I am afraid that I do not use my site for personal mini-readings. I am not comfortable sitting at a computer and trying to connect with someone from spirit and not knowing if my connection is accurate and strong. That is why my readings are always done in person or via telephone. As important as the medium and the deceased loved one is, the client or living family member’s presence is just as important in making a successful connection for spirit communication. I can tell you your mom is more than alright. She will be observing your life still and if you pay attention closely around you, you would see the signs from her as well. I would suggest you read books and sites on the net that deal with the loss of a loved one. I think it is so important that people make their own connections with their loved ones and not to rely on a medium. Many people will never get the opportunity to sit with a legitimate medium in their lifetime, so what will they do? This is why I always promote people making their own connections to their loved ones. Talk to your mom, read books and surround yourself in a light of comfort knowing your mom walks through life with you still.

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