knowing im am better. can you let her no she doesnt have to worry about me anymore. i just want to now if she is happy and safe. can you please tell her i love her so much and i will never forget her. i just wish i could talk to her again, is she with me still. thanks sorry to bother you like i said before she is my life and without her i feel like i have nothing
1754. dear chris my name is megan , im sorry for asking another question but i had a baby boy who died at 20 weeks old 5 years ago, when he died he was discolored almost black and he wasnt fully developed will he stay that way forever or is he hapy and watching over me i want him to know i loved him and his dad very much and i have never forgotten about them . i hope they are safe andd happy and my nanny is with him now. do they age if they are so small thanks.
1755. My beloved passed away 7 years ago.I feel abandoned as if a life spent caring for each other never happened.Why can he not come closer? Thank you. E.
1756. Hi Chris! I'm just wondering if scientists are able to create human beings, do these babies have a soul too, they must?? Thank's Nicole
1757. Will my cancer stay in remission for some time?
1758. Hello Chris, it will be 2 years tomorrow since my dad passed away. He was a very quite man and I never had any dreams about him. Does he have any message for me? if not it's ok I still miss him very much and know that he is always with us. Thank you.
1759. Do you believe we are being watched by beings from another galaxy and that our earth is being protected by these loving beings that have visited us before and lived amongst us thousands of years ago? That they will return soon and that life as we know it will change?? This being our 'ascension'??? Peace Love and Light Jan
1760. Hi Chris, my wife and I have had a reading with you twice and I must say you have helped us tremendously. Since our readings we look at life and death in a whole new light. The past few years starting in 2007, have been very difficult for us. We lost our first daughter in 2007, she was born at 25 weeks and lived for two days. Thats when we met you and you helped us. In 2009 I lost my job and we lost our twin daughters that were born @ 22 weeks, this is when we met you for the second time and you helped us. Thank you!! I wasn't able to find another job for almost a year. I finally found a decent job at the beginning of 2010 and everything seemed to going great. My wife became pregnant with our fourth child, a son. He was born healthy on Valentines day 2011 and we have adored him ever since. Within this time I got a promotion at work and everything seemed to be moving in the right direction. Well the company I worked for made a few bad decisions and couldn't deliver a quality product so they had to file for bankruptcy which led to me being let go. Once again I am unable to find a job to support my wife and son. I have been on the hunt since July. The stress and pressure on me is really hard to deal with and time is running out for my EI benefits. Can you tell me if I am heading in the right direction with my job search and if I will be able to find something before it is to late that will be stable and allow me to support my family? Thank you, Mike
1761. Hi, I've been having small weird experiences, not psychic but things that lead me to take a look at some of my pictures. I have a blue aura around my head and when I zoomed in, I can see faces, dogs and some faces that look creepy...What does this mean? Is this a good thing? I bought some blue gemstones and black obsidian but don't know what to do.....I have several pics especially around nature where there faces, animals and outlines of people. I'm intrigued but also freaked out. I also lost a bit of my hearing and it came back...I don't know what this has to do with anything but i'd like to know what this all means. Thanks. I've also been under a lot of stress bc of certain situations and looking for guidance and help! Thanks.
1762. Chris, I am hoping you will be able to help me answer a question I have had for a while. I have always had psychic abilities and have always felt close to the other side, even more now in my adult life. I do however suffer from anxiety and I am told by everyone that I should look into taking medication to help. Now, my question is if I were to take medication for my anxiety would this alter my abilities in any way? I know with medication like this and with anti-depressants the drug basically balances out your brain chemicals so you can cope better. I am worried that if I were to take medication like this that I wouldn’t be able to be as connected to the other side due to my brain chemicals being changed. This is probably a silly question but my abilities are important to me and I wouldn’t want to lose them or have them altered in any way. I would like them to be stronger if anything. Please give me your input on this. Thank you in advance. --Christine
1763. Hi my dad passed on october 30th 2003. The night he died as i was trying to sleep. I felt him touch my shoulder and say im sorry. I got very scaerd by this. I know I shouldnt & I have told a few people. Do you think my father doesnt come around and talk to me as he know it may have scaerd me?
1764. Hi Chris, Thanks so much for answering my question #1762...the blue aura one, I feel so much better. I'm a need-to-know person! Yes I have been reading A LOT and will continue to and I hope I find my way, whatever it is. Thanks again.
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