Every reading is unique and different. Yes many times those in spirit address issues that are presently going on in my client’s lives. But they never tell the person what to do... how could they we have free will. All I can tell you is that for a great many of those who have sat with me, they have received great comfort and peace of mind following their reading. I can not explain this or talk for others(as each reading is very personal to those involved), but if you were to write me through my email on this site I will forward you names and phone numbers of past clients, feel free to contact these people for feedback! But as I always have been upfront about... I can't guarantee any person or topic will come up in a reading. I would go one step further and say that if the need for your reading is about a present dilemma, spend a little time with it and I promise you, you already have the answer or solution. Guaranteed! Hope I answered your question Rose.

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