Well first off let me say I honestly believed I did respond, was there not two emails or enquiries. If I did not respond I am genuinely sorry, that is not my style. I remember your email(s) because I believe you had a phone reading and you are from BC or out west somewhere, if I am not mistaken. I also believe that something was said about coming to terms, forgiving or making something right with your father or a male relative, I honestly believe it was your dad though, forgive me if I am wrong. I believe I or spirit or both pushed some buttons you were not wanting pushed nor believed would be pushed. I can not remember verbatim what was said, but I am confident enough to stand behind what was originally said. Spirit nor I would ever want to hurt or mislead anyone. You obviously had an agenda before the reading and because your reading did not follow what you thought it should, you obviously got upset. I am not writing now to try to convince you of anything, this is simply how I remember it and see it.
I do not know what experience you have as a medium or with mediums, but let me say that a medium is nothing more than a filter. Some are better than others or less clogged as a filter. But none the less, we are merely filters. If you think as a medium some mechanical switch is turned and we are no longer human and ourselves, than you are sadly mistaken. Spirit works through a medium, using that mediums life experiences, beliefs and history to convey messages of hope and healing. I gave my heart and soul to your reading as I do in everyone of my readings, I am comfortable with that fact. If you are so certain what I said to you was from me the human and my personal belief structure and not from spirit why do you care than. I have never met you, we had never talked before hand, why not forget it and tell yourself I am full of shit and go on having a merry life. I suspect I spoke nothing but truth to you and you can’t let it go, because it eats away at you. Spirit knows what they are doing and what the client needs to hear. In all honesty that is why you still wrestle with what was said. I don’t care if you hear it from spirit, or a human, or read it in a book or on the side of barn as you drive down the road… TRUTH IS TRUTH. If what I said is not your truth…THEN FOR YOUR SAKE, LET IT GO. I always say I can’t be everything to everyone, how could I be. My clients call me, because of word of mouth, a feeling or whatever the reason, I do not call them, I do not hound them I don’t twist their arms to book a reading with me. I am legit, honest to a fault (sometimes) but I believe that is what makes me a great medium and one that people seek out.
I am sorry your experience was not what you wanted, I honestly am, but I am very comfortable with who I am, how I am and what I do. You can think I was wrong, you can believe that with all your heart, I will be okay with that, I will! I know I had your best interest at heart and I sure as hell know your loved ones did. I would personally take the time and ask myself, why did what he said to me ruffle me so badly? Be honest with yourself. I remember your comments, I studied, sat with and dwelled over them. In some way I am sure they have made me a better medium as well and I thank you for that. One more point, nowhere on my website, nor in any promotional material do I promise a certain outcome, or direction in a reading, as I simply do not know where it will go. I wish you nothing but peace and happiness, thank you for writing.

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