That is a hell of a burden for anyone to witness and deal with, let alone a child. Had his father been thinking with his own mind and able to focus on anyone other than himself, he would never have done what he did where he did it. Your grandson will require counselling and I suspect for a great length of time. He may seem okay now, but the horror and realization may creep back in unexpectedly in his teenage and early adult years through excessive abuse of others and self medication through alcohol and drugs. Hopefully through counselling and the constant support of family, your grandson will truly understand this has nothing to do with him and everything to do with his father’s frame of mind and own inability to cope with life’s obstacles at the time. People need to work extra hard to teach your grandson the skills to deal with all situations in life. By reinforcing that there is NOTHING he can not achieve or get past in life, if he believes in himself and has been shown consistently that he has unconditional support of his family, regardless of what life scenario he finds himself in. Lastly I would suggest that people talk openly and honestly with your grandson about life after death. Ask his opinions on where his dad is now and whenever possible reinforce that his dad is now okay and is with him still. Buy him an art set, have him draw pictures from time to time with no instructions of what to draw, simply analyze the pictures for happiness, sadness, anger or any emotion that may be depicted. This may give you a clue to what he is feeling without him saying it. Really listen to his teachers, friends and people that see him in situations outside family scenarios, for a true gage of how he is adjusting and expressing himself. Watch over him and love him and I am sure he will be okay.

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