I always caution people that they can not become reliant on me or any legitimate medium for connecting with their loved ones as there are no guarantees that the medium will pick up on or hear from the person they are hoping to hear from. I have people (clients) that have been to me more than once and for each person their reason for returning is different. You have to ask yourself how you feel about coming back. I always believe that readings are booked for a reason. Whether that reason is known by the client or known by the deceased loved ones really makes no difference as either side may have a valid reason to connect with the other. I always believe that what is meant to happen in my readings does. So if you feel comfortable with what your husband has done for you then keep the reading. If it does not feel right or the timing feels off to you, then honor that feeling and cancel. Let me tell you how many clients (females) would kill to have an understanding husband that would do that for them. You are very fortunate to have a companion that truly cares for your emotional well-being. If you are concerned about bothering the dead, that is a huge misnomer. We can not, do not bother the dead! They have free will and can show up or not, if they choose to.

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