This is a great question and I will try to answer it in two ways. First my guide wants to respond and then I will talk of my experiences from those who have crossed over. Gabriel ?There are many roads to eternity, for every soul there is a road, a road so unique, so individual in design that the answer to your question is no, not everyone experiences the same steps and process. We are individuals; we are connected to the same light; we have the same source in the centre of each of us yet we have different paths for getting back to that source and that is as it should be. We have total control over the death process. The one thing that is common and yet unique, is that we are never alone. We always have friends with us. We have loving energies that surround us and inspire us. These energies are also known as family. You are never alone during this process. How you choose to come through it is totally up to you. We are the greatest individual creators of all time. Why would you stop creating at the point known as physical death? Some people create consciously, some people create unconsciously and so it is with the process of change. I encourage everyone to create consciously, to make choices consciously. There is always love waiting for us just as on earth. There is always love around us even if we choose not to see it or feel it. Death is nothing more than the opening up of truth. If you come to the truth while in the physical life, death is much less of a process to go through. Should you not remember this while in the physical life, death may take a bit longer to adjust to but as soon as you choose consciously, so shall it be. Should you choose to see a tunnel, you will; should you choose to see loved ones, you will; should you choose to feel lost, you will. No matter the choice, it will last only as long as you choose to experience it.? Now I will respond, I have had numerous individuals talk about the process. Some talk of walking in a room of mirrors... mirrors that reflect nothing but truth, love and compassion. What they see is not always beautiful and loving. But unquestionably they are never alone and the end result is always love. People see where they succeeded in life and where they could have done better. I have had some talk about the light... and how they came through the light to meet their loved ones who have crossed over after. I believe regardless of one's lifestyle or choices we will all at some point end up back with the source of light (God). What is your belief... that is the real question?

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