They most certainly might be able to shed some light on your situation, but they may not give you a way out of your current situation. I suspect when you strip away all the crap that you are experiencing, the truth is your son does not hate you at all. Most often when we feel someone hates us, what we are sensing is their fear and not hatred. I don’t pretend to understand what your situation is, but I bet your son feels safe venting, blaming and taking out his insecurities on you. I would suggest you do everything you can to let your son know exactly what he means to you, but please do not allow yourself to be his punching bag and no one deserves to be treated badly because of someone else’s anger and hurt feelings. What I would suggest is that once you make it a clear as possible that you are sorry for his present feelings and that no matter what, you love your son. I suggest all you can do is keep your door open to him, because you never know what the future holds and how a person can change. I would suggest you not use this time to feel like a victim, rather use it wisely to look at yourself through the eyes of your son and see if anything he has said to you in the past has any truth to it. If so, own it and move forward. I wish you both well.

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