I remember you and a little of your reading now that you refreshed my memory. I remember the look on your face during the reading and that is why I kept referring to you as a deer in the headlights and why I laughed so much. I did not know if you were getting what I was saying at the time or if I just confused the hell out of you. I am really happy you wrote to me and with complete sincerity I want to thank you for such a kind and meaningful description of my work and my character, THANK YOU. As far as Peter goes, I would just like to say, please do not rack your brain over this. I may have miss heard the name or maybe if I had heard it correctly, you simply do not know this individual or why he might have come through to you that day, but I suspect at some point and time in the future you will. Focus and think about all the aspects and details you did understand from your reading and above all, please keep remembering the fact that your dad and brother are still a very real and vital part of your day to day life. I am most happy with the peace you have found from your reading with me, take that sense of comfort and live well.

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