What a great question… truly a wonderful question! It is not a black and white issue of right and wrong. What is right and wrong is subjective. What is right to me may not be right to another and I have to respect that.

I have been doing readings since 1996 and one thing I have learned is to trust those on the other side. I don’t believe they are all knowing or have access to the book of life and if they do, I don’t believe they can share all with us. I do believe they have a clearer picture of life in it’s totality compared to our perspective. I have also learned they do not run our lives for us. When they state an opinion or observation it is only that, an observation. It is stated based on what ‘IS’ from their perspective. They do not have judgment attached to their comment, simply an observation of what is.

No one should ever be influenced to accept anything from anybody regardless of the source if it does not feel true to them. We have free will and because of that we make choices that creates who we are at any given moment. We need to be aware of the ‘consequences’ of our choices. Too many times we make a decision and the outcome is not favorable and then we act like it happened to us, as if we are victims. It is simply the energy movement of our decision coming to a completion. Our loved ones on the other side are simply trying to help us wherever possible.

I never want to argue with the other side. They have come through and stated things that go against my belief at the time and I have questioned what they have said. But I always give the message. Just because I do not believe something does not make it a false fact. I simply have not experienced that particular event or situation yet. That is how we learn and grow from the experience of others and ourselves.

In fact never do I argue and always do I give thanks for their insight, love and choice to come through me for their loved ones. Thanks for a wonderful thought provoking question.

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