The one thing I know from speaking with adult children who lost a parent as a child, is that for most they were kept in the dark by the adults around them, thinking they were doing a good thing for the child, ultimately scaring them for life. I would suggest you are honest and straight forward with your foster daughter. Provide the safe and comfortable environment for her to ask what ever she wants and give her the stability she craves. If you do not know the answer to something then tell her that. It is perfectly okay to admit you don’t know the answers to everything. Talk openly and honestly and she will forever remember that years from now regardless of the outcome of her mother’s hospital stay. Let your foster daughter take the lead and dictate the manner of conversation, you simply have to ask her if she has any questions in regard to her mother’s condition. Maybe ( I do not know the circumstances) you could take her to see her mother, that could provide a lot of comfort for her as well as help the mother’s spirits and healing. Just treat her the way you would expect or want to be treated if you were in her shoes.

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