I have had this exact scenario play out many times over the years in many of my readings. Always and without exception those who have crossed over have thanked those who had to come to a decision about turning off life support or stopping treatment. I tell people all the time that nothing else matters in life except one’s intent… and I truly believe this. I am assuming that when you made this decision you did so out of Love, dignity for your mother and knowing what her wishes would be in regards to life support. This is one of the hardest decisions a person will ever have to make in life, please believe me when I say that your mother is blessed to have a child like you. You were able to take a clear look at the situation and think only of her and not yourself… what a wonderful act of compassion and selflessness. How can such a loving act be frowned upon by your Mother? I do not believe the decision was yours to begin with. My faith tells me your mother had pre-planned this from the start of her life and you simply were fulfilling what was meant to be… nothing happens by coincidence or luck. You did exactly for your mother what she did for you, what is that you may be wondering? She helped bring you into this world to live this part of your life and you afforded her the same privilege by helping her to the next stage of hers. I hope this answer helps you deal with any grief, and guilt you may have been feeling. Get rid of the guilt and make room for the love! Thank you

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