Regardless of a persons age or development, the answer to your question is " The decision lays with the individual." I have talked about free will in the past and this falls under that same category. I believe that we choose this life, our family (Thats a tough one for many people to swallow, but non the less it is true), certain events in our life and the way that we cross as well. So should the 8 week old child choose to reincarnate, they most definitely will and if what they had decided to accomplish was completed within that span (8 weeks) of time they will have no other need to reincarnate. Please don't look at miscarriage as a failed life ... it is not. Maybe, just maybe that little souls reason for showing up for such a brief time was for your benefit... to help you, by giving you a situation that you had already agreed to. So if you have had a miscarriage, rest assured that your little one will be waiting for you when you get there, should they decide not to incarnate. I am told this time and time again in the readings. I think what I love most about your question is that it may make people realize or examine the possibility that a fetus is an actual person, a light, a soul... I know they are!

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