It is not really how long you have to wait to see me. You will know when you might want to come back, possibly a strong urge. My name may keep coming up in conversations in a short period of time and that might be a sign from the other side.

I can not put a time limit on it, as I don't know what events have unfolded in another's life since last seeing me.

The one thing I am cautious about is that people don't become depended on my ability. Especially parents who have lost a child or children. What I do, helps but by no means is it a cure, so I always instruct those grieving to work through the pain and heal from the inside out.

If you feel the time is right then maybe it is and if not sometime down the road. Make sure you are coming for the right reasons when you book. I believe with all my heart that the other side orchestrates most if not all the visits clients have with me… so whenever or if ever you decide to come, take comfort in knowing it was meant to be.

All the best

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