Yes, of course a deceased loved one can provide you with advice and often they do just that. The fact you still have FREE WILL remains and you can heed their advice or not. What your loved ones can not do is impede on your free will. If you have picked to experience a certain event or situation in your life, such as a death, an accident, an addiction then our loved ones can not take that away from us. I want to make it clear that just because our loved ones have passed, this fact does not give them a wisdom greater then ours. I believe that what they see is a much clearer vision of the ‘whole’ of life. They see everything where we see a limited amount because we are in the physical world. Look around where you are sitting… you can only see the room your in and maybe a little bit outside if you have a window in that room. Our loved ones can see all this and more they are not limited physically and they have the advantage of “seeing the whole picture”.

If during a reading a client has been warned about some impending situation, that means to me that they have free will on whether they experience this particular situation or not. I have had some loved ones come through and say they are getting ready to receive a certain person in spirit. Usually this is not a surprise to those hearing it and it provides them the opportunity if they choose to make everything complete between them and their dying loved one. Or they might comment that they need to watch driving etc. I did a reading just a week ago where a loved one in spirit told one of the females in attendance her husband had better be careful on the ice with the snowmobile in the next few weeks. My client later told me her husband had just commented to their son about going ice fishing that next weekend since they had not been out all winter.

I trust I answered your question and thanks.

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