Yes I did live in Everett and consider it to be my hometown. As for your guides, I am sorry I don’t work that way. I always encourage individuals to make that special connection themselves. Just yesterday I had a client who came for a reading and her deceased husband came through with validating messages. She then asked about her guide and wanted to know their name. I told her she could do this herself. She said the only name she gets each time she meditates is Fred. She could not imagine her guide would have a name of Fred. She said, it was not angelic enough in her thinking and must be wrong. I laughed and said if time after time you ask and the same response is offered up, then at what point do you choose to believe it? I also asked her if she knew the name of the mail carrier that brings her mail to her mail box. Her response was, no I do not. I asked do you care what their name is or just the fact that they deliver your mail. She got my point, that it does not matter the name of your messenger or guide, only that you acknowledge them

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