I love the questions I have been receiving on the website, as it makes me think in terms that I usually take for granted. Yes! most definitely you can have a relationship with our dearly departed! But as in life the real question is " What type of relationship do you want to have?" The starting blocks for a relationship with those who have crossed over is your thoughts and beliefs ... Do you believe they are alive and around you? If you do not believe this, the relationship has failed before it has begun. I tell you, they are there and they love you, they help you as much as possible. I often ask Mothers in my seminars, if they can imagine any scenerio or situation that could stop them from loving there children... even death, the answer is always no. Do you get to see them in physical form?... No. Do you get to have a verbal conversation with them?...No. Can you feel them Physically?... Yes! Can you have an ongoing productive relationship with them?... Yes. When you are grieving from a loss... and you are able to know for sure that your child or loved one is still with you... it provides a sense of peace and is the starting of a new relationship. When you believe that ... you also know that one day you will see and be completely with that loved one again. I would like to ask all those people out there that desperately want a relationship or connection with a loved one who has crossed over... Do you believe?

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