1765. Hi Chris, I dont have a question just something I wanted to tell you. A friend of mine called to tell me that John Edwards and another medium would be on Dr. Phil last night so my daughter and I watched. Ive also watched Crossing Over quite a few times. Maybe if we had not had readings with you before I would think hes pretty good, but after having our readings with you, you are by far a better medium. I dont know what it is but they dont give information or connect the way you do. Our son comes through loud and clear with you, and we look forward to our next reading with you. Which is very soon! Talk to you soon.
1766. Hi Chris I just want you to to that Question 1579 I want to validate that you couldn't read it any better !! My mom did have cancer and when she did go to the hospital they found 2 more tumors in her stomach! And she did have heart problems and breathing problems!! When she did go to emerge that morning her heart rate went up that ppl witnessed. I cant thank you enough !! I just wanted you to know everything I wanted to know and u validated everything for me!And when you say she has been better then she ever has been u got that right health wise I mean and really enjoy reading daily your ask Chris questions And loved your book which I bought and finished in 2 days lol ! all of this helps me get through my day!
1767. Hi Chris you did a reading on Friday for myself and a friend - Marilyn. I am trying to understand something - you indicated my sister's energy was blocking my mother - why does this occur? My sister is under tremendous stress dealing with issues pertaining to her son - and wondering if this is all linked - so my mom is staying with her to give her strength -
1768. Hey Chris, Just curious about your take on indigo kids. My cousin mentioned that her daughter is one. What does that mean? I acted like I knew, embarrassed to admit I don't know I guess... And I just see a kid who has a blank stare or is lost in thought maybe? But I'm curious now. Is there such a thing as an Indigo Kid? The question earlier in this board where the person stated they had a blue aura reminded me about this because what little I have learned about Indigo kids is that they have an aura surrounding them. Got any info on this?
1769. Hi Chris. Do you happen to know someone in Newfoundland who can come to the house and ask whatever spirit is slamming things around just what they are trying to communicate? Thanks.
1770. My 21 year old niece is missing since 1:30 this am.... Where should we look and is he ok?
1771. It's going to be a year very soon, my grandmas death. And I really miss her lots, never got a good, goodbye. It's never a good goodbye loosing a love one,. But do you know if she has anything to say to me? I wish she could've talked before she passed. I regret alot of stuff, like being there a lot more.. Anything would be great to hear.. I've been really curious to what she has to say... And it's been on my mind forever.. When I said my goodbye I broke down and said everything on my mind and it just sucked because she couldn't say anything back.... Thanks Chris...
1772. Hi Chris, Do you know if there are any tapes of the Nov 21st session at Borden? In particular the very first reading with Brough? I've finally started to read Pennies From Heaven and am really inspired and again, amazed. It is helping me through this very difficult time for my family and I seem to get strength from your words and experiences. Thank you so much vera
1773. I had the pleasure of meeting you last June. You are amazing. Since our meeting I have been trying to communicate with my Father who was present at our meeting. Every night since, I will talk to him and ask if he could just give me a sign to reasure me that he is always with me. The other night I was talking to him as usual and half in a trance, heard something fall downstairs. I new in my heart what it was that fell but forgot about it. As I was preparing to start a fire in the fire place the next evening I noticed that my father's grandfathers ledger which I keep on the Mantle had fallen on the floor. There is no possible way that it could fall on it's own. Do you think that it was my father telling me his is with me? Thanks Karen M
1774. hi ChrisLauren here....i was the one who
1775. Hi Chris, I was wondering if you could shed some light on a common occurrence of mine. Mostly at night but not always, I tend to notice a kind of flash of light in my peripheral vision. Sometimes it shines from above and sometimes to my sides. I have had my eyes professionally checked to make sure it was not some sort of health issue, but everything is okay there. Any ideas what I might be seeing? Thank you so much.
1776. Chris, does ones thoughts and beleifs in their real life transpose onto the other side? So for instance I had a reading recently and my one of 2 grandmothers (both who droped their lives to come help raise my brother and I when my mom passed) came through, this grandmother was open minded and a beliver in the spritual world and mediums. But my nann, did not come through, she was a christian and did not belive in these gifts that someone like you has. Could that be a reason she didn't come through to me? Also my mother who passed when i was 3... she didn't come and again... could the reasons be she dosn't belive and that transpires over to the other side? I just found it strange that my mom and nana both did not come through.. what determins who comes through and who doesn't? Thanks.
1777. Hello, I have a question? If someone died in other country ,them spirits still can show up ? I know is silly but just curios?
1778. Hi Chris, I finished reading Pennies From Heaven and I'd like to thank you for your gift to the world. It has given me so much to think about. Your honesty and wisdom at such a young age is so inspiring and I have to say, I also have such an admiration for your wife who quietly supports and loves you. It is so beautiful. I'd love to learn more about meditation and prayer as I want to be a better person. Dare I suggest another book or a section on your site. Most of all, Chris, you have given me strength which I need right now to help my family. I was able to be firm today with the conviction that I was guiding in the right direction. Our pain and grief is still new but I am encouraged by your words that we are on the right path to get through this and take comfort in what we have learned from you. Look forward to your next event and meeting you again, vera
1779. Hi Chris, It's Vicki Macleod, you have read me several times and it has changed my life incredibly. Each time you have read me it has been my daughter or my son or both that have come through for me. My question is, if I were to ask them specific questions about a previous reading would either one of them give me the answer to what it is I am not understanding or not sure what they meant? I am seriously considering another reading with you in the very near future. Thank you so much Chris. Take Care and all the best. Sincerely Vicki Macleod
1780. Hello ChrisMy moms friend wanted me to ask you a question if possible!She wants to know who took J.S. to the other side? We are just curious about it!THANK YOU THANK YOU
1781. Dear Chris, I head you on CJAD Montreal and have you on my web site. My dear husband Frank passed away on June 11, 2011 after a long and corageous battle with prostate cancer. We had a wonderful and loving marriage of 53 years. He was a very caring and gentle person. I am now very lonesome and miss him very much as we always were and did everything together as we clicked after a blind date New Year's Eve 1956. It must have been meant for us to meet. I hope and pray that he is now without pain and in good hands and that his spirit is with me and guides me. I also hope that he will be with me again after my time is up on this earth. I hope you can give me some comfort. Thanks. Adelinde
1782. Will you be doing any group meeting near richmond hill Any time soon?
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