Flickering lights and electrical malfunctions can definitely be signs from our loved ones who have passed on. Not every light that flickers, not every malfunction with your TV, telephone or door bell will be a true sign from spirit. But you feel your sign is and that tells me it probably is your significant other letting you know you are not walking through life alone. I would not hold my breath if I was you in hopes of seeing him with your eyes. That is very rare, it happens but is rare and never when someone expects or wants it to happen. Usually an apparition occurs when you least expect it or even want it. The great thing is you can feel him. The language of the heart and soul is not spoken with words, rather in feelings. Feelings are more real and more truthful and more reliable than any visual image or spoken word in life. He will be around you any time of the day. When you need him, when you miss him, when you find yourself laughing and you feel guilt, he will be there. He will be present for your highest of highs and your lowest of lows and he will love you and support you and you will never be alone.

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